What are your honest thoughts on the modern Western woman

What are your honest thoughts on the modern Western woman.

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They are shit.


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Loud, masculine, fat, manipulative, dishonest, promiscuous, vain, greedy, fat, spoiled, overweight, self-centered, stupid, fat.

You tell me.

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Not sure if anyone is serious or just incels. Western women are fun if you can get them. If you where told all you had to do to get laid was whip out your dick what would you do? This is the truth about equality and prosperity, it breads debotchery. Moving on.

i don't think so

I’d add at least 15 years to that.

she's wearing a cross so you know she's a good wholesome girl.

>canuck being a naive faggot
Western women are hollow and worthless

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I don't mind a little plump, as our Prophet Pierce has taught us.
But the platinum dye job and tattoos ruined any attraction I may have had.

24 my ASS!!! She is 34 at LEAST!

She’s hungry for eggplant?

Hence why I didn’t marry a western woman.

It's a huge Blackpill. I'm just so tired anons. Time to sleep

Have sex.

>Western women are fun
Their bodies are fun, and that's literally it. And that's assuming they aren't fat, which at least most American women are. Everything else about them are the things we, to varying degrees, tolerate so that we can access their bodies. If it wasn't for their vaginas, men would hunt women for sport.

modern Western woman.

Quote from Nostradamus the wise and beautiful.
"What are your honest thoughts on the modern Western woman"
frankly my dear i dont give a damn
or a flying fuck

It made me lose interest in women.
It'll take a really good woman to get me sparked up

>comes from the country with the city that has the worst dating market in the world
rake yourself cunt

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97% of people are shit, including most of Jow Forums

that was hurtfull
if thats how you feel

>rake yourself

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You already fucked up by even giving a thought to thots

Butthurt there you obese burger? Getting girls is simple if you pick approximately within your caliber. I never had issues and have turned down more women then i have been with, i am 5/10 according to chan. Life is about attitude and perseverance.

you think asian girls are too different from the west? a lot of girls in south korea and japan are being muh femism and shieet nowadays and they hate poor guys.

Everyone hates poor guys. The world hates poor people, it always has.

needs beating from righteous males who are lacking in numbers... In other words bad women are a symptom of bad men

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Mate I've heard enough shit about Megalia and their near jewish like influence on Korean society to bring 10+ years of nightmares

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I am dissapoint

They are shitty because men are shitty as well. Women wouldn't be whores if men stopped wifing up whores.

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Why do you gook bring Japan with your shithole at any argument? Why do not you forget about us from your shithead once and for all my buddha's sake, will ya?

based marine

What is the point of marriage with polygamy and no kids?

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what i was trying to say was that asian women are not much different from modern white women, even in south korea and japan, which are higher in education and economically in asia. the reason why many young men in south korea and japan in their 20s and 30s do not get married and stay singles also shows that the women of these countries are much out of the traditional asian women value. but i think jap girls are less jewed than girls in this country. my high school mate married a japanese girl whom he met while studying in new zealand and seemed happy. his wife seemed simple and modest though.

>What is the point of marriage with polygamy and no kids?

The last one left alive gets to inherit the "family" dragon dildo

They are fucking stupid and should have no rights whatsoever. God gave man authority over women it says it in the fucking bible

Literally their biggest problem when it comes to having kids is the shit work cultures.

Do not comapre your shithole of full retarded femi shit cucked by Korean Americans with us.

The gooks abandoned its citizenship in this year estimate 2millions alone. Meanwhile Japanese never easly going to abondon your nationality like yousoulless insects.
Plus the Japanese studied abroad mostly like 90% come back to homeland and contribute, but the gooks are totally opposite, you dumn dork.


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yup but nowadays in south korea and japan, we are trying to adjust wlb to western society level.

>this butthurt

>looks 44
Ugh, just terrible

I agree with them, but when woman calls another woman unattractive that’s the worst insult they dish out. Most East Asians aren’t attractive, so they attack that because they fear how men are attracted to the way they act. Same way black women bitch about white women and black men couples.

$20 on the nip

not gonna lie, i'd hit that with 6 or 7 of my closest friends

>Looks 41

I like fucking them

at least she has a sense of humor

Trust me you dont want to copy us in the current state we are in.

since you paranoid gook obsessed with Japan has a terrible argument brought here nonsense with one cheap experience in NZ as if you damn fuck knew everything about Japan. Kys shizo gook

The real problem of SK and Japan is rapid aging. Because the rate of aging is much higher than the fertility rate, there is a shortage of young people to support their elderly.

I’m not even attracted to them anymore besides sexually. Go to any instagram and the whore has her ass crack spread and pointed at the camera in a tiny bikini.

All gay people are polygamist essentially, imagine the smell of being in that room.

