"... I just want to be able to take care of him"

>"... I just want to be able to take care of him"


give me one reason why you havent gotten an asian wife yet

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>"I want to shelter you from all these scary adult problems"


Dude, all the Asians live in a different city, and key keep to themselves. I do not even know any

those two literally had the atlantic ocean between them and it still worked out
cmon user put a little effort into it

asians don't date niggers

The people in the image are probably from L.A and they have a lot of Asians. Basically big cities or universities have lots of them.

We shall see what happens, I am not in the best state for dating.

I live in Ohio, man, sixty miles from the nearest big city. I was at a university there for a while, there were tons of Asians there. Probably not going back.

imagine wanting to be with a woman who looks at you like you're a small insecure child

>not wanting an asian mommy gf


Probably because I'm caramel skinned, have brown eyes, and dark brown hair.

Don't get me wrong, I want one, but most Asians are looking for someone other than me.

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Fuck that. I would rather be single than have someone who coddles me and restricts my independence.

>beta white guy who wants a mommy gf + asian female who is most-likely self-hating
How many shootings and rapes caused by unstable hapas must happen before people realise this is against nature?

The fuck is this warning? Anyone else get this?

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Anna Akana banned me from commenting on her videos because I called her a hypocrite for complaining about racism in dating despite the fact that she only dates and hangs out with white people. Fuck nonwhite liberals. Hypocritical pieces of trash

Oh fuck I don't even remember what my comment was

Trust me you dont want an asian American gf. They are wannabe white girls that are universally worse looking without makeup

Are you disabled? Or have you only met one asian in your entire life.

I literally go to a CSU near LA full of Asians and I was raised in a mostly asian area you dumbfuck

oh nvm you live in LA that explains a lot

whitewashed asian girls are trash and they're even sluttier and "sex positive" than white girls, especially because they tend to live in coastal cities which are strongly liberal

t. live with asian girls and went to highschool and uni with the daughters of immigrant parents. they're always left wing as fuck because their parents hate fags and niggers generally

Yeah thats why I said Asian-American girls as in ones born and raised here. Don't know much about foreign girls since they mostly just keep to themselves

>give me one reason why you havent gotten an asian wife yet

You're asking an entire board of mostly sub-average looking males why they can't get a girl like the video relate who only likes him because of his looks.

I know a lot of American-asians who are studious and reserved, but then again they are first-generation.

I've taken three Asian girls' virginities. One was a high school student while I was in college. Feels good.

>pumping and dumping instead of making the first one your wife


this is all part of their plans
hold your stations men

In my state all the asians live in the bay area which is not only a geographic obstacle but also a huge financial shittest. If you live in the valley, you're probably not college educated and can't afford their pussy. Reason #2, there are two kinds of asian women and each kind likes one specific kind of white guy. There are ABG's who like sterotypical alpha chads, and mousey asian girls who go for rich educated twinks that they can divorce rape later. I am a warehouse working orc. I am not their kind of white guy

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This picture pretty much sums up why I hate WMAF. Some ugly, patronizing, 4/10 beta who thinks anything he says is profound, intelligent and important, and some desperate white worshipping paper flate face gook fawning over him and feeding his fragile ego.

t. seething roastie

I see ugly betas who think they're entitled to qt Asian girls the same way I see hypergamous 5/10 roasties trying to score 10/10 Chads. It's disgusting.

Different strokes for different folkes i guess. How the hell is this not original

She says while seething.

The OP couple seems to be a looksmatch

Either way, whether someone in the relationships in better looking, what matters is the couple is happy, regardless of any race. Not what ugly bitter incels think of them.

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Can you translate that post into English so anons know what you're saying?

When white men wake up we will take asian women as trophies; and they will go willingly.

Autism in its purest and most distilled from.

>Either way, whether someone in the relationships in better looking, what matters is the couple is happy, regardless of any race. Not what ugly bitter incels think of them.
I have a question for you: has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

I live in Eastern Europe (third world shithole)

you dont even know if hes white. cus the white guys with asian gfs arent here making grandiose statements, theyre in asia or in the states already hooking up with women.

Cope chang. Asian men get chosen less than niggers, consider it a darwinian filter.

you dont know if hes asian either. in fact ive seen a couple blackbots drop the nword around here.

