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>not Me! I disconnect from you

*quickly puts a towel down on one of the loungers by the /britfeel/ pool*

gimme some 10/10s lads

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Tfw mfw Britain is dead and the Tory leadership race is pointless

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Would love to see chika squirm and moan 'b-but I'm a boy!' while I force him into a cute girl outfit

>gimme some 10/10s lads
here you go phwor

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there's a man outside
in a long coat, grey hat, smoking a cigarette

might watch Howling 2 today, lads. need some sips and munchies though

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what sort of films are these lads? you a big fan of B movies or sumthin?

Dead End Drive In and Howling 2 are cheesy horror, aye. Heathers is 80's kino with cute young Winona Ryder. Inferno is an italian Giallo film

are frens electric?

How long should your workout take?

If I don't eat a lot of fibre it sometimes takes 20 minutes to work it out

until it's finished

depends what you're doing fren.
I have a small calisthenics routine every morning that takes around an hour, then I have a run that takes around half an hour.
Really it's not that much effort to be fit.
I think every man should be able to run a 7 minute mile, which isn't particularly fast.

Some things just arent possible user
I maintain my relative normalcy unlike some tranny freaks here who shall not be named!

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no bueno

looking thick, solid, tight


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>How long should your workout take?

8 hours per arm

>get horny
would fuck anything that moves right now

Good taste lad.

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cant believe how fat Timothy James Byrne is getting.

Well he literally does nothing but eat high calorie ready meals and watch tv

I hate how many normies have jumped on the let's bash Tim bandwagon
They cunts arnt even funny

Stop posting the same basic thot. She's got no ass and her tits are smaller than cola's

i haven't posted that image for several weeks but okay

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>KeyboardWarrior2017, London, United Kingdom, 48 minutes ago

>That is one lovely thicc beauty!!

Which one of you was this?

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cola keeps sending me nudes on discord and snapchat, I thought she was meant to have a bf lol

this lads delusional, she's got a nice arse and great tits

Damnit user, now I have a boner.

Post the nudes, lad

Everyone bullying Cola for no reason as per usual

If I wanted skittles I'd go to Tesco

A body only a black man could love

no reason to go above 40-60 minutes

A body only a black man could handle

Siesta ruined
Me on the right

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look at the recession of the lower spine, she doesn't have an arse she has anterior pelvic tilt becomes even more clear when you look at the hips tilt her "nice arse" is a result of weak lower back and lower core msucles which in turn make her arse seem bigger and more protruded and her tits are fairly average

Only pure English beauties for me

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Keep the 10s a rolling lads

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This user is correct and I think this every time it's posted but dont want to seem like a nerd

this is /lewdfeel/ now

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better to seem like a nerd than let thots trick anons

>10/10s with no tits

Nice bewbs

Any lads watch love island?

starving myself for a big dinner that I don't really want


not been keeping up on this season but couple episodes in why lad

wish i could tell these bitches to put their clothes on in person

for me it's stefanie joosten

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>Keep the 10s a rolling lads
i sure will lid

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Okay I need to go to the barber and get a haircut but I'm scared.

I'm currently downing LIDL whiskey to work up the courage to go.

Any tips for dealing with the scary barber man?

Look I'd shag all these girls but stop pretending they're 10/10

Let your hair grow my dude, it will look awesome and you won't have to deal with scary barber men

What does SCEA have against people with downs syndrome?

I have cut my own hair for years to avoid barbers
Only because my hair looks shit no matter what, if you have nice hair it would be worth going

Fuck off SCEA you're totally irrelevant

coooooorrrr. Lovely stuff lad!!! Wouldnt mind getting a cheeky look in her undies

No it's too long I don't want to be mistaken for a tranny.

I used to cut my own hair but the difference between a nice haircut and a crappy DIY job is too much, especially if you're ugly like me and benefit a lot from nice hair.

I wish SCEA was my dad

Be brave SP. I'm getting mine done this week. Maybe

why did I drink 8 pints last night

9 would be overkill

How much do you drink weekly?

>being so socially retarded you need to get half cut before going for a hair cut

fuck me lad, just walk in sit down in the waiting chairs, wait till they call you over, tell them what you want and sit there till they do it.

>just the 8 pints for me last night.

Okay gareth

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I wish I was lying, my head is killing me

what should i watch after Howling 2? Gonna nip to Tescos and grab a can of Monster and a pack of doritos for a nice night in. Might even order a pizza in.

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then she won't send me any more

Have a shower and mouthwash etc first. Dont want whickey breath or smell of ya clothes with a man so close in mid afternoon. I mean he probs dont care but for your piece of mind.

what was you boozing m8? I usually have 6-8 pints on a thursday and regeret it and do nothing at work friday

you the lad that went out?

Bottle of wine or 4 beers every other day

what's in the stuff box?

Nice collection there. Sounds like a /comfy/ night you got planned. Might do something similar to help with the crushing boredom. You should check out the Wrong Turn series if you're into bad horror movies. Those are so bad they're good.

Post them anyway I only get stupid dog selfies

today is the day i change, well tomorrow will be the first day, but the tide is turning today sort of thing, if you get me, or if youre going for technical days like after midnight, then friday will be the first day, but this week is my week of change

I do it myself. Get yourself some trimmers and just buzz off the bits when they get too long, or just put it on the lowest setting and go bald.

Nowt. Just an empty prop.
I' ve watcehd the Wrong Turn series. Haven't bothered to pick them up yet, for whatever reason. Might do.

what about thursday start?

well thats what i mean, thursday will be the first full day unless youre being arsey with days like 24 hour days starting at midnight, then friday will be the first full day

the people that have colas nudes are as follows:
her "bf" if he exists
probs a handful of other discord mongs

do these people not have their own penises to look at?

is this moni? why not change now?

we've all seen cola's bum who cares at this point

>is this moni?
cant believe you even asked me that, thats beyond offensive, this conversation is over

Is that Tulisa lid?

they're obviously not very big

Update: I'm fairly drunk now. As advised, I will brush teeth, use mouthwash and wear aftershave before going to barbers.

I feel okay but also a little sick from downing it so quickly. My appointment is in 15 minutes.

just because this is the type of shit moni says
>I'll go on a run tomorrow even though I could today
>no I'll start fixing myself tomorrow
then tomorrow he posts the same shit

post her bum please lad

remember tulisa's dick sucking video?

>post her bum please lad
im sure other lads have other bum pics

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It runs in his family, his sister's kid is downs and he's hung up that if he ever manages to find a gf he hasn't paid for their resulting spawn will be a mong too.

So is it Tulisa? If so the WHORES gained a lot of weight.