My crush really told me he can't date me because he is an incel and feel insecure next to me

My crush really told me he can't date me because he is an incel and feel insecure next to me.
What the fuck is wrong with robots?

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Incels aren't allowed to be in relationships. What did you expect?

then why does he always complain wah wah wah gimme a gf

and i'm like
right here

and he just
you're too pretty for me wah wah wah go date that one guy that likes you wah wah


Incels want a gf, they're just not allowed to have one.

Why not?
but in a original way u kno

You know what, I'll date you instead.

The 80/20 ruIe

He's probably been made mentally ill by incel memes, dunno how to fix that beyond him just eventually outgrowing it. Assuming you're not a LARPer you should probably inform him you go on Jow Forums if he's not yet aware.

He knows that I do.
and he doesn't seem to care.

Why does he have to be so self-conscious a,d insecure ):
everytime i call him handsome and cute he calls me a liar

Well then give him a compliment that you don't have to lie about.

I kind of sympathize with him. If someone who is above my league wanted to be my gf I probably wouldnt accept either because I can never know if they truly care about me because they are so much better than me.

maybe you're just disgusting?

That's a valid point. Are you ugly, op? Maybe he's just trying to spare your feelings.

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Not even incels want a tranny

i just want him to stop feeling like that
i don't know what to do

According to my friends, i'm 8/10
also according to him
I'm confident
i think i'm pretty so

That's a really good point.
Can't argue with that.

just kiss him and force him to reconcile

>according to my friends, i'm 8/10
even if you were a 2 your friends would rate you an 8, female friends always do that

When a guy says a girl is "confident" that's code for a bossy bitch. Not relationship material. Guys want a submissive insecure woman.

>My crush really told me he can't date me because he is an incel

He's probably not really an incel then, is he? lmao

Tell him is ok to be insecure next to you, help him acknowledging his inferiority.

That will make him feel better

How about you provide him assurance from his insecurities then? Fucking hell I fucking hate this bullshit. Not all people on tuis fucking planet are going to fit a certain mold. Not all men will be confident of themselves. Not all women are coy or shy. Fuck this stupid mentality people have.

>According to my friends, i'm 8/10
post censored pic? also dudes don't like chicks out of their leagues for long term because they get showered with chad cock 24/7 and the probability of cheating is too high, for men atleast, getting cheated on by your "gf" is seen as a direct devaluation of your character because, well it is, but we don't talk about how shit we all are because we are not mean

do then, worth a shot I guess
I'm impressed you're putting up with his shit

Just grab him by the penis and tell him you don't care how insecure he is, because you own him now and he's going to do what you say regardless of how he feels.

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just make a new draw from your pool of orbiters

I don't need my friends to call me pretty to know that I am.


We've cuddled once and he said he don't deserve me lol.

i don't know ):

I wanna help him. He's the sweetest person I know. ))): I will try to.

girls cheat less than guys
and i have morals i'll never do that
and i also love him

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do you have a gap tooth?

am i being hoodwinked? i refuse to believe girls like this come here

>I don't need my friends to call me pretty to know that I am.
Well, that explains why he isn't interested.
>I'm so pretty
>and i have morals i'll never do that
>i also love him
I'll explain what will happen most likely.
He'll give it a shot. You'll go together.
You will cheat on him.
He will be broken and won't have contact with females ever again.
And you'll beg for forgiveness or say you're too pretty for him after realising you can get ez other dicks.
You really do sound like the type of girl that will do shit like that.

good god you really are too pretty for an incel
why do you like him wtf

looks like a quirky e-girl, dont know why youre surprised. this isnt the deep web rofl, and r9k is pretty popular

>dyed hair
>nose ring
>caked makeup
Yikes, no wonder he wants to keep his distance. Cute cat, though.

im an incel too plase love me

I don't.

sorry I don't belong here i'm a normie.
its fun to come here sometimes

I just want him to be confident as well? So i can like
date him
and be with him
If i ever wanna go with someone else I will just break up with him?
because he's smart, nice, funny, he comes over to play vidya with him
he likes really good music
we both like whales and dolphins
his dog is the cutest
he got nice eyes
and nice lips

i just like to take care of myself and my look :c

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I doubt you're as great as him

well, if he won't accept a confession just try hang out with him privately more, maybe wear a bit less clothes, sit closer to him on the couch? im sure it would be easier to get him to go out with you if you kissed the night before after watching a movie or something

Maybe because you're too ugly/whore around a lot/burned coal/doesn't find you attractive romantically/ etc.
All in all you must be some special kind of female to get rejected by an incel. lmao

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Take him on as a pet first, maybe he'll like that option better and you can groom him to remove his insecurities.

From your pics it's easy to see why he thinks he's not good enough for you

on the other side he might just genuinely not be attracted to you, and is trying to spare your feelings. or asexual or something? idk, anythings possible.

i really want this girl to bully me

A lot of people find me attractive. He does too. Thats not the problem here.

He's not asexual, he used to be in love with some girl.
Maybe he lied but he told me I was attractive.
His only excuse is "i can't be with you you make me feel insecure"
im not a bully sorry

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Also I don't know if it's important to mention it
but he's addicted to porn and hentai.

Very important. You need to lock him in a chastity cage and be his keyholder to help him kick this addiction.

I'm not sure he would like that.......

>Guys want a submissive insecure woman.
Speak for yourself.

Addicts don't like rehab, but they're screwed if they don't do it.

Become a statistic.

