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Oh nonononono soon they wont be able to hide the fact people are nigger cattle

This is great thing. Now illuminati doesn't need to kill anyone if we just don't fuck.


Its pathetic really - the consensus is pretty clear that the planet is overpopulated (especially in Western Europe and East Asia) yet rather than letting the population decline naturally thereby boosting living standards for literally every living being on Earth, instead we are told to import hundreds of thousands of migrants to further swell the population (particularly by modern 'socialist' and green parties who previously were adamant on their support for de-population). Besides, if its so necessary we can further embrace automation, raise the retirement age or improve our education system so those in troubled catchment areas aren't largely resigned to low-skilled labour at an early age.

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the whole push for constant immigration is to keep the economy growing. housing growing, products selling, all that. its a ponzi scheme.

Its amazing Jow Forums cant grasp this simple concept.

>muh white genocide
No shit they have to accommodate their new slaves, make them feel welcome.

And it will have to stop at some point, since the planet is not infinite.

hopefully "we" as humans cant stop it before it stops us, eh?

Yeah, you know you'll simply be killed off by drones when the system collapses right? What good are you for if there's nothing left to produce-consume but still represent a threat to tptb.

even if we didnt let them in, we couldnt let the population decline since we'd still have to compete with them and internally it'd get harder and harder on the new generations as there would be more old people leftover to sustain
we cheated nature by completely obliterating our own mortality rate and now we have to pay for it
the only hope is that the rumors of an antibiotics resistant plague to be true or for ww3/nukes to reset the population

H-haha yeah. Not really. The most likely outcome is that the powers that be will get rid of most of the population at some point. There's no way around it, and even the elite can't survive in a world with no plants, 2000ppm of CO2, acid oceans, no animals... It's already too late so I wonder what they're waiting for. Maybe they aren't that intelligent, after all, or maybe they already have an offworld base somewhere.

This is why Japan needs immigrants.

Japan did this to themselves. Weeb culture, babying, a major victim culture, and acting like sociopaths killed any chance of finding a mate.

Because Japanese women dont wan to have sex with Japanese men and rape is a crime for some reason.

Sure, but they won't import niggers and whitoids.
You are still not welcomed, you retard.

>It's already too late so I wonder what they're waiting for
My guess is they're waiting for a true one world government. The kill signal is sent, you're gone. The world as it is right now is pretty chaotic and tptb don't have a complete, full firm grip on humanity as they wish. They have control on the economy, but they have yet to disarm people, vanish all knowledge we could use to fight for survival, as great tracking devices phones are they're still fallible and prone to be hacked/bypassed. That's what I think they're waiting for.

The day of the rope goes as planned.

This!!! We're losing money because you incel fucks won't have kids!!!

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Japan has comparable birth rates to countless western countries, literally the only difference is Japan doesn't flood their countries with immigrants to make up for it.

Iceland has very few immigrants and birth rates are much higher. Japan also has a ton of their men and women marrying foreigners

Yeah but what I meant is, it's already too late to keep a living planet. We're at a point where 80% of the population needs to go, fossil fuel use has to stop yesterday, 70% of crops have to be converted back into forests... to have a little chance at survival. My guess is they think they can buy their way out of this through geoengineering or hiding in bunkers, which is retarded. As I said, maybe they are fucking stupid. After all just because you're good at hoarding money, doesn't mean you're good at anything else.

Weeb culture is insignificantly small in Japan you stupid weeb.

>Weeb culture is insignificantly small in Japan
no it isn't

Japan is literally like 15th or something, it's not even close to the country with the lowest birth rates and there are even more than have similar birth rates.
The constant fear mongering is literally pro-immigration propaganda

Don't forget, best of all

>Oh hey sure thing, important millions of people from the 3rd world who have a minimal carbon footprint, to the firstworld and massively increase all their footprints, all the pollution and waste needed to upjump those imported people's lives to 1st world standards

Also ignoring the fact that population decline means reduction in pollution anyway. But they don't care about that, just keep on importing millions of people to not only offset that natural decline but massively increase it too.

So much for climate change, huh?

You obviously have never been to Japan. Weeb culture is a small subculture and not mainstream. Birthrates are down because of economic reasons.

>Birthrates are down because of economic reasons.
Like the government giving away houses for free or the fact they now work less than America?

Ah I see what you mean, that we're past the point of no return. Our planet has terminal cancer and is dying yes or yes. I have no scientific info to draw conclusions from but I feel, and its just a feel, that youre vastly underestimating Mother Nature. But I agree 99.8% of humanity including tptb will go before this century ends.

This is the cause of sexual revolution and technology. Humans don't bond anymore, they live these fake ass lives and judge each other. Why start your own family when you can hook up with this random guy from the internet and have a good time? Hedonism is ruling today's society.

Below average males don't get sex at all because they have to literally beg for women's attention but they won't do it cuz they have self respect.

Salaries are low and children are expensive, so most families need to have a dual income. However, daycares are also expensive and few and far between.

Couples simply can't afford to have kids. And work takes up all of their life so they have no time to look for partners.

Those young Japanese men are heros