Why do people make fun of Asian guys?

Why do people make fun of Asian guys?

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Wholesome AF senpai, yeet!

Is that a mask?

>"the original Bob the Builder"
>"the original"
>"There's a new one?"
>look it up
What the fuck?

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>tfw parents send you to Guangzhou (a construction site in China)

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It's so disturbing, isn't it?

This isn't r***** fag go home!!

>Is that a mask?
Will he die if he takes it off?

because we are beta and not violent. we need to learn from our melanated brothers and become violent.

theyre jealous of our huge thick cocks taking all the women

Theyre the least desirable of men
and asians are soulless

t. seethin sub asian

Calling him bob the builder is actually a creative joke. Most people go straight for Jackie Chan or Bruce lee when it comes to Asians, but they actually found a character that the guy actually looks like.

Oh yeah, there was a new Bob The Builder. I remember seeing it in 2017 and was kinda grossed out. I was absolutely obsessed with the original BTB as a little kid.

asians are the most successful people on the planet.

we are the:

>most athletic
>most aesthetic
>most populous
>have the biggest dicks by volume

sub asians cant compete so they seethe hard

>most athletic
>most aesthetic
>have the biggest dicks by volume

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Youd better get to work, the Africans will outbreed you soo enough

See the thing about niggers is that once they get too big in numbers they start murdering each other and destroying their own cities. That's why every major city with a black majority is a shithole.

There's some that aren't pathetic discord trannies in the making, and those guys generally have some muscle mass and aren't a californian kekistani.
Whenever I see a flabby body tubby tit chink with soulless eyes completely entranced by some twitch streamer, the only thing I feel is utter disdain.


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you all dont even know, asians can turn into super saiyans at ANY time we just choose to hide our power level.

Honestly he's a cutie, visual positivity is a huge green flag for me.

actually this guy doesn't look too bad
good complexion/skin
no major defects
symmetrical face
proportional ears and nose
All he needs to work on is maybe that smile

yeah it seems like a creative one

Depends on how many times you're going to make this thread. People make fun of people, get over it you thin skinned baby.

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you wouldnt make fun of me to my face

Bet. Original

ill bet. you would be so scared to say anything.

And I'll bet that you wouldn't do a damn thing when I insult you.

Internet tough guy, who are you trying to impress right now?

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keep coping kiddo. i hope your "insults" are stronger than these posts lmao!

You're the one coping by trying to be a internet tough guy. Try not crying about someone insulting you. If the world hurts you so much maybe you should try quitting?

nah youre trying to be the internet tough guy by accusing me of being an internet tough guy, actually. take it easy, buddy.

Are you autistic or something? Bet you can't do anything about me insulting you right now. Can you do anything about it you thin skinned faggot? That's what I thought, btfo.

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wew. did that make you feel big and strong, bud? lmao!

You have no logic, me calling you out for acting like tough guy on the internet doesn't imply that I'm acting like a tough guy. You're dumb, stop crying about how the world is unfair to you. Or don't, I don't really care.

Wtf why is he a spic now

youre so logical, bud. how could i ever be an internet tough guy when youre here to call me out.

Did making that comment make you feel big and strong?

You're the one crying about people making fun of you. I just told you to get a thicker skin then you sperged out and talked about how tough you were.

i am big and strong already.
alright bro its not that serious.

>s. Internet tough guy

What a sad life you live in your parent's basement.

Autism, the post. Coming soon to a theater near you.

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youre just jealous of my parent's basement.

sounds good bro. you seem like the type to play the lead!

>i am big and strong already.

Hence why you were called an internet tough guy. Who are you trying to prove yourself to?

I would never make fun of you. Not because you're impressive or whatever.
I'm just a polite lad and would never intentionally hurt someone who never did anything to me.

no one, buddy. its not serious

You've already been type cast for the role.

not my thing. its perfect for you.

>no one, buddy. its not serious

He says while seething.

alright bro. ill catch you in another thread.

Sadly the movie has already been made, you were the autistic lead.

ill take your word on it, pce

You're a really weird guy.

He's kind of cute in a goofy way. Would smash.

cool. thats an interesting observation.

I'm actually attracted to men with really long faces/heads like this. Is there something wrong with me? One of my previous crushes was Dylan Klebold.

god damn crimson chin

forbes top 5 would disagree

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>giving this much of a fuck what others think of you
i tell you right now to ditch that shit or you WILL live a miserable life ( continue to )

everyone cares what people think. to claim that one does not care about what others think is the biggest cope of all.

what the fuck

it's being realistic

weird, makes me uncomfortable

How many times are you going to post this thread? It's getting ridiculous.

>asians are the most successful people on the planet.
> we are the:
> >smartest
> >richest
> >most athletic
> >most aesthetic
> >most populous
> >nicest
> >have the biggest dicks by volume
and nobody wants to fuck you

Hey how ya going bro. Hows the blog posting?