Girl I know of the internet who Ive been good friends with still hasnt asked how I am after I got out of hospital

>Girl I know of the internet who Ive been good friends with still hasnt asked how I am after I got out of hospital

She doesnt care, or?

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that's a bit of a red flag, eh? first guess is shes extremely self centered. second guess is 70-80% of your conversations revolve around her. yes?

Hmm, yes.
I rarely have anything to talk about my life, because everyday is the same.
In conversations I noticed that shes the driving force.
But anyways, I think that its inappropiate to not ask how I am after all I have helped her with. I helped her fixing the pc and shit. I even wished her a happy birthday

Okay 1. Those are pretty lame things you mentioned desu
B. Regardless of what you've done its rude of her not to ask if shes actually your friend

No she doesn't care that much about you, only for company when she's bored. Don't beat yourself up over it, also how could she know you were in the hospital? did you post it on fagbook

I told her right before I went there that I wont be chatting with her for like 1 month because im seriously ill.
Then, when I got back I said: "Hey, im finally back! How are you and how have things been?"
She replied: "Hey :), things have been good"
Thats it. No more.

Delete her man, seriously do it right noe

Yeah she doesnt really care about you bro its obvious. Do you think she would have responded the same way if it was her parents/crush?

Dont beat yourself up over it. A lot of girls are like that. Its not you, its her. Shes probably self-centered or a narcissist. Im speaking from experience.

Yes, I have to.
Its foolish not to

I think im fine
Im just really dissapointed

Well most girls on the internet are like that anyway

she prob doesn't even know/remember you were in hospital

Don't bother with females. They are all horrible people. Especially on the internet. Tits or gtfo imo.

He told her when he was about to go in and literally said I just got out, what are you smoking?

>I know of the internet
>who Ive been good friends with
Choose one.

Stop reading so much into minor shit
Also why do you even care?

Imagine OP cutting himself to go to the hospital to get this girls attention and she's completely indifferent.
Oh man, that would be unfortunate, wouldn't it, OP?

Found the Hans

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Maybe she has her own issues going, stop being so selfish

Selfish? It fuckin hurts when people you know actually care little about you.

Id hate to frame it like this but im sure other girls in his life who would actually care would totally wag their fingers at her. Moms, sisters, wives, etc.

Asking how he is doing should be the base template for every convo.

Yeah, I had someone do the same to me, she just doesn't give a shit about you at all. I fooled myself into thinking that she still did, because she was lovebombing me hard for a few months, but when she got bored she just flipped a switch and I was nothing to her from that point on.
So? You think women remember what a random orbiter tells them?

If it was any normal messenger/chatting app, the month-old message would be right above his latest message, literally a tap away if not already in view

She's an internet friend, asking them to care about you as if they knew you IRL is too much

Yeah, and? She doesn't give a shit dude, why would she read it? If it's not the present, it's not in her head.

At least she could ask how hes been doing or just not respond at all if shes not interested, that's common courtesy.

You have no idea how women work, you expect them to be fully human like men are.

I stopped differentiating between real and online friends a long time ago when I met up with ppl I played with online. Ppl are real, whether online or not. They have feelings and motivations. Dont sell ppl online short cus you may never see them in rl.

Lmfao incel loser detected, yikes.