How old are you?

How old are you?
How old do you feel?

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Somewhere between 18 and 80.

>How old are you?
>How old do you feel?
I don't know I just feel

>Somewhere between 18 and 80.
Why such disparity?


Like a walking corpse.

between the ages of 22-32
based schizo boomer

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>feel like 50

How old are you?
How old do you fuck?


I got no idea. At times I feel like 12 other times I feel like 60. People treat me like I was 15.

Because I'm a manchild who can't seem to grow up but I'm miserable and have a plethora of health issues like I'm some old cunt.

>How old are you?
>How old do you feel?
Sometimes 5, sometimes 40

I've always been overly serious even as a kid, and things haven't change much for me other than my age
>still forgetful
>still serious
>still riddled with depression and anxiety

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19 years old
75 years old.

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>Feel 20ish



I don't think about my age and don't think it's a big deal when I can't relate to my peers much anyway, the only things I can relate to are fleeting feels belonging to people of varying ages on the internet.

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feel like i'm in my late twenties
Having an older gf is interesting

I don't know. It feels like I don't belong anywhere.
I don't get along with people younger than me or people my age, but people older than me are beginning to be in stages of life where we are on completely different wavelengths.

61, but I feel 18 guys ... love Drumpf's hate!

21, 22 in september

still feel 18

19 is a weird age for that. Once you reach you 20s things will make more sense

23 but simultaneously feel 15 and 30.

33yrs old
Feel like Methusalem

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My back hurts all the time, my head hurts from time to time, my remaining kidney is basically dead at this point, can't grow hair nor a beard, shitty job and no degree. Life is a scam and i got fucked by it, i want my money and kidney back.

Everything is pointless and I want to die

In a practical sense, I feel 15 or 16 - struggling to overcome the fear of driving and getting a job (both of which I have done but still feel uncomfortable about) and kissing a second girl.
As everyone else in the thread has said though, I also feel like I have the wisdom of a 30-40 year old, having spent so much of my life as an outside observer.

20 years old

20, I feel like I am younger. I have regressed

20 but feel like 14 bc I can't do a lot of things on my own and I'm immature in relationships


Still feel like I'm 18

not sure but I don't feel like an adult. I feel like too immature to be an adult.

>How old are you?
>How old do you feel?

Feel like 100

20 year old girl w tight pussy 4 u

28. I really only feel old when I realize a lot of the people posting online were in elementary back when I graduated highschool.

Early zoomer
mid boomer

Sometimes I feel like a child, but majority of the time I feel really old.

I still feel like a teenager.

19 zoomer
35 doomer

I'm 22 and feel 17. I'm scared of the real world, i can't cook and don't have a job. I feel pathetic

Feel old as fuck all the time

>How old are you?
>How old do you feel?
My body says 45
Life fatigue says 80
Life experience says 15

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I'm 26 and I feel the same as I did when I was 14

feel about 60 or so. Perhaps even in my 70s mentally, I think I'm going to develop Alzheimers or something shortly.

Same with me, fren.
>can't cook
>afraid of the real world and strangers
Dunno what to do with my life.

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>How old are you?
>How old do you feel?
Physically and mentally early twenties.

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I'm 21 but I feel like I'm still 14 because I have a lot of revelations about life I feel I should have had when I was a teenager.

im 31. i dont feel a day over like 23.


But on the bad sense. I feel like a fucking manchild.

28 but i feel 63. I think it's because in ancient times I would've been an elder in the tribe by now and probably be one of the oldest people alive in it.

mentally feel middle aged
physically feel young to middle aged

Buy a racing sim or drive around GTA. There's nothing to it. Even 90 year old grannies drive.

Lol it's not that I can't do it, I know exactly how to do it. I just get nervous when I do. The thought that some other drivers might fuck me up is unpleasant.

>based schizo boomer
He'd have to be a lot older to be a boomer, dumdum
32 here. I still feel like a kid


feel 17

50, always felt older than I actually was

>how old
>how feel

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>How old are you?
>How old do you feel?

its comfy being mentally underdeveloped

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I'm 28

This guy was spot on
I know exactly how you feel user

I'm a immature shit, but at the same time, I have an old fucking soul.

Im 18
I feel like 23
I want to be a kid again

>How old are you?
20, almost 21
>How old do you feel?
I have chronic baby face so strangers treat me like I'm 15. But I don't feel like a certain age, I just feel like I'm wasting my life.

fuck off boomer scum


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15 still

Even though I work I feel like there's no significant change after this. might be because working from home doesn't feel majorly different from chilling after school/college most of my routine is the same.

23. I feel like I'm 70