growth edition

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>tfw no rapidly growing varbie gf

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>varbies busting out of their clothes
Too hot.

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What's going on here? Are the women finally turning into men since the xenoestrogens turned men into women?

Anavar. Literally magic muscle growth pills for girls. It makes them blow up like crazy in just 8 weeks.

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we need a pill for instant growth like pic related

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We're close.

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Unironically disgusting. Women are not supposed to look like Men.

if you think they're too big then you're probably too small

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Unironically awesome. Women are not supposed to look like sacks of lard.

Is there a magic muscle growth pill for lanklets aswell? Asking for a friend.

>thought that was a girls sweet tight lil ass

Well you got me, here's a (you)

user post source

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>we're entering the muscle girl era
even regular old milfy types at the store i work at are getting hardbodies and biceps and thicc thighs
this shit is like a miracle

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user's gf

And if you are into roided out women you might be gay

You know, the thing about varbies that turns me on is, that this girl is truly special. She works for something hard everyone tells her is not good for her, she sacrifices her long term health for it.

i lol@ guys like you who thinks that's some kinda danger. gay? oh no, on the website full of hentai-snarfing, breaking-the-quiet.mp4 i might like dudes. what ever shall i do with my booming social life? lmao

Yeah, that's what turns me on the most. Hnnnnnnng!

they love it
imagine how good it must feel to go from dyel to beefcake in 8 weeks

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TFW no original wheyfu

Just 8 weeks ? Why aren't guys taking anavar then ?

it doesn't work on guys
you can use it to cut but you won't make crazy varbie gains

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I thought that was a girl's butt and I got excited.

Varbies have the best butts.

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The way her delts (shoulder muscles) pop is insane. I'd cum so fucking hard rubbing my cock on those.

yes, its called steroids

/deltporn/ makes me diamonds

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I can't wait for this pill.

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moar /deltporn/

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Just the thought of a qt grill wanting to try some var and get swole gets me hard.

Yeah, I too like to fap (masturbate) to that.

>using pills and not doing it the natural way

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i want her protein braps down my throat

This. Pumpkin delts are better than tits.

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leather ass skin

That thick bicep vein hnnnnnnnng