I hate women. I hate them a lot you have no idea. I can't help but clench my teeth whenever I think about/see them...

I hate women. I hate them a lot you have no idea. I can't help but clench my teeth whenever I think about/see them. Please help me, I need to get out of this state of mind.

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>white women would rather fuck this thing than you


Prepare yourself.

why my dick hard

have you ever understood why? have you ever truly analysed the reasons why? First you have to understand. Then you can make a change.

did you have a bad experience and are taking it out on all women or something?
what happened man

First this Also you need to distance yourself from taking extremist viewpoints on these sorts of things.
Stop taking other people's experiences as the only possible experiences.
When you're socially excluded and spent a majority of your time online it's easy to feel as though you know the world based on how others describe it.
Try to not. Live your life. Come to your conclusions unclouded by bias of others you will never meet.

Disgusting, but to be fair, many of these girls were drunks and being political correct is a thing nowadays. Still disgusting, white guys are the best for me, but I'm a boy and not a woman

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>being political correct is a thing nowadays
if they were just being politically correct they wouldn't have been so enthusiastic desu

Just shoot up a sorority dude
You have nothing to lose, theres no happiness in life without women
Dont waste your hate

I'm not a violent guy. I have never and I will never hurt anyone.

there were some very enthusiastic but many of them were drunk. You can see the bottle of beer in their hands

Don't delude yourselves. They love black men.

if you didn't actually like black guys you wouldn't start listing everything you like about them and saying stuff like black guys can get any race of girl even if you were drunk
maybe 'they're okay i guess' not what these girls said

Sadly true and hard to comprehend but you have to accept reality at some point.

>if you didn't actually like black guys
I'm not saying this, you idiot. I'm just saying they exaggerated because they were drunk.

Acknowledge your inferiority and instead of getting angry by hating them get happy by serving and pleasing them

you are right user. they are all whores.

It's mind boggling
I can't even shake nonwhite persons hand
I'd just raise my hand halfway and give them a slight nod instead

i fucking hate posts like these they ruined my self esteem and now i actually get off to blacked porn despite hating it before

I'm a black guy and I would go nowhere near these whores.

That's strange, they don't mention blacks at all

fug off you know that's what they meant ;_;

i do too and i always have (i mean since i was a toddler), but some are ok i guess

worm spotted
women are inferior in every way, what are you going on about?
unlike guys, 99% of females are mindless npcs who always let the group do all the thinking for them.
they're completely irrational, operating 100% off of emotion and 0% off of reason.
also, they're generally incapable of abstract thinking.

is it ok for one hate others for inherently being stupid npc pieces of shit?
i think the answer is yes, given that i'm human, and given that females don't return the favor of viewing me as simply a helpless product of genes/environment.

of course, i don't actively hate them, i passively hate them.
i'm not gonna let them waste my energy through anger, so i just don't think about them.

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And this is why I love my Asian GF.

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Who is a special male? who is a special male?
Yes you are! bark me some more anachronic pol memes

>tfw saw THE girl
Dressing fine, is disgusted by the degenerate music playing, can dance, has learned it. Can play the piano. Speaks well and has good manners
She is a good friends gf and it was the first time meeting her. She really has a very conservative and loving presence.
I hope she has a sister who is of the same kind so i finally have a goal in life again.

i didn't get any of that from Jow Forums, retard, it's common sense

i'm not that special (specialness comes from doing special things, and i simply don't do because i'm too lazy), but at least i'm not a stupid worm like you

are you the same guy from the yellow fever thread? does she hate blacks like everyone says chinese people do

Seek help user. I know that therapist might be a fuckin meme sometimes, but trust me, it will be better than taking advice from " robots"

Yes, she hates mudslimes, blacks, Indians it's quite good.

>Yes, she hates mudslimes, blacks, Indians it's quite good.

I would literally show her pictures if male Korean and Chinese actors and she says no they're not her type, I show her a white Chad and she says " yes I would but not over you baby "

What do I say to them though? "I hate women?" Yeah because that will go down well...

unironically yes, you should say that, therapists deal with far worse than that

They deal with people who hate others all the time. They're putting their professional reputation at risk if they go berserk on you.

This, at least give it a chance user. Even i it doesnt work you still have dozens of options to try if you want to improve.
What do you have to lose? Deep down you know that this road will take you nowhere.

All right, Elliot. Wanna splash some soda on them too?