Be black weeb

>Be black weeb
>late 20s
>Everyone knows I'm single, have no kids, but my own income
>See normalfags(The super normal ones), all have kids and getting drained by them the wife
>Or spend their money at bars just to get pussy
>I just order an escort Or someone from cuck websites let me fuck their wife/gf
>mfw enjoying life as a single American black male in the year of 2019

This is the GREATEST TIME to be a single man in this country. Yes the government detests single households but other than that you will be fine.

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>be black
>go to take out the trash
>get shot by cop
good luck with that man

You won't enjoy that lifestyle forever. wait until your 30s and you'll feel the crisis

Yes I will. I grew up in the inner city and always enjoyed being by myself. Coming from the projects unlike many of you.

No, that guy is right. You're stuck in a mentality where you think all women and relationships are negative and will ruin your life. That only applies to normalfags because they see relationships as a social expectation, so they pair of with a vaguely interesting person and call it a day. They don't date women for a friendship, they date women because they're women.

It's the opposite for people like us though, because we'd only date and marry someone who we can really get along with. Right now you're enjoying being alone (and that's fine), but as you age the isolation starts to suffocate you. You'll feel empty and depressed, not because you've missed out of life, but because you literally don't have anyone in your life. Because you're still somewhat young (but you're getting up there), you still have family and friends around. They are the "everyone" you're talking about I guess? You don't think this will happen to you, but everyone says that.

Did you enjoy it when your family was away for long periods of time and you were left home alone? Do you think living alone is like that? At first it's nice, but after years and years of it you can feel your sanity slipping off. Days just blend into each other since you have no one around to tether you down to reality. I wouldn't be surprised if you took joy in watching people out your window, not because you want to interact with them, but just because you miss the warmth of another human. You've watched so much anime that you forgot what a real person looked like.

So enjoy it now while you're young and there are still people somewhat in your life, or at least people that know you exist.

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jesus, and i thought that tranny tripfags like me were bad. nog tripfags are on another level.

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Whatever you say bro. Every man is different.

I don't think black weebs get shot. At least, they aren't cosplaying when they do.

>every man is different
>"I don't need human interactions and romance"
Is that why you post on Jow Forums? You seem lonely

Why duh, he reflects bullets with his katana, then teleports behind the cop and slice him in half with the houses behind the pharaoh. Just another day.

Would you give me a N-word pass?

wizard here, you're wrong faggot

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You gotta let me breed your waifu first and take care of the babies

how big is your ding-dong, niggerboy

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7 inch with a wide girth crackerboy

im not a boy, user >w>

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disgusting tranny faggot using avatars
fuck off

avatarfagging is using the same image, user. i just like using reaction images. no need to seethe.

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fucking based and dare i say redpilled

kappu is the only readpilled person here user

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Its good to have copes user.
Good on you!

fuCK i made a spelling mistake FUCK FUCK

Sorry not all of us are thirsty for companionship. Real men do shit on their own


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don't talk to me never again please or else im going to beat you to a pulp

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i'm not a virgin or an incel. that video is pretty hot though.
try me fucker. just try me. kappu will destroy you,

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alright kappu, you asked for this

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kill this vigin incel tranny. Destroyer of everything that is pure and beautiful

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kill me, do it. fucking do it you pussy. i'm fucking waiting.

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give me your address, subhuman

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>doxxing myself on Jow Forums
lol fuck off

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you seem to be quite seething user, are you doing alright? i mean, i already have a gf that fucks me regularly so i doubt i'll die a virgin

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How big is your ass kappu


I have a big dick and a fit body I can pull off cucking someone easily but I wish I was black cause there are cucks who are specced into interracial cuckolding. Would love to be worshipped by a cuck and his wife just cause of skin color. Oh well guess white skin has its pros too

Naw man.
If you look like pic related, you're essentially invisible to white people and they act like you don't exist.

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it's pretty big, always has been. got bigger after i started taking hrt, though. it's hard trying to fit it in leggings.

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LOL, you but that's not what you wanted is it? You wanted a guy, but couldn't get because you are a filthy subhuman

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This idiot againn. I asked you last time and I'll ask you again: list six (6) achievements you've managed in your pathetic life you worthless piece of shit. All you do is post vidya and make up bullshit stories of being a bull.

Tfw no kappu gf to have anal sex everyday, why even live bros

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no i love my gf, she's a cutiepie. men are kinda scary anyway.

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Post ass
Post kik too
My dick is massive, will you sit on it, dude?

i'm taken, guys... im sure you'll find a cute trappy shitposter to anally rail someday...

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I'm better than your current partner in sex, romance and shit posting, post kik!!!!!!!!! waaaaaaaaa

idk my gf is super cute plus we get along really well and i like fucking her... i dont think i need anyone else

also i dont even use kik i just have discord

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post discord

I'm not saying you have to stop being with ur gf I just wanna try that ass you mentioned never fucked a cuteboy before. I had a cocksucker once but he was ugly so I never fucked him plss discord

only my gf can fuck me user, but we can be wholesome frens if you want

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what about the word taken do you not understand, manwhore?

Rugga, i just bought me new Jordan 12s. imma look hella saucy with my gold chains too

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I'm a 18 year black guy with 7 inch pp, any tips on where I can cuck some dude gf or wife, i'm khv though so it seems pretty weird.

Niggas like to rob be careful

oh great, it's (You) again.

do robots dream of electric originolis

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Naw Cali isn't like Jersey. Niggas get killed for trying to rob so they only do it in ghettos like Oakland.

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LMAO damn they smart