Why don't you learn to draw fellow neets?

Why don't you learn to draw fellow neets?
In 5 years you could be working comfy from home instead of wagecucking 9 to 5

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I figured art fields were oversaturated. what can I do with drawing?

Originally? porn

It's a better idea to learn programming, but drawing is more meaningful, creating art and being able to make whatever is on your mind a cool picture

I really envy people talented at drawing

because music is superior, faggot

woah, so i can do nothing but draw degenerate porn, probably for furries, just to be able to afford to put ramen on the table, maybe, if I fruitlessly grind away at it for half a decade?! Woah, where do I sign up!

Fuck off, retard.

>he thinks you can get good enough at drawing to freelance in just 5 years
hope no one actually falls for this epik bait

>he thinks he can't
You failed before starting

there's your canned reply have fun

I did try, I went to art school for 3 years, but it was clear i wasnt good enough for a career in art. I also didnt like it as much once I was doing it for many hours, it feels like work when I do it now. It emotionally taxing to see how garbage most of my art is too. I havent drawn in a couple years.

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Here is some more of my trash art to keep this thread alive

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And another original sketch

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I draw a lot but I'm too scared to take commissions

At least I can fap to my own art. Truly a feeling like no other

feel the same about programming, only I never liked automating anything to begin with

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Is programming like art? I have a friend who does programming. He never talks about it other than to say all the people who are good at it are turbo autists and he is on a fast track to supervise a team purely because he has social skills.

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>measuring time in years and not hours of productive and efficient practice
This meme will never die will it

Everyone is good at drawing
The problem is the most of them are not patient enough

I draw a jew
Rate him

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I just can't keep anything up longer than a week.


can you draw traps bending over exposing butt?

Better than most of my drawings. This is one of my best ones.

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That's too much for jew
>can you draw traps bending over exposing butt?
I can if you pay me

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dont believe this horse shit I produced music for 4 years and never once sold a beat. you dont get paid for talents. it doesn't exist. it doesn't happen. its 1% of people.

How mine is any better than yours?

Because this is what most of my stuff looks like. That was one of my best drawings.

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Im only good at drawing faces
my perspective and my proportions are fucked up

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Depends what demographic you try to appeal to as well

Furries will pay a lot of money for any old shit, I have an online friend who pays like $50-$60 for really crappy art because it appeals to his fetishes

My shading also is mediocre at best

To me, it felt like I was being suffocated. Stare at words all day without seeing a single picture, argue with autists over which program is better. Not just photoshop vs. krita or tablet comparisons either, which is only an occasional argument. If you're not a language lawyer, you're sperging out over operating systems or phone/desktop hardware or browsers or headphones or docker security vulnerabilities or whatever hot new app is making the headlines. AI doomsday predictions, interview question collegeconfidential-tier paranoia, always being shown up by the smart guy who insists on rewriting your code, telling you he rewrote your code, and doing it all at the last minute because it's just so easy but don't take it personally lol. The pride of programmers is their automating away all the comfy data entry jobs, making fun games like go and starcraft 2 trivial, bragging about automating away doctors and lawyers but never delivering because they're too busy automating away their own jobs and making their bosses rich. And that's if you don't go into the hellish video game industry. From Software was a big part of this cancerous brogrammer self-improvement culture, and I want a life that isn't so self-absorbed because my body's going to be gone in 80-ish years anyway.

>to freelance
you can freelance right now
the problem is making enough money to live off of, when you'd probably get more working at Starbucks

Even really good artists struggle with perspective and proportion. Bring able to draw faces can get you a lot farther than being able to draw cubes in perspective.

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Idk mate maybe u right
Btw this one is pretty good

Thank you, this was on of the last drawings I did.

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My friend is one of those guys you describe, so he is probably in his element.

how long does it take to learn programming?

1. google codecademy python 3
2. do the first lesson
congrats you're better than 99.999% of programmers

Kill yourself faggot

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