How much money do you neets and wagies have saved up? Trying to see how many of us actually have a future

How much money do you neets and wagies have saved up? Trying to see how many of us actually have a future

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Like 5 grand for me

You a wagie or neet?

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3 grand, waging for 2 months so far.

Mid six figures (as a NEET, of course)

35k, no job

11g in the past two years of waging it up here

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around 80 grands, I've been working for 2 years.

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OP where did you get that image

Zero. How do I save up money if I have no job? I can't get neetbux here cuz I live in shit country.

How can a NEET get 5 grand

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She's beautiful user i dont know what you are talking about

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its almost like she doesn't have a nose and the nostrils are just there on her face

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is that a problem for you user
i think it's just beacuse of the pale skin

no that was intial thought when i first saw the picture, i can notice her noise after i zoomed in

i found the source

5 grand right now, though 1000 of that went to rent recently.

You just described every Asian ever

I got 10k in the bank

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I have like 10 while being neet

literally 3k in total been wageslave for 5 years hahahahahahahaha just kill me

>10k savings
>no debt
>been in college for 5 years
Pretty good if I say so myself.

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>Wagie for years
>Blow through all my savings because of medical bills this year

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i have quite allot money and i get neetbux on top off that

I have about 55k maple dollars in savings/investments but no job currently

Have 27k in stocks and about another 12.5k in savings. I live on a kibbutz and have very little expenses, make about 51k USD equivalent.

Most of what I make goes in to stock options, I get paid bi-weekly and usually take 2/3 of my pay and divide that between stocks or my savings.

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I think around 3k, either a little over or under. I've probably spent about $400 on frivolous shit the last few weeks and I havent bothered checking my bank account in a while

around -3000

27yrs old
21k Canadian in the bank

I don't really know what to do with my money aside from not spending too much