MBTI Cognitive functions

The least evolved cognitive function of your personality type (the demon) is responsible for everything that's wrong with your life. It's a blind spot that you need to understand in order to succeed in life and live it to your full potential.

The MBTI can also help you find your destiny, or at least help you get what you want in life. And understanding your cognitive functions and how they work together is key.

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I am further convinced that this is just astrology for incels.

i too thought it was just a horoscope for people who are "too smart" for horoscopes
but it actually does describe your personality very well and can help you

INTP with godlike Fe here. Trained through autism and knowledge. Repressed again when I realized humans are fundamentally scum.

Were can you get an accurate test for thi

>tfw my demon is actually one of the most evolved functions
It's like that one meme quote: "We all have our demons, and sometimes, they win!" OwO

Also, isn't the trickster/polr (7th function) even weaker...? :3c

I don't know if these are accurate, but IDRLabs, Keys2Cognition, and Similar Minds have function tests! UwU

How would Fe be useful? Are INTPs peak performance?

Fe is useful when you need to relate to other people's feelings e.g. in a relationship or in manipulation tactics that require you not to be an emotionless stone wall.

Oh yeah, Sakinorva has a function test as well~! ( *^_^)/

F functions allow for the development of preference, or you could say the 'soul'. Without purposed development your preferences will be determined only by the conditioning of your life up to that point, and completely average. (The only conditioned preference is toward an increase in resources, as it is the only preference humanity deems necessary for its survival. This includes an inclination to reproduction; which many believe to be the role and extent of Fe.)

Without any F functions you would infinitely perform meaningless tasks; the calculations would become increasingly complex, but never amount to anything more than a distasteful, vast amount of their most basic elements.
There will never be true invention or development without F. And specifically Fe modulates the world.

Expecting everything to perform function and carry a load is a deeply flawed, naive mentality.

Is there a concise explanation of these functions anywhere? Trying to figure out if I am INTJ or INTP

Copypasting from my old posts:
Ti = your inner logic, deductiveish -- ^w^
Te = external data, inductiveish -- :3c
Ni = reductive examination of ideas/possibilities -- UwU
Ne = expansive examination of ideas/possibilities -- ^o^
Fi = your personal morals/happiness, inner peace -- :3
Fe = group/community morals/happiness, harmony --
Si = your past experiences -- ^_^
Se = your present surroundings -- OwO

well, yeah. if you could categorize everyone in just 16 classes this would be a boring world.

Since I used to be in the same situation here are some things that helped me:
-check if you prefer Te or Ti
-check if you like Ni
-check which one you hate more, Se or Fe

Reminder that Fe users are fucking FAKE. They make you feel special, but in truth they treat everyone that way. Fuck ENFJs, fuck ESFJs, fuck INFJs, and fuck ISFJs.

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I relate to everyone properly because my empathy is functioning, Te is way beyond my reach. I am incapable of changing that about myself, and that's why I treat everyone like they're special.
You're all special.
I was born to ensure people don't kill themselves by making them feel special at least for 10 minutes of their day.

Are you just a rebranded Sophieanon?

I am ENTJ, yet cant find a gf or a good group of friends. Ocassionally I find myself here.

That's pretty cool. I like it. Here's a screencap for your records.

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This post is far too thoughtful and analytical for this thread. That is unfortunate.

I'm glad my friend Turbie is finally getting the appreciation and credit he deserves...

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Thank youuuu~! ^o^

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MBTI is pseudoscience. It is as helpful as the Robot Test or even less.

I am an INFJ and I have never made anyone feel anything :(

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I think I prefer Te but not totally sure? I definitely come across as blunt and value empirical data, but I also enjoy contemplating the meaning and underlying purpose of things.
I think I am more Ne than Ni, I am very good at seeing both sides of an issue.
I don't understand Fe, I've always been bad at empathy or reading other people's emotions.

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