Autogynephillia is torture

Imagine being a very horny male, but instead of being into girls, the entire horsepower of your libido tries to turn you into one. Fucking retarded.

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So you are gay. Just be the best femboy can be without falling into the tranny trap.

There's not an ounce of femininity either in my looks or personality. This is why it's such a meme, this crap affects mostly masculine men.

So just find a fellow gay man, close your eyes during sex, or just buy and use toys alone. But if you are not even a cute guy, Jow Forums is not for you. Go to /lgbt/ or whatever.

I never said I was a gay.

>tfw cant find the screencap explaining this process
All you need to know kids is: stick to vanilla porn, no matter how much you feel you need to double, triple the degeneracy factor to get pleasure you must resist and cease fapping if you cant cum. Your body will return to baseline levels and youll be naturally horny soon.

Also avoid edging at all costs.

I discovered my AGP before porn. But your message is good, there are some people that acquire it and other weird stuff along the way. A little bit of stoicism will help society, specially young people.

What's wrong w-with edging?

>not into girls
you are gay.

Here's an idea
Stop watching anime and looking up sissy garbage faggot

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Anime is perfectly fine if- oh shit no its not, it never is

you're literally retarded if you think AGP comes from watching non- 'vanilla porn'. I've had AGP long before I even knew how to masturbate. I would watch TG transformation videos on youtube and read TG captions all day, before I even knew what a boner was.

it's fucking genetic or something

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mine started after looking at too much porn. sissy and bully gifs and videos were pleasurable af. i was legit thinking myself as female in that videos but now it is gone. dk why but it is gone.

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sounds bad user, i'm a /cuteboy/-tier HSTS tranner so i've never dealt with AGP tranny problems. how bad is it, user? are you super aroused by the concept of being a girl and shit? do you crossdress? have you ever been fucked before? are you attracted to cis women?

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post butthole and clitty

h-how'd you get rid of it?

but selfposting is againnst the rules, user....

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if your appearance isnt feminine it goes on its own. it did for me at least.

say that you didnt post yourself

iq 6969

What the fuck is TG?

i'm not an e-whore. user.

kappu is a wholesome girl.

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"transgender" transformation. Basically just transformation videos and shit with a flawless genderbend thrown in. Used to be a big thing around 2012 with furries.


>dont mute pls moot

If something which where a thing in 2012 was way before you even knew how to masturbate. Then you're way to young. And pornography isn't just nude images. Seems to me like you substituted TG for regular vanilla porn.

I don't have AGP and I don't wanna be a trap I'm just bi with a few degenerate fetishes. What is this bro science

So what you're saying is, you're so horny that your libido wants to fuck you?

That's hot.

i'm not OP, user. never said i discovered TG in 2012 nor did i say i was into it sexually.

Why would you self-subscribe to being HSTS? You think of yourself as a homosexual man who transitioned to be able to get straight guys?

Aight dude, sorry for getting confused. Thanks for the explanation,

>i'm a /cuteboy/-tier HSTS tranner
Were you born with a penis or a vagina?

no i think of myself as someone that just wants to be accepted as a girl in society, not some gross dude with a fetish. i don't feel any arousal towards my trans identity. and i am also not attracted to cis women in the slightest.
i have a ding-dong, user

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probably more like 2007 or so, but my point was that AGP is my base sexuality - not something I developed from watching too much porn.

>AGP is caused by porn

Holy shit, the absolute state of retards.

the "going for a straight guy" meme at this point is pretty much a lost cause due to few, if any, straight men being willing to date a chick with a dick. plenty of us are into guys but don't bother trying to reach for that because it just isn't gonna happen. that's why trannies of both varieties end up dating other trannies, because the best most can do is attract one another.

kinda bottom of the barrel, isn't it?

no problem, happy to help user.

Yes, being a faggot means youre mentally ill, glad you came to that conclusion.

tfw you're not gay but you wish you were a girl because you know you'd be a perfect housewife and be incredibly warm, affectionate, cuddly and forcibly place pillows on your bfs like you're trying to balance stones or something then tackle-hug them anyway causing the pillows to fall off of them and hit your head lightly to mutual amusement

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>k. plenty of us are into guys but don't bother trying to reach for that because it just isn't gonna happen.
HAHAHAHA, get fucked, subhuman tranny

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shut ups shes cute and probably smarter than you, idiot

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shut the fuck up you whore nigger

im not a whore, fagboy

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is it feminine ding dong or?

i do get fucked, on a regular basis.

yes it is a very cute ding dong, battie tripfag can confirm

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does it look like a clitty

Just stop being gay nigga lmao

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this. just quit being gay bro easy bro

What does it say next to High Prolactin?

Being a complete shutin during my childhood inherently brought up porn addiction later as well. I watched that shit since something like 14 every single day, sometimes for hours. There was no one to check on me, my family was basically non-existant, so I fell right into it. Later I managed to keep it in check (also by getting a first gf at age of 23) but once we broke up, it returned with the bang, stronger than ever. All those memes about slippery slope are real. It went from fantasy to reality and that is always when bad shit happens. It started gently. Submissive behaviour, sudden interest in motherly, more dominant women. Light anal play, prostate massages in parlors and with escorts. Heavier buttstuff, then checking up with pro dommes. First gentler femdom, then develops into more hardcore shit and in the end full-blown pegging and feminization, with fake cum dildos and dirty talk. Disgusting shameful shit. Hypersexual behaviour is a thing at this point too, your mind becomes blank and empty and only thing you think about is sex, because getting your ass stuffed is not enough, you are not making love how you are supposed to be. It's a venture straight to the subhuman. And you keep coping, making all these fucking excuses which get more absurd as you delve into that downward spiral. When finished, you are disgusted by yourself, only to think about it in an hour.

But, in the end, there is a way out. I think I built it on three pillars. Nofap, lifting and actually "overdosing" on that degeneracy. After an extra long session with a domme I frequented back then, I just knew this is enough, was physically disgusted with myself like never before. So I started reading about that crap, trying nofap, lifting, good diet, etc. I struggled for good three years nonstop. Failing and repeating. I cleared it, my life is now good. But as with any other hard drug that burns deep into your brain, that shit is still here, still calling from time to time. Don't fall for it bros.

found original one

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nobody forces you to act on it. You don't have to follow your lowest instincts. You can even go to heaven as a faggot if you resist this sinfull degeneracy and embrace virtue

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Edging? Why is edging bad?


listen this and go on right way

Do you have any advice for meeting trans people? I feel like I'm in a position where I couldn't approach if I wanted to. The thought of dating a trans person makes my heart beat in a good way, but I'm intimidated for some reason, and don't want to be called a chaser.

Look for suspect girls on tinder.