Let the old fucks die, then the problem will fix itself and young people will have more space and money

Western womans are pure angel from heaven

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i think the only problem in america is drugs, blacks, and firearms associations. collapse of american economy and social systems will not happen unless the world is destroyed by nuclear war. america is pretty good to live. there is no developed country that maintains cheap food and commodity prices that are as high as your wages. come to south korea and buy $ 25 watermelons.

>throws the gays in the ganges
>beats open the bobs and vagene
>potty traines your wife
thank you come again

Why do they always fucking do this? Every time there's a Korean and a Japanese they want to rip into each other.

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who is this cute and beautiful boy

Don't ever come here gook

our women are not as bad as the loud minority of feminists and media make them out to be. our best women are more busy with being a good mother and wife than to run out in traffic dressed like a slut with no fashion sense.

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Goddamnit she has the perfect facial structure and hairstyle

my babushka says they are trash, she is right

>$ 25 watermelons
is this how we make niggers go away?

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check out justin bieber, also very cute

>A fucking leaf
Why are canadians so cucked?

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Autistic rivalies, leaf Jew proxies.

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I'm not into guys Dr. Rabbit

Interesting take on it honestly. I think it all starts with the family and then expands from there. Good family means at least a good virtuous foundation that is then corrupted by society as a whole.

filthy and nasty gutter trash

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I'll double this mans bet. The nips still got imperialism in their blood. South gooks only got failure and stagnation.

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you sound more like a cuck slappin on that chastity belt of "no gud wite wimmin"

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the only way to fix it is to reinstate the social laws of the past. slut shaming as well as pressuring/shaming men and women who remain single well into adulthood

the problem is dialing that back is the type of thing that will only really happen after some kind of major collapse, so i doubt anything will be changing soon. until then just work on yourself and engage in casual relationships as this is the only logical way to play the game anymore

pic related, shaming existed to keep this behavior limited. slut shaming in particular was never about attacking women or whatever the fuck feminist think, it was about protecting women's interests as a group

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A fucking leaf said what?

Yes, user. She likes eggplant in her floppy roast beef lips


fuck im gonna die laughing

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If you didn't get with your highschool qt you are forever doomed to sharing used women with other men for the rest of your life.

an apple or an orange is 1$ here.

in postwar south korea and japan, a huge number of smuggled guns were traded on the black market and there were many actual gun cases. but since the 1950s, the guns have been totally disappeared by the government illegally carrying personal guns.

She's not yours, it's just your turn.

The thing is so many of them either lie about their age, job and basically everything else.

Nothing worse than expecting to meet a 20 something part time fitness buff who turns out to be a 35 yo obese woman with a gym fobia.

Actually happened to me, her pics were 100% fake.

oh look, another thread discouraging white people from breeding! i wonder whos behind this post?

any ideas folks?

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Korea is too cowardly to argue with you for our amusement Semper Fi user.

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you talk like a women.

Good ones exist, nay great ones, but they are so few and far between that you'd have better luck finding a leprechaun

I believe if you aren't already certified from a top notch college, making at least 6 figures, living comfortably in your own home, 100% secure for the rest of your life, you aren't even eligible. Now if you are eligible, you better have a great personality, be at least not overweight, tall enough, and willing to spend paycheck after paycheck on just about anything you can imagine

I'm barely exaggerating. If you've found a good woman that you love and she loves you too, and you don't have any of the things I described, you must be one lucky fuck.

I guess cultural attitudes could shift for the better soon and it'd be more possible to find someone nice. I hope they do. They'll probably have to get a lot worse first, though.

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Make sex outside of marriage illegal.
Make divorce illegal.
After that, white women are great.

I swear to Christ if you continue with that stream-of-consciousness drivel I will fucking end you

I wonder if there are any white women lurking and their opinions on white men. Certainly would be an interesting thing to compare the criticism from both sides instead of just one.

you both have autistic work culture.

Bitch just bc you can't pump and dump does not mean your
Sluts do kinky depraved shit you would never do to the women you love. You don't have to marry them you cuck.

we always fight on the internet, but in reality we usually do well. jap tourists who visit south korea are exploding each year and updating the records, and vice versa. i see swedish and norwegians or french posters and germans posters arguing very often, but i do not believe that they will be so disagreeable irl.

You write like faggot. Think before you do linguini.

Are you one of those people who will hire a hooker to give you a blowjob because "she's deh muther of me kids... boo hoo..." - grow up jack

Id probably hit it if i was drunk desu

Ide fuck her and run


At least several of what posted. Not worth investing into, however you have no choice in the matter as they will vote for policy that transfers wealth from taxpayer to herself to not only feed her baby niglets that you have absolutely no obligation to, but fund her human toilet lifestyle.

leafs are just frenly