How's the tinder grind going for you fellas?

How's the tinder grind going for you fellas?

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I just use it when drunk to have a laugh at their profiles these days

does tinder just bury you after a few days? i got a few matches when i first signed up, but i havent gotten a like/match in weeks

Never had Tinder because I'm not a sad and desperate twat.
I'm just a twat.

Really well tbqh, installed it two days ago. Went on a concert date with Kate yesterday and going on a date with another girl today.

Worst part is that I don't even look like a chad.

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Kate has a penis

What's the secret to getting matches???

>tfw the only chicks on tinder are basic thots

Nobody? Anyone got a guide

I got matched with a really cute girl, and after saying Hi I just straight up told her I want to try eating pussy because I've never done it before, she wants to meet now.

Post pic naow

How's the grindr grind going for you fellas?

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>eating pussy for the first time with a random tinder thot that you've never met before
>eating pussy with someone you just met

You're gonna regret it, but you'll learn when you're in the moment.
Wish there were more "alternative" girls on tinder.

pic related
I know it might be a bad idea

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Be attractive. Your bio or what kind of pictures you take don't matter.

People always tell you take pictures with your friends, avoid selfies, take a picture of your dog or something, write a funny bio etc, well that's only to cope with being ugly

If you are attractive you can only have one shitty selfie on your profile and no bio and you'll get 100 matches in a week

Tinder says I have 99+ likes but I only match with 1-2 people a day. I bet its the blacks because I always swipe left on niggers.

tinder gives you fake likes to spend money on their jewish shit

Deleted a few days ago after like 1 month of use. Only 5 matches and 2 were trans.

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Fucking this, best bro is a chad and his bio is literally empty and he only has a pic of him and his mom and he gets matches like crazy

>15 likes in a month

how are people getting 100s of likes?

and i dont think im ugly because the few matches i have are hot girls (they arent bots either i found their facebooks).

Is it fake likes or are they just throttling your matches by not showing people who like you?

Grindr is better for robots then Tinder

General Info that I've learned recently:
I ignore them until they message me, it takes about a week but it usually works and I ended up getting a 6 month long relationship out of it. And after that relationship I've learned a lot of useful things such as:
>dont text them more than they text you
Look at your text block sizes
>dont respond too quickly
>dont chase then
Let them show interest in you, men always show them interest so the one guy not showing interest seems more intriguing oddly enough
>if you text and they dont respond, dont text again until they eventually respond

Of course this stuff applies to both dating and being in a relationship. I have way more but it would be a goddamn novel. Also DONT TALK TO A WOMAN WHO CLAIMS SHE'S BI OR PANSEXUAL, AND DONT TALK TO HER IF SHE SAYS THAT MOST OF HER FRIENDS ARE GUYS.

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The kind of girl I want would never go on Tinder so why would I be on Tinder?

Yeah, pretty much. All dating apps are like that. They're trying to get you to spend money on boosts/subscriptions. They even have bots that like your profile from time to time to get you to pay to see who likes you. It's all really scammy and even if you did swipe right on a girl who more than likely would do the same to you, she'll probably just never see your profile. Not to mention there are far more males on those than there are females.

>tfw only attract fat latinas and weird alt girls

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You on south florida user?

checked south florida gang

I don't have terrible trouble getting matches, but nobody ever replies to my messages, and I've never been messaged first, ever. I feel like I'm not coming off as THAT autistic. Why match with me if you're not going to talk to me? They can't all be on Tinder just for an ego boost can they?

stopped using it because it made me feel like I was losing my mind. one can only take so much of the normie spectacle before you lose it. I'm going to stick to imaginary 2d girls instead

have 99 matches and been ghosted by at least 60 of them. I'm not that bad looking but I think my autism just drives them away

Thats where you are wrong. Most are. They enjoy the likes and men messaging them. Some even market their IG on Tinder lol

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That's fair, though I still feel like my rate of non-replies is higher than everyone else's I know.

I can't even take a fucking photo of myself to begin with.

I do t message them anymore, I just look at my matches

>stand in well lit room
>tape phone onto wall at eye level
>put on timer, stand back
>think of some amusing shitpost
>enjoy your new photo