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ITT: I will dump my comfy folder and you will feel slightly more happy

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>tfw digging through the old comfy folder

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>and you see pics from a long time ago

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What are you guys listening to tonight? I've got some Pink Floyd playing

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>and they make you happy

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Comfy Quads, nice. I think I'm gonna make some new comfy edits of other planes since it's hard to find good F82 pics. Any requests?

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>but also kinda sad

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>only one flying F-82 left in the country
Makes me sad.

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checked. I'm a sucker for the Thud if you dont mind

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Can do. I just did this on of the Bf-109 G-6

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also not to derail my own thread but the YF-23 is A CUTE.
And i'm listening to some Rush

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Agreed, I love the YF-23

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i wish we could ban all the tranny spammers and just go back to being comfy

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dont like planeposters, but we may get along.

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i just want to be comfy bros

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that's a shitty paintjob and bad photography

wtf is wrong with these pics, is this autism vision?
also, this looks like a heap of scrap metal

This is great. I appreciate you actually bringing something different to the topic for once

all prototype planes look kinda shitty, it gives em character. the yf-22 looked like hot garbage and now it's the pride of the USAF

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greentext I made about a comfy fantasy

>around 200BC

>be a gaul

>no wife or kids

>serve under a banner for the local leader

>live a short distance outside of a small town, where I go to eat and spend time with others of my tribe

>practice fighting, archery, wrestling, pugalism with the other soldiers around the town

>defend village from other tribes

>come in contact with the romans

>get along, join up, travel the world until im old

>get back to my small town, live the rest of my days doing as I did before

>find wife, have children

>be the local elder and combat trainer

>die defending my town with the men I trained, as they survive and exact revenge

fuck it would be cool to have a deliberate focus in life, such as being a warrior from a village. you do your part as others do theirs. now everything is about finding a "career" and its all just bullshit because you can find a job and work and survive easy.

i agree

soundtrack to my post

\I personally have not been comfy for a long while. My most comfy memories are usually around winter, when I was playing through resident evil 4 for the first time and drinking blackberry brandy. That was only like 2 years ago. The more abstract ones are summer memories from high school and middle school, hanging out with my best friend and just the typical banter between us.

Ive currently been so uncomfy, staying up way to late, getting shitty sleep, working daily, but I did have one comfy experience the other day.

>got out of work at 4pm
>parents left the house to go to their friends
>bought beer and rum
>came home, kinda cloudy
>blasted classic southern rap
>didnt even use or browse anything on my phone
>just enjoyed my beer and listened to tunes
>hung out with my dog
>stood on the porch and finished the tallboy of beer
>went back in, made a rum and off brand cola
>took a shower, sippin on that rum and cola

I actually felt relaxed and refreshed, for the first time in a while. This was not too long after the end of semester, so it was the first real day where I had nothing to do, could be alone, and had nothing to do the next day.

My advice, do not under estimate the power of a shower. I am all for no-shower, but this was one of the most comfy times i have had in a while

these last two posts i made on the infinity chan r9k, where there are two slow but good comfy threads. one is comfy fantasys one is comfy tips. check it out

I like the glitchy look, I like planes. I'm just making stuff that I think looks cool.

most of my comfy pictures are pokemon related if thats okay

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you ever watch The Last Samurai user? The part where Tom Cruise's character talks about the lifestyle the japs live reminded me of that.

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absolutely, go ahead

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yeah i fuckin love that film. now that you say that i kind of described it in similar fashion, where it is a lifestyle of substance. I think i should watch it again now. fuckin cool movie.

textless ports arent allow so this is my label for the pokemon dump 1

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textless ports arent allow so this is my label for the pokemon dump 2

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textless ports arent allow so this is my label for the pokemon dump 3

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textless ports arent allow so this is my label for the pokemon dump 4

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textless ports arent allow so this is my label for the pokemon dump 6

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I don't really have much in way of images but, here's some music.

textless ports arent allow so this is my label for the pokemon dump 7

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>be me, about to graduate high school
>at the last high school-related thing I'll ever do
>talking to a girl I'd known for 2 years
>we've liked each other for a while, but never did anything about it
>we both know this will be the last time we see each other if we don't ask the other out on a date
>she's desperate in the cutest way possible to get me to ask her out
>I do it, she says yes, we hug, things are great
>live in bliss for the next few days
>think I've finally made
>go on date
>it's awkward, but expectedly so
>have no idea what to do for a second date, so ask her if she has any ideas
>get ghosted
I thought I made it, bros. I think I just don't understand this world.

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goddamn user, sorry. nothing makes sense sometimes

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It's rough. I suppose I can be happy that I'm moving halfway across the country for college and won't have to interact with anyone in those social circles ever again, but it still sucks that my first brush with romance ended so unceremoniously.
At least I can be comfy, right?

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It's funny.

Roughly a year ago this exact day, I was broke, homeless, and possibly at the lowest point of my entire life. I had dropped out of college and owed my institution like 8k and was literally go days without eating. I remember in the early mornings I would walk to the library in the scorching summer heat to the building only to have that cold air rush all over me as I walked through the door.

Then I sat down at a computer somewhere in the corner so that I wouldnt offend students with my B.O and play some overwatch while watching mukbangs on youtube. Desperately wishing that I was those whores stuffing their faces with delicious junkfood. Occassionally ill come back here, to Jow Forums to vent about how much my life sucked.

Now, I have a job, albeit min wage with moderate stress, a full belly and a new apartment.

It's genuinely astounding how your life can take a turn for the worse, but then get back on track sometimes. Sorry for uncomfy post, but couldn't help myself to blog when comfy threads kept me going through that shit time of my life.

I hope I never have to go through that again.

That place was larger than i would have guessed. Cool to check out, i wonder how some of the small niche shops down in the corners of a lower level stay open.

God i want to.go back...

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Very warm and comfy user.

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Summer is just not a comfy season for me. It's too hot to be outside during the afternoon, and there's too many people outside being loud and dressed like sluts.

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I feel the same way user for those reasons as well. I also like wearing thick clothing because it makes me feel more comfortable.

It sounds to me like she was just shy
But if you are going to college then it might not be the right time in your life. Everything happens for a reason

This gives me hope thanks user

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summer is fun, you can bike everywhere
but all the sports I like are wintersports

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>you can bike everywhere
unless you live in a city nobody is going to be biking to their destinations here in US.

I've got some comfy looking pics from a couple vacations. Should I post them or would that just be too narcissistic?

I'm just gonna post em.

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Everyone is warm and safe inside, snuggled next to their waifus.

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I'm not. Some people like me have to be on the road driving through that bullshit, alone, and hoping a blizzard doesn't hit while I'm driving up a mountain hauling 42 tons of shit which can kill me if it flips

Can someone redpill me on Northern European countries. Are they really that comfy?

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