>be me
>Highschool qt who I commute with looks 100% like my waifu (pic related)
I'm one lucky pedofag , how do I control the urges?

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get the fuck out pedo. having trannies on this board is enough, pedophiles are just too fucking gross.

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>high school

firstly I need to know where this is from

Firstly, you're a fucking retard, if she's in high school just fuck her.

Secondly good taste, vampire lolis are awesome.

She's now 9th grade man but damn she never ages, I've stalked her for years

I didn't even say hey to her cause she's too fucking pretty origano

Remember user you need to become Super Loli Man

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yupiel-sama no geboku

Well lets not blow things out of proportion gamers

if you don't smash you'll regret it
t. regretting it

9th grade so 14 years old? Please correct me if I'm wrong cause Im europoor. Also i will try to give you this simply: DO NOT PROCEED IN SEXUAL INTERCOURSE IF SUBJECT IS BELOW 18 YEARS OLD.

oh for fucks sake, do we even need to ask? GIVE US THE STORY

Age of consent varies in the US. In my state, it's 16.

Not much of a story desu, I've met three different legal lolis and smashed none.
First one I got pretty close but she pulled away.
Second and third though I didn't even get contact info or names. All three were 16+ ofc.
I'd love a loliwife since, like OP, I have a thing for vampire lolis, but I haven't been so lucky.

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Age of having gf is 13 here (nigger Romania). Idk about sex.

Give me your secret how do you make friends with lolis also since I'm a weirdo robot

Go ravage dat ass OP
t.fembot wishing she was you

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Well, pretty much the same as any other girl I think. Talk to them, find out their interests, get their contact info, etc. I presume Romanian girls are different from American girls though so no idea what they're like.
Just do NOT joke about flat chests or anything weird unless you're 100% sure they're open to bantz. I've seen it done and it's cringe.

i know 3 blonde lolis under 150cm and all of them speak fluent german so yeah go learn german desu

t. fellow gypsy

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This pic has awakened something in me, something that I will never achieve

>t.fembot wishing she was you
What's stopping you from molesting a high school girl? Why do you need to be OP to do it?

I'm reporting you to the highest authority in the land. King Neptune

Dick. Mostly.

I would love to be young high school boy and go on lovey dovey date with pure innocent qt. Then consummate our relationship in secret for the first time with both trusting each other to fullest.

I am mutating into Jow Forums robot. From female to trap to male and last stage la creatura.

>tfw no penis envy gf

>trap without a penis
you may very well reach peak female form if achieved

The only thing stopping me from being with this 17 y/o girl (legal where I live) who is still in HS and is very much interested in me, is that I feel the need to be a sort of mentor to her and I don't think I could be a good one because I'm 22 and consider myself not fully mature, sometimes too innocent and am still completely lost in regards to having a life purpose. I still feel like a kid.

the way you described that reminded me of myself 4 years ago, god i miss it
i'd treat you like a high schooler if i could

It's not pedophilia when she is in highschool. My god why are Americans so stupid

I am 23 and teaching highschool. I can confirm there are more lolis than anyone would think in HS.

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What age is loli? 10 to 13 years old?

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Loli is less an age and more of a type, I think, at least nowadays. Generally speaking lolis are
>short/petite (always sub-5')
>flat or small breasted
>babyface to some degree, or a very youthful appearance
>generally but not necessarily cutesy
Girl in OP's pic summarizes loli, but she certainly isn't 13.

Alright op here, thx r9k for motivation. I'll reape her I know her daily walks and I know when she walks alone, also I know that she lives in a very small town.

i said loliwife not lolirape

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I'm calling FBI on you user.

>tfw I had a ldr with a legal loli but she ghosted
I don't think I could ever tolerate non legal lolis after getting to be with her for a while even if it wasn't a "real" relationship, she was just too cute, especially her voice.
I'm probably dooming myself to loneliness by only wanting legal lolis, but I don't care, legal lolis are the only virtue in this cruel world.

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I'll take the heebs over the trannies any day of the week.

Wanting a legal aged woman who looks like a young teen is not even remotely close to pedophilia.

Reported your wannabe rapist ass to FBI.

You know teenage girls like older guys, right. They are also super horny.

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to be honest the consenting age should be 15