If you guys spent as much time going out and doing shit instead of sitting inside complaining and talking about how you...

if you guys spent as much time going out and doing shit instead of sitting inside complaining and talking about how you need prostitutes and cartoon girlfriends you would literally solve all your problems

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If you were an ugly midget like me, you would be singing a different tune

For me, the issue is the actual going out. I am too lazy to do much besides work and play video games, and social interaction bores me.

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I got laid before and I am ugly and pale as fuck I have black rings around my eyes completely and look pale as a fucking piece of paper and always look sick and dying and like shit and I literally have my eyes completely black and a pure white face like some heavy metal make up or a mime or something

went out got a social life worked out non stop exercised until I got skinny and made some friends and I actually got laid

then I lost it all again

That's certainly part of it OP, but the solution can be broken down further.
So I have been doing my anthropological research on Jow Forums for a year now and I compiled knowledge required to solve all problems person in current day and age can face. Through coding and thematic analysis I came to conclusion that there are 4 basic advices that can fix anyone's life.
Sorted by in order of importance,
>be yourself
>go outside
>get a job at McDonald
>have sex
You may also have questions regarding those advices. Below you can find frequently asked questions. Thanks for participating in my research, everyone.

>What do I do outside?
Outside you can be yourself, work at McDonalds and have sex.

>How do I get a job?
By being yourself.

>How do I have sex?
By having job and being yourself.

just go out bro
just be confident bro
just do something else lmao bro

>tfw i be-ed myself outside so much that i got fired from McDonalds because i fucked someone in the cooler

What do

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Ok now imagine if you were 160 cm as well like I am, in addition to being ugly. I guarantee you would not have gotten laid

I know guys that height and uglier than you and still they get laid. Because they actually go outside and talk to girls.

Stop blaming height and not your crushing insecurity.

I had one friend I grew up with that bangs every stupid slut around and is short as fuck but hes not pale and ugly and shitty looking and wasn't raised poor as fuck

>but hes not pale and ugly and shitty looking
Exactly. Now you see where the problem is.

i go out and do prostitutes

what do I do outside? it's all a chore. so boring.

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I think I spend more time outside than inside. Most of the shit I do is absolutely meaningless tho. Outside is a meme.

>be me
>clinically depressed
>stay in all day
>make no effort to get out the depressing cycle of late nights sleeping and fucking around
>mum makes me go to doctors
>see therapist
>watch black dog video
>slowly start to do things that push me out my comfort zone.
>eat better
>go out more and more
>take up friends offer of coming to lay football
>make loads of new friends
>become part of a team.
>depression cycle broken
>still take my meds

thanks mum and football and the friend who reached out

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>Go outside
and do what exactly?

Whether in town or traveling, going outside is just another way of saying "going from restaurant to restaurant until you go home".

If you have to ask, you're the type who rejects anything that isn't spoon-fed to them like a helpless baby. And even then you reject everything because excuse excuse excuse.
Take a fucking walk you autist

Ok now add being a shitskin, having autism, selective mutism and anxiety.

Cool, I can into using legs. I walked from the shitty part of town to the shitty part of town and a gf fell into my arms. Like magic! Thanks our-nine-kay!

I'm NEET and can't afford to do things, plus I have nobody to do anything with other than my gay friend who only wants to get drunk and blow me.
I need new friends.

If you spent as much time going out an doing shit instead of making fun of and acting superior to losers on an imageboard to boost your pathetic ego you could improve your quality of life significantly. But you don't, because these things are easier said than done. Get cancer and die.

im in a small town it doesn't matter what I do im completely fucked and I have chronic fatigue so I cant just jog and go around doing shit so no im fucked but thats gods fault.

you guys have privilege