God creates world with capacity for evil to exist and thrive

>god creates world with capacity for evil to exist and thrive
>forces us into existence
>exspects us to be thankful for his "gift"

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don't be evil fren

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I am punished for being kind

then be apathetic

punished by God?

But i dont not have the ability to can

god is a clown hence the clownworld.

This is hell, mate. You were alive before this in a perfect world with no suffering and no evil, you were degenerate and self serving then, so you're being punished here with the rest of us.

>exspects us to be thankful for his "gift"
When did God ever say this? God doesnt give a fucking shit, we are his entertainment. Do you have any idea how entertaining it must be for him to watch us struggle with modern day degeneracy and chaos?

Because he's not real.
Any other stupid fucking questions?

>If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple.

If you're Chad, the world is an amazing gift. If you're a disciple of god you're a virgin destined for suffering but rewards in heaven. That's basic christfaggotry user

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tell that to satan in hell, you can't play with allah's name like that.

>god creates world with capacity for adventure, romance, struggle and triumph to exist in all their unbridled glory
>you choose to come here to experience it all
>loose yourself along the way and get swept up into negative timelines
You can begin the journey home by first remembering gratitude.

How can i experience all this when god left me unfurnished?

>adventure and triumph
>things the working class experiences
lmaoing @ ur delusion 'fren'

I like to think that this world isn't actually real, and when we die we go back to the overworld where we can either stay or choose a new life to live. The life I'm currently living is probably one I chose to experience out of curiosity, I think I made a bad choice, next time I'm going to live in a better world.

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> born physically handicapped
what kind of adventure is that ?
> raped by his own father while a minor
what kind of romance is that ?

We're not all rich white people or rich arabs you know , some of us are born to die after long severe pain & torture as a child.

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What I'm wondering if why did he create a universe that's so large with physical properties that make it impossible to even traverse a 1/1,000,000,000th of that area without it taking a million goddamn years at the fastest possible speed known. If we aren't making it past our own solar system then why is the rest of the universe so impossibly massive? What is god hiding from us?

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i have enough problems to care about that

A person of god indeed

>God created
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That was the original plan with the garden but he left a pretty vulnerable failure (the tree ) and allowed outside force like Lucifer to interfere

*failure button

A person of god indeed i see

By that notion it is actually entirely females fault that the world is the way that it is.

True but allowing a malicious intelligent Being the opportunity to manipulate them when they had about as much knowledge level of children was a tad unfair. Setting up 2 shit tests early on seems like he would of done more if they passed.