How can we compete?

The black man is superior in every way. They are more masculine and have huge, throbbing cocks made to please white women.

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their hair texture genetics make all of that invalid.
there are healthier ways to mend your insecurities user besides posting here:)

I'm not insecure. All women belong to the superior brown and black man. We whites are nothing. We don't deserve our own women.

I could never got off to blacked. Their dicks look like logs of poo and I don't have a scat fetish.

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Don't say that. Their black dicks are beautiful!

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no, they are turd, now gtfo, nigger subhuman

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nice samefagging faggot. In reality, even your women don't want your sorry disgusting ass

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you can't compete Jamal, you just can't. Take the BWC pill and become a cuck or a fag

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How can you call yourself a master race when there are people like this?

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Go back to Africa, niggers, Europe will be slavic soon

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this guy could take on 10 tyrones and not even break a sweat.

I want a qt and a superior black friend that can please her sexually while I take care of the rest

You are already being hunted, soon you will not have anywhere to run. Better run away now while you still can. Slavs are the master race, proove me wrong

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I hate this site so fucking much

Origi fucking nal

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stop samefagging, you fucking virgin cuck

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13% of the population.
50% of the crimes.

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LMAO there's a reason cuckhold porn is top watched.
Women love the BBC.
Bring on the white genocide

This must be fake. How many Africans do you sleep with before catching AIDS?

cope harder whiteb0i

imagine being a women and finding this hot
women that are into this are psychos

Why are you the way that you are. Stop being pathetic. And get out of your fantasy land.

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they really are and all i can think about is the disease on it, not because blacks are prone to aids and std ,but because of the darkness of it, looks like bio hazard

cry more, cuck/angry little asian

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keep on crying, it will not make you into a non-virgin or convert more people to this ape fetish

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Black people have by far lower IQ than white people.
Black people can not compete with white people when it comes to strength and skill based competitions.
White people make better fighters than black people, Mike Tyson was fighting bums and it's common knowledge that he'd stand no chance against the modern white boxer.
Why do black people always talk about dick size when their dicks are on average half an inch shorter than the dicks of white men?

It is no surprise that they have to compensate this much when they have to compete against all the other more evolved races.

And he'd so it drunk as well. Gopniks don't fuck around, they're gods of crime compared to blacks. You pull a gun on a gopnik and he won't even bat an eye.

>"so. did you think you were gonna get away that easy?"
*leaps from his ATM perch*
*lands on his feet with a loud clack*
*takes a long draw from his cigarrette*
>"ill give you one free shot, kiddo. to make it fair. give me your best shot"
*flicks cigarrette*

>we wuz kangz
>we wuz oldest civilizatiun
>we wuz slaves to Whites, Arabs, other Kangz and now Asians
>we want money
Are Blacks the women of ethnicities?

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Yes actually, they are the race with most estrogen, so they are very emotional, like women. But because of that, they also can't control their emotions very well and kill other when they get angry

It makes sense then, as society becomes more gynocentric, more blacks are wanted. They are doomed to be used by smarter races as cogs

Why do you white guys eat up the bait like brainless fish every time? Every single time. It's almost as if you like getting triggered

the biggest redpill about niggers is just talking to a few common houserat niggers
they chimp out for the most minor of things.

>ethnic cleansing face
He ethnically cleansed mostly white kids, tho

I always respond, but always sage. I don't get triggered, I just use the thread to deliver redpill about nogs and to try to trigger the OP

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You realize these threads would go away if no one posted in them, right?
If we had a little discipline, the trannies would go back to resetera and reddit.

>you like getting triggered

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they wouldn't go away. I've seen cucks saying that they would spam these kinds of threads till every conservative male on Jow Forums started sucking nigger dicks.
They don't care about (you)s. It's all a big psyops, that will never stop if we just ignore it