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It's regular r9k except we all post like we're in the Wild West. Welcome to Cowbots 9000.

Notable last post:
>Gentlemen, shall we go put the heathen to heel?
>*tumbles through your thread*
>Fellas Fellas i need help, my dog jessie ran away last night an' last i heard she was around vulture gulch, do any of yall with a horse mind lending me yers so i can go rescue her?

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happy trails pardner

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(am I doing it right?)

That's the spirit Pardner

These here threads go up like a puff of smoke. Just like the actual wild west good things don't last long.

Howdy folk, any of yer gentleman happens to know where the mines are located?

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The mine collapsed in on er itself
>tfw you don't know how to cattle ranch

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All that exists without my knowledge exists without my consent.

boy what are ya spurting on about.

I don't like craziness.

Howdy fellas, point me to the nearest saloon.

Currently building one in this town, I can get you something though, what we'll ye have.


Damn portuguese, these europeans and their gold loving addiction

>tfw no bar wennch gf

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>tfw no Presbyterian Chapel gf

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that beef-headed town drunk is jawing again

Some injuns are causing quite a commotion at that town just past the horizon. What say we all ride on over there and kill some for ourselves?

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the "war is god" speech is better.

Maybe if we kill the men their women will hitch up with us

Howdy partners, anybody here wanting a waltz down to the ranch?


The one near Ol' Brokeback Mountain

>Yee Haw
Dear lord

Hey pardners i recently traded a heffer with a trader headin' westward to get some paper and ink, and im gonna make a map of the area, ill let yall know when its done

Careful not to get scalped by them savages you hear.

Dont worry pardner i made it out just fine.
its not the best map, but i worked my darn hardest to make it, i hope it helps out anyone who might need it. gettin lost on these trails is right scary.

Here's the map pardners, i hope yall put it to good use.

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Greetings, my people have traveled across this here nation so that we may settle here peacefully in god's name and hate on niggers.

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Listen here pardner one of those negro folk is my best cowhand, and he rides horse real goodlike, im gonna have to ask you to take your leave or we'll be dumpin ya in cactus field

howdy yall, what do you folks say we raid this here new train that's been passing through town lately, heard shipments mighty fine, filled with all sorts of goodies from down the south. Guns, jewels you name it.

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Howdy boys.

What you all thinkin bout them smooth lassie lookin sweet fellas.

Snares aint gay. Amirite?