Where exactly? Where I live in eastern europe, there are many asian tourists?

Asians make great wives but most of them are ugly : (

When did I say anything about him being white? Projecting much?

Cause no one is capable of loving a 5'6 subhuman like me

you didnt, but the guy you responded to was claiming such.

Then why did you say "you dont even know if hes white?"

because the guy you were responding to said he is.

Asians have little brown shits for penises.

That makes no sense, you responded to me implying that I said something about whites.

i guessed that you were responding to him because he claimed to be white and taking asian trophy wives.

You've been in multiple Asian based threads today. What are you even doing with your life right now?


some of them are biege and pink.

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ya. i like these threads. i SHOULD be working kek

You guessed wrong, pay attention to context.

guess ima multi tasking postan boi

Much like the user said in the other thread. You're a really weird guy.

i guessed wrong, but its not like you said anything to bring up the possibility that he may not be white, right?

what do you even know about me? nothing, t b h

He's also in

Why am I only attracted to Asian cock? It's such a beautiful color. White dick looks like raw e.coli sausage. Asian pussies are the most beautiful color too.

>i guessed wrong

>but its not like you said anything to bring up the possibility that he may not be white, right?

Never implied it, that was all on you. Projection is a hell of a drug isn't it?

im not doing anything i havent been doing. if i took off the name, would you have assumed i was multiple asian guys?

please take off the name dude.

you didnt imply it, but the person you were responding to claimed to be. thats not "projection".

From the looks of it you're someone who has lots of free time on their hands and just goes to race bait threads. You could be the one making them as well.

idk. some of them are small and brown. some arent.

You're a really weird guy. You've been on Jow Forums all day.

all day today, and yesterday, and before that, and before that too.

lmao, it makes one realize that there're only about 5 people on this board, given that a fifth of the posts have his name on them

Oh shit im laffin

i dont. i just have a phone and unlimited data. i really should be working.
im not the guy that makes em.

Then you should ask for context next time instead of assuming. Also, you should get off the chans for a while, you seem to have been on for quite some time now. Looking at the other threads you've been posting for at least seven hours now.

>i dont.

Why are you lying right now?

thats a normal day for me. if i didnt have this name on, you wouldnt ever know.

im not, since its guaranteed that somebody will eventually make one.

I made one for laughs and bantz.

and ive made threads asking where the bait threads were.

s. Basement dweller.

yeet. im a bonafide basement dilettante

Me right now while watching this

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because qt latinas exist.

also I'm black and asian women hate blacks.

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Literally every WMAF relationship i've ever seen is INCREDIBLY liberal where the guy is whipped as fuck. I only know about four but goddamn, one of them is the definition of soi and I don't even like that meme. He cried during oprah's speech at whatever award show she was at. He CRIED during OPRAH'S speech. Like jesussss fuck.

I simply want my children to look like me, what's so hard to understand?

I'm caramel skinned, have brown eyes, and black hair. I've been dating my Asian girlfriend for a few years now.

not him but you guys are very low IQ if you can't make sense of that

yes it was grammatically shite, but jesus christ are you african or something?

Not all of them are perfect asian wives, some of them are pretty damn vicious and most american ones are braindead white women expies, in the worst case the only "white men" they lust for are ultra chads.
Now before you call me a seething white roastie, I also more than anyone wish I could have a qt nip gf clad in kimono and catering to my every whims.
But I'm a fat black weeaboo virgin and while I'm trying to improve myself, I've already concluded that getting one is pretty much impossible outside of insane luck or one having a fetish for black men which I haven't seen before.

Kill yourself nigger trash

Source? How's the girl in the pic user?

Pick one of these lol

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the ol' reliable beats them all

Because they do not like me just like every other girl

Asian girls dont want nigger trash like you, and if they do, theyre worth less than you because of wasted potential

Haven't read the thread, just watched the video. I'm crying a little bit I'm so fucking horny and lonely.

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lol, very edgy

Why is this fat black negro talking about white and asian women as if he has experiences with either?

I'm an ohioanon as well. Been going to Columbus a lot recently, and haven't seen many Asians. Like, usually niggers and spics

>IQ doesnt matter! I am more evolved than you because MUH DIK

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Same boat but I'm a spic