Funny how if you say you dont care about looks people always think youre coping or some shit but if you say you care...

Funny how if you say you dont care about looks people always think youre coping or some shit but if you say you care about looks nobody bats an eye

Really makes you think

You know you live in a completely shallow society when not caring about looks and caring more about the actual person is seen as some crazy feat reserved only for religious saints. Fucking lmao. What a joke.

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Both are important.

Not really. If looks are half of the reason youre with someone, once they hit age 35, half of the reason youre with them is gone.

Doesn't make any sense.

It's completely reasonable to value personality over looks, but to say you don't care about looks at all is ridiculous. There's bound to be a limit and you're lying to yourself if you think otherwise.

Some people are gross and stinky and I wouldn't want my kids having their DNA.

Its not ridiculous at all. I can appreciate aesthetics, but the idea of someones looks being factored into whether I want to hang with them or not... now that's what's ridiculous.

Of course looks matter when choosing who to hang out with. You wouldn't want to spend extensive time with objects that are displeasing to the eye, so why would you want to spend time with ugly people?

95% of people look at least average. Looks only matter if you are below that line.

Actually, only 50% of people look average or better.

>Babby's first self awareness realization

That is assuming a hard average rather than a relative average. Trust me when I say the person in the middle of the worst to best looking in the world is less than what youd consider a 5.

Beauty is the highest form of people-pleasing there is.

>people are essentially objects

If youre hanging out with people to have something good to look at.. just lol.. what the fuck..

I hang out with people because I like the actual person. If I wanted eye pleasure id go to an art gallery

Shallowniggers are fucking gross

That's actually only the case from women's perspective. They rate most men below 5, while most men rate women on a bell curve with most being average.

I don't want to be around something that smells like shit. I don't want to be around loud screeching noises. I don't want to eat food that tastes rotten. How is it so unreasonable to not want ugly things in my line of sight? Life is about seeking positive stimulus and avoiding negative stimulus.

No, this doesn't make any sense. You looks don't completely dissipate as you age, they just gradually decline from your baseline attractiveness. An attractive old person still looks better than an ugly old person. Hell even an attractive old person might look better than an ugly young person.

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Found the infographic that shows this.

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Dude, do what you want. I just think it's gross as fuck to care more about how the person youre hanging out with looks than who they actually are. Damn shallowniggers are weird. It's like youre looking for people to show off to others rather than actual hang and vibe with.


You know what I was saying and you probably missed the point on purpose

I'm not saying I only want to be around beautiful people, there's just a limit on how much ugliness I can tolerate. This is more about avoiding negative stimulus than seeking positive stimulus.

Personality and appearance are correlated, even when judged separately. Attractive people are better people in general than ugly people.

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Eh... whatever man.. do you, as zoomers say

Better looking people are generally treated better, thus because people habe been well to them their whole lives, theyll have better personalities. Obviously there are exceptions but in general I think this is mostly true

It doesn't matter why it's true, though. Why would you want to hang out with someone with an ugly personality, regardless of why they are that way?

People who are treated better generally develop superiority complexes though

thats not true, im sorry you're ugly and autistic but if you're good looking and autistic you're still fucked