Women can tell that you're a virgin just by looking at you

>women can tell that you're a virgin just by looking at you

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You can go on Grindr to lose your virginity

Not necessarily. This guy told the big brother house that he was a 23 year old kissless virgin D&D player and the girls thought he was lying.

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My gf didn't though.

Trust me, we can't, unless you're legitimately hideous, and even then it's not certain.

What are some virgin tells? Asking for a friend.

>What are some virgin tells?
face, posture, walking, clothes

no they can't, this is just gaslighting and bullshit, as long as you behave like a normal human being everyone past 20 just assumes you aren't one, stop trying to demoralise people

>What are some virgin tells?
Being unattractive

your face doesn't magically change after losing your virginity
you can have a fucked up posture and not be a virgin
this one is somewhat right but people don't pay attention to your walking that much
/fa/ is the living proof that this isn't true either
you literally based your whole post on the virgin/chad meme, what a fucking sperg

>literal junkies with missing teeth and slimy hair fuck hookers on the regular
>but they must be virgins since they are unatractive
brainlet tier argument

Physical unattractiveness, lack of confidence, shyness, anxiety, low self-esteem, awkwardness, introversion, autistic traits like not making eye contact, poor social skills, small or non-existent social circle...etc.

It's pretty obvious really. No you can't definitively tell if someone's a virgin or not but there are stong indicators and traits which are associated with lack of social and sexual success.

>tfw you're not a virgin but you're so far gone people assume you are

Vice versa can women tell that I am not a virgin? Do they know I have been deep in ass?

The long fingernails, unkempt straggly hair, pasty complexion and fatness usually send the message.

no user, the is no definite indicator if you are one or aren't, however there are factors that can point out one's success in sex life, however not being a virgin means your dick penetrated a vagina at least once, no matter how long ago, so even if you now look like a creppy weirdo or a mega chad, there is no telling if you had sexual intercourse in the past since having sex doesn't magically change your appearence and sets you on the right path in life

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yes, they can tell immediately, and by being able to do so, want you to be deep in their ass

My friend tells his friends I'm a virgin and they all get shocked.

The only reason he tells them is because everyone asks to him wtf is wrong with me.

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well its your fault for being a irl sperglord but thank you for proving my point that everyone past a certain age simply assumes you aren't a virgin

Only if you are obviously mentally retarded or slow.

>this one is somewhat right but people don't pay attention to your walking that much

Their people skills are fucking superb

Some can even tell why are you a virgin and if it even bothers you

my psychiatrist thought I would be the next ted bundy until I told her I don't have any intrest in women and never even touched one, she didn't want to believe me and thought it was some sort of manipulation trick

>4 girls have rejected me because they believe I sleep around without any proof
>still a virgin

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Male ass or female ass?
If the latter, actual ass or pussy?

To answer your question, I assume most college age guys are not virgins (unfortunately).