Post wallpapers mane

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I fell for the /launcher/ meme

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true robot
looks kinda good but doesn't look like a proper ricing so I have mixed feelings

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Yeah... I should find an icon pack that goes nice with the wallpaper. It's one of my favorite shots and I want to use it...

Also, you got nothing on your screen?

yep, absolutelty nothing, I thought about removing the clock and battery from the notifications bar but its just too much of an inconvenience, will probably remove the kb/s one next to the battery but other than that, why would I have anything on my screen when I have an app drawer

I feel for the /sig/ meme

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Guacamole nigga penis this hoe my fellow slave

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sa iti iau mortii in pula de moldovean, ce pula mea e cu home screen-ul ala?

Vreo problema?

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WP source is the Planetes manga
Too many Icobs for my taste but I like the pic 8/10

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Da ba moldoveanule.

mine begfcorkajfhwlcbkwbcn oh no I spammed time for bane

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so many poorfag androids kek

don't have a screenshot right now but this is mine

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mi bro

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i have this as my wallpaper. it cracks me up whenever i open up my phone.

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post your iphone homescreen, oh wait

I don't even know why I have this as my wallpaper but I do

so fucking original man

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I think it's a pretty good wallpaper.

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Ma doare-n pula

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My God you're one sad pathetic cunt.

kys degenerate faggot nigger


adding originality sauce...