Dude you just have to exercise and take care of yourself

>dude you just have to exercise and take care of yourself

face it guys, the game was rigged from the start
no matter how much you try you will never be equal to someone that was born attractive

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And the best way to combat this is by throwing acid in the faces of good looking people,further galavanizing the hatred of ugly people to the point of normalfaggots form a guild like organization that preforms post birth abortions on us ugly people.

>you will never be equal to someone that was born attractive
No shit, that's why they find someone in their own league

not a bad idea but you first

>born attractive
Imagine being so dumb as to believe attractiveness is determined from birth and you can't change it at all

>FACE it
Haha ironic

Literally everything in your life is determined by your genes, you're delusional if you think you can change yourself

nice cope retardo

Yep, genetics determine if you become a fat slob NEET instead of a fit well-mannered guy with a good job. Nothing to do with your life choices.

Life choices are not yours to make desu, neuroscience proves it.

that is determined by envirement in which you grew up and your parents

Let's see those proofs, brainlet.

Based and DNApilled

Pussy. You do it.

>calling me a brainlet

How ironic. You're literally validating neuro-determinism.

>imagine being this retarded
Everything you do and are is the result of a combination of genetic and environmental factors.

But you just said you had proofs? Why aren't you posting them? Do you even know what neuroscience is?

Besides the hairline, mines receding DEEPLY, like Toby flenserson from The Office, my build is like the guy on the right. 6'4" 190lbs, low body fat and good muscle insertions. My body is almost exactly like pic related on left.
I have never succeeed with women my entire life. And it's not the hair, it recedes but it doesn't look that bad especially on my muscular frame. I dress well and have no problem chatting it up (after all im a salesman).
I smell good, stand up straight , have manners, gift of gab etc.
I honestly think there are sets of interests that women avoid even more than short men.
Like plenty manlets get Stacie's and gym bunnies all the time.
But even chad, if he's really into like aerospace science i.e. reads the magazines, goes to airshows, or loves eastern philosophy enough that he hopes to discuss it with potential gf, essentially anything intellectual and specialized, turns women right off.
They're too busy with Love and Hip Hop and unironically watching the Kardashians , or other TLC network garbage. If you can't consume dumbed down trash together it's "we have nothing in commmmmon."

Tldr find a girl who reads books or move the fuck on, who needs superficial sluts anyway

what is your point
what ugly and short people should do then?

>imagine being so dumb as to believe wealth and power is determined from birth and you cant change the fact that your drug addicted mom wont find a job.

Hay guyz. im going to be the new fucking queen of England , im JUST going to change it all. Just watch me.

Some people dont want to settle for less.

You will never be equal to anybody, you're a complex bundle of DNA wired in ways beyond our comprehension, nurtured in a very specific environment.

Game isn't rigged because there is no game, just exploit whatever makes you unique

That reminds me of this dude my professor knew that worked in Bioinformatics during the early years.
>Bioinformatic guys had the option to work at home
>Chad isn't answering his phone and the lab head wants him to come to a meeting
>Professor gets sent over to Chad's house
>Knocks on the door
>Answering the door is literally Chad Thundercock
>6ft 2
>Fit as fuck
>Properly trimmed and cleaned up body
>Blonde hair in a simple but aesthetic cut
>Ice blue eyes
>Face handsome enough to turn your gay
>Wearing nothing but some gym shorts
>Was apparently weight training and left his phone in another room so he won't be disturbed
>His speech is weird as while his voice is angelic he is rather simple spoken and refused to make eye contact
>Professor follows him in and sees that the house is Dexter Morgan immaculate, but covered in video game and waifu posters / figurines
>Guy continues his work out as professor tells him what's up
>Doesn't say anything other than "Okay" and "I must finish my work out"
>Gets cleaned up and starts getting dressed
>Uses a clip on tie because he can't tie a tie
>Doesn't have a car so professor has to drive him to the meeting
>The entire meeting the dude is silent and barely makes eye contact
>Goes full deer in head lights when asked to do an impromptu speech
>Professor drives the guy home and chats him up
>Turns out the guy is like 900% autistic and the reason he's so neat and obsessed with health and fitness is because his mommy told him that's what good boys do
>He got involved in bioinformatics because he "communicates better with machines than people" and found it easy to simply look at the human body as a living machine
>Tried to date women, but they found his extreme autism to be so much of a turn off they never get past date 1
>Guy is an absolute textbook Chad in appearance, but is a virgin NEET in lifestyle, interests, and behavior
I give the guy's mother props at least

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From where you're kneeling it must seem like an 18-carat run of bad luck... Truth is, the game was rigged from the start.

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>what ugly and short people should do then?
The normies cant answer this because they know we are fucked

Uh honestly, that's pretty fucking sound advice. 3 years ago, when I was chubby/skinnyfat I literally did not catch the attention of women. But after hitting the gym for 2 years , I've been getting mired by girls and some have been openly flirting with me.