Would you sniff a German girl's butt?

Would you sniff a German girl's butt?

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What is it with you fags and buttholes?
>Ugh vaginas are so gross bro
>Buttholes are amazing fuck I just want to like one for hours fuuuuck
Can't decide if you're all closet cases or if you just never moved beyond the Freudian anal fixation stage.

I fucking love pussy. The goal is to sniff the butt while eating the pussy, it is very satisfying

Wouldn't pay money for it but sure, why not? I never even held hands with a girl so it's something, hehe

smells like farts

girl's asses don't smell like farts. farts don't linger around. it smells like sweat, and if you're less lucky, than some shit too

found another my dudes

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>Would you sniff a German girl's butt?

I have, it's pretty nice

>I will never get to sniff ass while eating pussy
Feels bad man

Germans are the smelliest people I have ever came across

I could pay a lot of money just so I could do that but I'd like to lick her asshole as well.

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Germoids are known as unhygienic in my country. They don't even shower.

it's supposed to be a civilized country, how they don't fucking know what a shower is?

Why are her fingers so fat?

They do but we have many junkie hippie hoes

Only if she was also a Nazi.

women are retarded enough as it is

Yes, I already have
t. kraut

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they smell horrible from 1 feet away, why would u want to get Closer to the smell?

I like pussy AND assholes. The asshole is the pussy's equally hot roommate.

Depends on her diet.

are you dog?