Where do I find a bf who will do this

Where do I find a bf who will do this

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Anywhere normies congregate.

Swipe twice on Tinder

I don't want a normie bf I want a robot bf
look above

I'll spank you until you can't walk any more you annoying twat

I'm sorry for being an annoying twat

You should have thought about that before you decided to have the least robotic fetish out there.

Anywhere you fucking oaf

>I don't want a normie bf I want a slightly skinnier Chad who wears glasses
You ever wish you could reach through your monitor and choke someone to death?

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This is proof that all fembots want is a second father.

you say you're sorry but you're gonna keep posting this disgusting thread until you find a bf. Maybe I'll have to make a sacrifice for the greater good and be your bf to put you in your place and make sure you don't annoy the robots.

I don't want a father I just want a master

then be my gf so i can bully you and make sure you behave

Find one on grindr you disgusting tranny

Where are you from?

great original britannia

I want to fuck your butt and cum all over the inside of your lower intestines

that's really far away
i think you have some issues

Be my gf instead I'm closer and have less issues

how do you feel about a bf like this? I can be your spanking robot Apu if you'll be my anime girl.

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I'll do it for you, but you have to be a girl

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I'd like to be an anime girl for butt spanking
yes and I really like that picture

Northwestern US I am closer right?

Cool, do want to talk in private? My normiegram is @cafard_nomad

okay since you'll be my anime girl pet for butt spanking I'll be your bf, now post contact info
pleased to spread the joy of Apu user

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I'm in the south east, slut. Is that close enough?

where do I get my own naughty gf for spanking purposes?

Very close
no sorry

>anime girl
But you're a guy...

>very close
then lets come closer

Jow Forums is a dead website, you cant really expect me to use it exclusively can you? I made this instagram as an art instagram a few years ago before I stopped drawing.

Come on boys, why do you fall for this LARP every day without fail? It's fucking embarrassing.

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post your butt and we will talk about it

I am desperate to touch a girl's butt

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thats exactly why you'll never touch one

what state are you in and how old are you?

Washington, 22
your turn

Washington, 18

Is this hell? Why is life so ironic like this? Here I am, a porn addict who desperately wants live a hedonistic life, and I am damned only to watch others live that life.

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that's convenient, do you have an email?

literally everywhere and anyone
you piece of shit hamplanet

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Give my yours I will e-mail you i don't want to post my mail here

[email protected]

do you have discord? I dont like giving my email to strangers

you're such a dumb slut that doesn't even know how to make a burner email or user a burner service. Literally look up burner email you ditz.


99.99999% chance a tranny or a whale

I added your tag..