Shower/bath frequency?

How often do you shower or take a bath?
>Everyday here

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If you don't have a nice relaxing shower every day, you're absolute scum.

Take cold showers nightly

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once every 3 weeks or so

1-3 days
I feel disgusting if I go three without a shower. I understand why I'm a virgin when I go three days without a shower.

Used to be once or twice a month.
The past couple of months I've been trying to keep to some sort of a routine so now it's about once every 3 days.
I'm too depressed to give a shit and I never leave the house so it's not like anyone noticed I looked and smelt like shit, but I'm trying to make an effort now.

>once a day
then what the fuck are you doing here you absolute neurotypicals REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE GET THE FUCK OUT

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Once or twice a week depending on how I feel. If coal miners got away with bathing once a week then so can I

I barely ever shower I just change clothes once or twice a week

even though i am hiding in my room big part of day i must go shower once in 3 days because live with family

you act like taking a shower is hard work

I shower every day. How the fuck people are not showering at least once a day, especially now in the summer?

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Same, everyday. Twice a day even if I do some physical work and shit.

Posting from the tub
I shower once every few days because washing every day would be bad for my long hair and also I am lazy

post shaved butthole

Once every 4 weeks, showering is time consuming and it hurts my eyes and nose.

Every other day
Save water faggots
Especially since im not going out everyday why shower everyday

once every two days. sometimes three

it is when its cold and your peepee shrivels

Everyday. Not even a hygienefag I just don't like the feeling of being sweaty and dirty.

>you talk like caring about a shower is hard work
here, fixed it for you, and yes, it is, now get out of my mongolian basket weaving board you normalfaggot

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Every two days or every day if I'm wagecucking depending on how sweaty I get.
Maybe once every 1-2 weeks if unemployed.
Showers are a chore which eat into my valuable video gaming time, I don't see the need to take one if you're not going to leave the house anyway.

Once a weekish for me. Been nearly 2 week since my last 1 though