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sounds like a shitty excuse but idk man, just give it time i guess. maybe next time you hang dont try as hard as normal on your appearance or something? i can kinda see where hes coming from, im not ugly or stupid or anything, but lots of mental insecurity and inferiority complexes ya dig, main reason why i reject girls too

>His only excuse is "i can't be with you you make me feel insecure"

No real-world human being would ever say this. Not until AFTER you hooked up.

Is this an e-boyfriend? If so, you're being catfished and this excuse is just a lie to keep the charade going and provide an excuse why you can't meet.

I'm speaking for men in general. If I was speaking for myself, I'd tell OP to get on anavar and forcefully take this incel's virginity.

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Why do you care what some crusty incel thinks of you?
You dont look fat so you could have basically any guy
Let me guess, youre (((18))) right??

do you know of what variety
if hes a lolicon or only likes MILFs or something he may be looking for a specific "type"

it means hes not gay or into trannies

This is the only possible explanation.

>above my league
There are no leagues and attraction isn't linear.

>A lot of people find me attractive.
Sounds like you have a really inflated ego. Yikes!
>He does too. Thats not the problem here.
You apparently also have mind reading abilities, otherwise huge DOUBT.

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>My crush really told me he can't date
get fucked

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He wouldn't, but it's for his own good. It will help him stop being insecure too

I know him IRL.
And we never hooked up sadly.

But i don't want any guy
and yup
He likes small white girls and black or tan thick girls
i know he loves 2B porn lol

sowwy for being confident......i wish u were 2

Ask him more details about his insecurity. He will either give you a clear defined reason why he feels so below you that you can work with or he will realize he's caught in a meme and there's no reason to be scared of a relationship with you

>but I dont want any guy
Just as I suspected
Youre underage and have a bad case of puppy love
Look sweaty, he is manipulating you emotionally
By telling you the two of you cant date, it makes you want to date him more

Take notes from this Chad posing as an incel anons, tell a girl straight up youre not interested and cant date her and she will do whatever you say

hey girl I asked out a girl for drinks and she said yes but also mentioned she's already seeing someone, when I said I wasn't interesting in a platonic friendship date she said she was really sorry. Do girls apologize for turning someone down often or was she just nice?

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if you like him give him a blowjob and he can earn his confidence


>girl you like says she wants to date you
>say no because its the chad move
Fucking genius.

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she's genuinely sorry, no one likes to make other people sad :c

Unironically this
The only way to break his inceldom is to literally suck it out of him

>sowwy for being confident......i wish u were 2
You're confident to the point that you can't fathom being reject and you sperg out and make a thread about it to get a ego boost from all the attention.
I'm starting to see why he's rejected you. He dodged a bullet. lmao

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You dodged a bullet. You don't want to be the one to have to deal with this dude's mountain of mental health problems. He needs to fix himself first.

He's probably insecure about his penis. Tell him you love little penises and you'd be disappointed if he had a big one.

user pls calm down why are you mad
i didnt do anything bad
damn i wish he could let me do that

oki doki loki

i want to help him with that

>He needs to fix himself first.

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>damn i wish he could let me do that
i think i understand him. even a girl said "user come fuck me" prolly i would think it is joke and would freeze or something. you should do it without asking him, take him to a quiet place and kiss then start to the process

You can just go to and talk about this instead of making a whole thread.

>i wish he could let me do that
He wont, he is too nervous and insecure
You basically have to rape him
Next time he comes over to play vidya, drop your controller and smush your face in his lap
Dont move your head until he is finished

why is everyone so mad at me for liking myself
pls stop

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>He likes small white girls and black or tan thick girls
are all of these in the 2D realm or 3D

>damn i wish he could let me do that
Don't ask, just do it.

>what the fuck is wrong with robots
we're insecure incels

I would never rape someone. That's fucking horribleeee


didnt know abt crystal cafe, thank u!!!

>You basically have to rape him

it isnt rape it is breaking his shyness i wish some girl would start the process without that tension of i should do something feel

that is rape if he do not say yes :c

Keep going, he will break eventually, there's no hope for his kind, and you will be his beacon in the end when he gives up his delusions.

>I would never rape someone
Its your only choice, OP
If he cums in your mouth, hes your BF now and no longer incel
If he doesnt, you know for sure that he isnt attracted to you and you can move on with your life

Has he told you anything else besides being insecure?

>oki doki loki
You're basically acting like an entitled incel, starting a thread about how a low status woman(man) rejected you even though you are out of her(hes) league.
It's quite amusing if you aren't a larper. You're basically a joke.

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this. suck him well with your soft tongue and use a lot of saliva if he doesnt cum you can be sure at the end

i'm not a rapist!!!!

he thinks hes too ugly for me but still likes to spend time with me

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it isnt rape if he can overpower you

dunno what to tell you since thats not any particular "hentai archetype"

>im not a rapist
Ask yourself this, OP
If he gets an erection while youre blowing him, is it really rape?
If hes really not interested, he will just say he likes you as a friend and go back to vidya
Im an incel virgin myself and I wish a girl would do this to me
Its so hard being the sex that ALWAYS has to initiate

I just found out what OP's problem is, if it's not just a troll reusing her pics.

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Tell him what does he want then, let him be a VIP orbiter or something

>he thinks hes too ugly for me but still likes to spend time with me
You're implying a lot with that statement, can you deflate your ego a bit and accept that he only sees you as a friend and is trying to gently reject you? is it that hard sweetie pies?

at least your fucking crush don't kiss other girls when you're the only other person in the room and they both know about your feeling GOD I WANT TO FUCKING DIE I HATE BEING IN SO LOVE SO MUCH BUT I LOVE BEING IN LOVE MORE
Fucking female brain

It's not rape if he doesn't say no.