Brainlet Thread: The Quest for Smartness Edition

Post times you were a dumbass.
>inb4 all the time

>be me
>take IQ test in HS
>make okay grades and attribute not being an A student to laziness
>school offers free official IQ tests for students
>decide to take one out of boredom
>expect to be atleast average, if not in the upper percentile since I was ranked number 9 out of the best 20 students in the entire school
>get back results
>scored a fucking 89
>ask teacher if I could take the test again
>second score is 80
>realize i wasn't actually smart, just surrounded by literal retards and I was slightly smarter than them
>world's tallest dwarf scenario

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This is hard to admit and a little specific but I've been playing music for 15 years and I still don't know every note or chord on the guitar by heart. I know piano because I realized my mistakes and corrected them while learning. But guitar is my main instrument and I still won't know what a chord is unless you at least tell me what key it's in.

How does it feel to be stupid?

Im just smart enough to realize how much it sucks, but still too dumb to actually do anything about it.

It's a soul crushing, depressive kind of feel, in summation.

Same here. It's kinda weird. I'm much better at piano than guitar even though I put half the effort in it, but having known how to play an instrument beforehand and some theory made it easier.
I have to figure out the scale I'm using every time save for the couple most common ones. In the piano I can play in any key and switch keys and use modal interchanges while improvising and shit, but I feel like a total guitar brainlet. I do have more "feel" with it tho.

Guys I really want to learn how to code and program so that I can be a game dev, but ive been trying to self teach myself for the past couple years and can't even make a basic app.

I tried youtube tutorials, and books but nothing seems to stick.
I feel so fucking worthless. I hate being dumb.

Please tell me there's a way you can make yourself smarter.

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IQ is different from being wise though

Having high IQ is being smart, having low iq and knowing you're stupid and making decisions based on this means you're wise. You can still make it in life by using your second brain: Wise brain.

You won't be able to be a good software developer, or really anything in the STEM field.. But you can go into sociology, psychology, chef school, art school(don't recommend), etc.

Bad chefs who don't give their heart sweat and blood make bad money but good chefs who work VERY hard can make a shit ton of cash and eventually be a part or sole owner of a restaurant and even make dividends which is huge cash if you're in a semi-successful restaurant.

Find something that you can be a wiseass in if you're not nerd-smart. my 2 cents

Was 89 your IQ, or was it the 89th percentile? They can report it differently.

also you can do sales, that's pretty enjoyable too if you can talk/manipulate people

Piracetam would be a good starting point. There's a lot of new ampakines out, but uh, the most potent have a risk of brain damage.

Is that a drug???
I really want to be smarter, but I don't want to risk making myself into even more retarded in the process.

Write more code. It has nothing to do with intelligence. You suck at programming because you suck at writing code. It's a hurdle all programmers face.

>You won't be able to be a good software developer, or really anything in the STEM field
That sucks, because everything I ever wanted to do in life is STEM related lol
>But you can go into sociology, psychology, chef school
I don't care about any of that shit though.
>art school(don't recommend)
Then why bother mentioning it
>Find something that you can be a wiseass in if you're not nerd-smart.
What did he mean by this
I don't know what I could possibly do in this life that would give me an edge or someone else that's doing the same thing but smarter/wiser.

It's all so tiresome.

Everything's a drug, brainlet. They're not prescription, if that's what you meant. Piracetam is usually cheap, but it's not really potent or specific.

Lmao, the coping in this thread or similar threads that has ever been made here.

You are born intelligent.
Intelligent kids develop better, the gap becomes better because they absorb and use information better, they are naturally more curious and so on.

No, you cannot anything you want to be.

Genes are everything, get it into your liberal brainwashed retarded minds.

Bleeding heart liberals are idiots because they preach equality without understanding the mechanism. But all studies of success show that work trumps intelligence every time. Of course nobody is born equal. They are, however, sufficiently capable of taking advantage of the opportunities they do have.

pls don't say that

This is one of my worst fears. I've always considered myself to be at least above average in terms of intelligence, but I've never actually taken an official IQ test. I worry that I'm not actually smarter than those around me, but simply have more accumulated knowledge because of the sheer amount of time I spend alone reading random wikipedia pages and shit.

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You'd be surprised at how stupid people are. Average people cannot even write grammatically correct sentences half the time.

>fail every class in school
>get detention every day
>get my GED at age 22
>wish i could go to college but i can't
>fail driving test 8 times
>find subject i am passionate about, fail the $300 course exam
>the butt of my family's jokes because I fail at everything i try even if i think i have a good chance at it
>they call me spongebob cuz i keep trying despite my failures
>every time i say i want to try something they tell me i will fail but i don't believe them
>i say "i'll show you" and then fail anyway and they laugh harder
>literally getting stupider and worser every day

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Is there a more soulcrushing job than sales?

Look if you can't motivate/psych yourself to do anything you're not gonna succeed in anything. Most people don't "like" what they do and never will. Most people do not live their dream or ever get to live their dream.
All I can tell you is this: The world runs on money, find a way to make some - and if possible(most likely not), try to enjoy it.

secret tip: Most millionaires don't like what they do, but they like making money.

>But all studies of success show that work trumps intelligence every time

All those studies are retarded and give out false hopes and are done for whatever reasons and with whatever motivation behind it.
All the successful (by merit) people are both intelligent and hard working.
They maxed out their potential.

And it is actually quite easy to spot kids with potential to become successful.

Being a normienigger is better than being smart.

There's some complications because no one wants to research it, but on average, 15 IQ points makes people seem "smarter" and more persuasive, and more than that and they don't like you and there's inherent conflict from the smarter side being too intelligent. It'd be nice to see tested ways of "dumbing down" genius ideas to retard-tier normalcy so at least some of it can be communicated. Until then, normal people literally can't comprehend the world intelligent people live in, and for an intelligent person (even 120+), the average will look like retards.

Ill do some research into this even though ill probably have no chance to get it anyway.
Sounds pretty scary though. Can't be any worse than alcohol though.