I had sex for the first time in my 7 year long relationship and my period is late and if i am pregnant i'm getting an...

i had sex for the first time in my 7 year long relationship and my period is late and if i am pregnant i'm getting an abortion AMA

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how does it feel to make conservative "muh abortion is murder" cucks seethe with rage?

feels like billions of judgemental eyes are on me, but I know I am making the right choice. I know my circumstance better than any self righteous stranger.

yes. feel their judgement and realise that it doesn't matter at all because what you do with your body is your right and your right alone. there is no argument for pro-life that makes sense that doesn't involve removing autonomy of the individual involved.

For the record, I don't care if you keep the child or not, only if you are able to exercise a choice.

Why did you have sex for the first time after 7 years, and what do you think about your luck in getting pregnant first go?

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I was love-stricken and foolish and I thought if I gave him my body we would be together forever.
I think it's shit luck, I even have a condition that makes getting pregnant way more difficult so it hardly crossed my mind.

You didn't give yourself up for 7 years, why?

Do you have PCOS? I knew a girl with PCOS and she got pregnant with my twins, she aborted them too. I was okay with it, I can't be a daddy just yet.

you mean knew biblically?
yeah pcos, it's really common.
I wanted to wait until marriage but he told me he never wants to get married.

it's stupidly obvious you are making a convo with yourself bait LARPer see you in hell

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>knew biblically

do you mean carnally? I meant knew as in we don't talk anymore, both of us have serious mental illnesses and I cut her off after a spate of paranoia to do with my own mental illness. So I don't know her anymore, I knew her, past tense. Obviously we fucked. We actually fucked like rabbits, it was so cash.

>I wanted to wait till marriage

How do you feel knowing you denied yourself for 7 years for no reason other than to appease a vague sense of religious commitment?

Are you still with the guy you slept with?
watch that paranoia user, I'm asking OP questions. Whether it's a larper or not I'm not sure. It doesn't matter, I enjoy the interaction.

you are talking to a 30y old KHV pretending to be a woman. Like any girl would come to this shithole. Ez bait

it doesn't matter, I enjoy the interaction.

>How do you feel knowing you denied yourself for 7 years for no reason
It feels like nothing, I feel much worse for actually having gone ahead and done it since now i might have to undergo an invasive medical procedure as a result of 55 seconds of awkward humping where nobody nutted.
I should have waited
I'm fucked in the head. I don't even have a sex drive. I threw my virginity way for sentimental reasons. Yes we are together still.

7 fucking years????? that better have been the best pussy in the universe

Why do you value virginity over the experience of sex and all that that experience could be over the period of 7 years that you didn't have it?

Now that you've had sex do you plan on having more sex? I recommend you do, it becomes much more enjoyable.

How can you be in a relationship for 7 years and not have sex?

nobody nutted???????????

I'm pro choice but if a seven year long relationship isn't enough for you to keep it than what the hell is? Were you like right about to dump the guy and decided to just fuck him once so he doesn't kill you for wasting seven years of his life?

No, I don't care for it. I don't have the drive to do it and I am a never-nude.

It's called valuing purity and pair bonding.

>first time in a 7 year relationship
Jesus might aswell keep it and start a family

I don't want a kid, I am schizophrenic and I also have invasive thoughts about microwaving babies/shaking them/slapping them/hitting them against the wall
they shouldn't be anywhere near me.

Do anal next time

what the fuck is wrong with you retard lol