Do femanons like getting choked? why?

do femanons like getting choked? why?

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I've never done anything sexual so how would I know?

you've thought about doing sexual things though, you goddamn dirty slut

Do something sexual with me and find out

Wanna change that in the most original way conceivable?

Yeah I thought of doing a lot of very sexual things

knew it. slut brain.

pls don't bully It's just in my head I'm a good pure girl irl

tell us about what's in your head ms purity

If you do it right some chicks eat that shit up it really depends

we'll only consider you pure if you confess your satanic sexual thoughts and repent

Yeah, dunno. Something about air stopping from reaching brain makes you feel good. Probably not healthy.

do you choke yourself when you masturbate

Are you sure? There's a lot of things

Yea I'm sure
I'll even return the favor but I doubt that'll be as fun

proceed, i'm ready

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oh boy another thread designed to call femanons sluts for enjoying something fun

Its not a girl user. You know that right?

but isn't it fun to call femanons sluts?

This isn't me. Someone pretending to be me. Not nice

but femanons come here because they like being called sluts

Its not super high up on my list of masochistic things I like. I would much rather be hit/punched, bitten, or cut. Hard choking might be cool though.
Im a virgin tho so this is all theoretical.

i think the furthest i can go is slapping, i dont want to punch girls, that's just too violent. its like punching a kitten or something.

I can tell you that the sissy and twink I fucked off of Grindr liked being choked and spit on I also slapped them hard I spanked the sissy so hard I left bruises and she started crying

Nope but I do it sometimes when I feel bad. Leather belt is nice it got smooth but firm texture.

women are nothing like kittens
kittens are pure as nature intended them
women are crazy and deserve some knocks sometimes

Yes of course. Because women are fucking weird and it's not worth trying to comprehend them.

ok well even with that in mind i still dont want to punch girls. hard slap? yea, but thats it

there's really no difference if you're doing it right, may as well mix it up and keep your woman on her toes

Fuck that degen shit.

I want a man to passionately make love to me. We kiss every inch of eachother's bodies and hold eachother as we finish

why.....why the fuck did you do this. just why. youve ruined the thread

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this but i leave some marks first
it's not degen if it's love

I used to really like it but it's no longer thrilling desu

whats thrilling to you now? parachuting out of a plane and giving a blowjob mid air?

choking, blowjob, dick worshipping, spanking, bondage, facefucking, rape, hair pulling, tits and pussy slapping, anal sex, crampie, pussy and ass eating, buttplugs, orgasm denial, public use, masturbating outdoors, exhibitionism, being beaten, face slapping, handcuffs, chains, collar/leash, boob playing and nipple sucking/licking/biting, humiliation, abuse, gang bag, feet, facesitting, masturbating to strangers on camera, whiping, sensual romantic fondling, handjobs, swallowing cum, facial cum, fingering, being a slave

ok this is just a few things that are in my head right now

absolutely based and degeneratepilled femanon

how often do you find these things in your head?

That's all still pretty vanilla desu

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every day
I'm sure there's more degenerate stuff it's hard to think of them all at once

>every day
when you think about these lewd things, is it like a movie in your head?
which scenes stand out to you if so?

Remember that time a bunch of niggers broke into Cytherea's house, robbed her, and gang raped her. After making several tearful videos describing the trauma, she made her next scene an interracial scene to prove she wasn't racist.

It's not really like a movie just random scenes like that of doing sexual things or sometimes I think of a long scene where I spend a night with my boyfriend playing video games and watching movies then we hug and kiss and eventually get to doing very lewd degenerate stuff one by one

80% of the girls I have fucked said that they were into choking but were really just into having a hand firmly placed on their neck when it came down to it. 20% were freaks, that wanted to really be choked for real. Like an uncomfortable amount.

I think there's a psychological aspect to being dominated/held down that's appealing, and just pain in general. I think the people who are super into it do it
1) because they really get off on being abused, and/or
2) they have experienced the effects that oxygen deprivation has on heightening orgasms and pleasure (the same reason why people die beating off with a belt around their neck).

>That's all still pretty vanilla
If you go more hardcore than this you end up in wierd stuff. I am a man and I would be pretty happy if I find a girl that is into hardcore BDSM

this too but also beat me

I wanna kissu you fembot

you can kiss me then beat me

I choked a girl in the nightclub one time. I would choke her against the wall, kiss her and give her a little face slap. I was pretty fun. Would like to do more of this with other girls.

I got TOPPED a month ago and he choked me it made my prick rock hard

please let me slap you around then cuddle you while you cry

Hi, my name's user. Nice to meet you.