Wtf guys

wtf guys...

So much for the tolerant left!

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Daily reminder that this is what awaits fascis/antisemites.
Your death will not be swift, nor dignified. The trapdoor was not even appropriate size, because we do not care if your life ends without dignity. We do not dignify you with a broke neck. We would rather you choke, struggle, bust your head open on the trap door, and feel every moment of panic.

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Nazis aren't people anyway they can be safely put to death

literally no different from nazis
it only matters who kills whom

>Jews aren't people anyway they can be safely put to death
You're a retard, acting exactly as the one you despise.

Why is chapotraphouse raiding r9k

You do not feel empathy because you are subhuman. I think it is still fair to say that the Nazis were right about you.

Repression of bigotry is a must regardless of the used means. Moderates and liberals never said they were anti-white but conservacucks and nazis constantly spew hatred on whichever person of color they find.

>ww2 america
ok bud, back to Jow Forums

good goy, we'll let your family get raped by a pack of niggers last

>he actually believes this
you have a seriously warped worldview, user
it's actually the exact opposite way around

>anyone killing nazis must be part of the political left
You're memeing, right?

>what is confirmation bias
The opposite could be argued just as well as there are endless amounts of evidence to support both "claims".

>Your death will not be swift, nor dignified.

More dignified than serving the Jew.

You're just a big chubby teddy bear wearing a little Che cap acting tough on the internet to cope with repressed emotions of your latest cuck session.

>Why yes. They were botched. Accidentally.

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Is that a bad thing? An eye for an eye. If you think it's cool to put people in gas chambers, don't be surprised when people think it's cool to hang you in a way that causes a slow and agonizing death.

>1940s America was "the left"
Gr8 b8

Nope. I'm talking about mass murderers, and they're talking about people who were born a certain way.

Yes I'm memeing.

>If you fight your enemy you win

>Political stance vs. ethnicity



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>when you are getting banged from every side and losing tbe WORLD WAR but you still want to build holocoasters and gas chambers
How stupid are you?

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1 minute of suffering per 5000 murders? boy he got it easy