I got banned for this before. Was it fair?

I got banned for this before. Was it fair?

What's the dumbest thing you've been banned for?

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too many times to remember. most of us have been banned for inane transgressions im sure.

Banned thousands of times. Never for a good reason. Jannies just hate cute anime girls.

>tfw mods think I'm using a spambot when I'm really just autistically solving dozens of captchas

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I got banned once for telling a brony to go back to >>/mlp/

The reason was literally "Replying to a brony thread on >>/b/"

That was back in like 2011 or 2012

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This. Fuck the jews and themods.

this. Fuck the jews, the mods, tje jannies and commies.

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Talking about your ban is a bannable offense, andyou forgot to scribble out your IP.

who is this avatarfag and how do I fuck them
also obligatory CRINGE!

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Janneys need to be killed before they reach reddit tier moderating.

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The bullshit ones are one of two things
>banned for replying to a thread or post considered off topic (off topic being defined differently from mod to mod)
>banned for global rule 8
The second one is the worst because not only is it a bullshit rule but when the moderators pull it out their ass they always do it by banning you for some post you made weeks ago that no one batted an eye at or some shit that has nothing to do with why you are actually being banned for bullshit reasons and they trump it up to a 3 day global ban for no reason other than to try and keep you in line and so the mods and jannies can get their rocks off at getting to use their e-power for free

Why are you african?

obligatory unoriginal filler that could ironically get me banned potentially

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some routers allow you to change the mac address, so for some reason you get a different ip address.

OP how is it in Durban?
Is it hot alot?

Post the picture of his mum

Not OP but Durban weather is always great

That's nice to hear. How hot is it there?

Thanks for your doxx btw.

more kiike bullshit

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South Africa at the minute is in the dead of winter but like cape Town, Durban, east London and Port Elizabeth is usually pretty good weather for the winter.

Revealing what my IP was a decade ago is doxing myself

Your so retarded I think I should rape you are mom as well as punishment

Do you really think he just saves pictures that are originally his as a Jow Forums filename?
A recent filename at that despite the picture being from 2009?

Never been banned and never will be. All jannies are drooling pathetic retards that are too scared to fix this board.

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What percent of people actually care about r9k incels enough to track them down

my latest ban was for posting this pic on /v/

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Im retarded user

you are not special OP...

Doxxing some kik roastie on /soc