Are you drunk again?

are you drunk again?

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No. I'm a recovering alcoholic.

Hello a recovering alcoholic. I'm DAD.

what did you do to quit? it gets :

>want to celebrate if something good happens
>list goes on

hello DAD, post your favorite soft drink


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Oh they call it that good ole mountain dew and them that refuse it are few
I'll hush up my mug if you'll fill up my jug with that good ole mountain dew

That gave me smile, thanks fag.

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I used to be you. Went for almost a year without a drink.
Hung over at the moment. Got arrested last week for shit I dont remember. I could cry about it but I prefer to laugh. This kind of shit makes my life worth it.

what's your shitposting station look like?

Go smoke some grass, eat ass, and skate fast. Trust.

I didn't think about it that way. I thought of it as, I'll be able to do literally anything else but drink.

I'm gonna start smoking weed instead of drinking. Idc if I become a pothead, anything is better than this shit

Phonepost cuz pc doesnt load captcha for some reason, but kinda live like this.

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>planescape: torment

nice. what lind of music do you make?

I quit drinking a month after I got my pot card and my life has improved in every measurable way. I'm thinking of starting a discord to help people who used to drink find hobbies.

Electronic indie pop or something like that mostly. A lot of weird shit as well. Sometimes record guitars.

not him but I substituted alcohol with coffee
at least caffeine addiction is mostly harmless unless you drink lots of energy drinks / shots or overdose on caffeine pills

both make sense yeah

something like that sounds like a good idea. Idk if drinking is directly correlated but my interest in all my hobbies has completely diminished over the years.

I used to smoke weed but I stopped because it made my anxiety/depression awful, but I've tried a few times recently and honestly I enjoyed it. I think maybe it's because I'm older but it no longer fucks with me like it used to

Im 29 and never been drunk whats up

I wish. I got off night shift an hour ago, and I'm too tired to enjoy muh beer

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>tfw i drink more caffeine than alcohol

I started doing weed every once and a while, too. I'm a real drug addict

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Drinking beer at 8am was my favorite part of working the /nightshift/

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I know that feel. Alcohol won't fix my depression and loneliness.

is that pepe drinking lots of mtn dew

My hobbies were shitposting here and watching streams. A year and a half later and my hobbies are virtual reality and 3d printing.

Have you been sober for a year and a half then? Why do you have productive hobbies now?

Well they're not particularly productive, I'm trash at both. But they are hobbies nonetheless. And yeah, I haven't had any alcohol since early 2018. I just feel my mind becoming positive in the way it did when I quit social media in 2016. I've really raised my standards.

The hangovers suck longer and harder the older you get and starts to become "ok I'll have 3 hours of fun and then I'm shitting my brains out/exhausted for 2 days and it's just not worth it

Fucking this as well.

How the fuck does that fridge ice over so well? Mine never does that shit, just leaks water.

you must be an alcoholic to obtain such knowledge

so what negroid

I fucking wish.
Been extra suicidal/depressed the past few days, could do with a good drink and smoke but I don't get my NEET quids till Friday.
Though to be fair I promised myself this time I wouldn't blow all my money in 2 weeks on cheap booze this time.

I'm about to be yes, I'm trying to fight this alcoholism but god damn it's not working!!!

what will you be drinking?

god put a sheet on what is wrong with your farm animals

no, i hadnt slept for 2 days and i feel dizzy,wanted to buy corvalolum but no money

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about to waste my last 2 bucks for the rest of the month on either beer or gambling
Iam so tired

Not drunk yet. I really don't want to drink tonight, but I probably will. I hate myself every morning especially when I wake up still blasted like I did today. Keep telling myself that I need to stop and that it's going to kill me but then I remember how fucking horrific my life is and I just crawl back into the bottle. There has to be more to life.

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All alcohol does these days is make me tired and nautious

Hungover but I'd rather be on pills

Or you could buy a gun and kill yourself with it