I think I'm becoming Kuwabara. I just wanna fight someone to test out my enchanced muscles...

I think I'm becoming Kuwabara. I just wanna fight someone to test out my enchanced muscles. Someone just please fucking try to rob me, I wanna beat the shit out of you! Please just make me feel cool for once! Give my life some real thrills!

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take up boxing
its fun and you get to fuck people up

Beat your dick or fight a old Vietnam vet.

beats wanting to become kira yoshikage

>Give me all your money and your phone

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That'd be a great idea, too bad my mom tried to make me a huge pussy and dehumanized the sport to me as a kid. You know, maybe that's why I wanna fight so bad, I never had the chance. Thanks bud.

Fuck no, but I appreciate your efforts, and that's why I'll kick your ass, thanks, seriously friend.

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I swear it was an accident.

Go to the local middle school or something and fight the top chad.

I'm guessing you're underage, cause middle school kids are fucking dweebs. Please kid, leave while you can.

Lifting will make your punches weaker, it's fighting science brother.

If you want your lifting to be beneficial then you need to do insane amounts of stretching. Stiff muscles are worse than untrained muscles.

Go to a boxing gym and spar with some 70 year old and you'll see how fucking meaningless lifting is, I gave up on it years ago.

Oh I stretch alright, almost all my exercises include me lifting my 60 pound ass around 10 times, later I just sit there and let my muscles extend. It's good shit.

Will you be my kuwabara husbando?

No si-ree, I'm in love with someone else.

>tfw will never have a kuwabara bf

You will someday, user :)

You realize there are boxing/MMA gyms in your city right? Go to one and test your might.

That doesn't make any fucking sense.
If that were true, then Kimbo Slice wouldn't be able to knock people out with just one punch.

He's not going to because he'll get his ego checked and his ass kicked once he realizes he's not as tough as he thinks.

Kimbo is a fucking joke lmfaaoo

Just watch his performance when he started fighting professionally, absolute failure.

Knocking out bums doesn't for shit

He'll get his ass kicked and say "oh yeah well if there wasnt any rules i would've won!!!!"