On a scale from 1-10 how much do you hate "normie speech"

On a scale from 1-10 how much do you hate "normie speech"
>nobody owes you anything
>relating to people is worth it
>looks don't matter just be a nice person
>PC speech in general

i simply can't fucking tolerate it and reaches the poibt where i just roll my fucking eyes and skip through what ever the fuck they wrote.

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>how can you expect others to love you if you don't love yourself?

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Some of those are bullshit but it's true that nobody owes you anything. If you actually want something in life you need to work for it.

Think we got very different forms of normie speech for me it means this.

>Every second word always is "fuck"
>Immigrants are ruining everything
>"collection of vulgar anecdotes"
>baseless idle laughter
>"talking about someone behind their back"

that one always makes me laugh. the people who say that almost always have some bullshit story about how they got really depressed but then got better and found the love of their life. lmao you think anyone believes this stupid disney story shit? hahahha. that person is most likely still a miserable fuck but is good looking enough that whoever they are with can look beyond their mental problems. or its just all fake.

Its just platitudes. I've heard them so often they no longer have real meaning or emotional impact on me. I usually just thank them for whatever advice so they don't fuck with me for being a loser/bitter.

>nobody owes you anything
this is true, but not in the way most normies think it is

just tell them they aren't entitled to clean drinking water and watch them have a meltdown

>nobody owes you anything
this one is true though

It all depends in the context and the acronym "PC" is normie tier in itself. Being an obnoxious douche bag because you think the left is trying to censor your faggotry is retarded.

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They are vague truths, the ones you can't sell a self help book with

But at least they are truths, unlike the deluded nonsense we see around here

Why do we assume we know more than normals? What if they are actually self aware but choose to act the way they do?

i shall try that.

I hate faggots that build an online culture with each other on an anonymous imageboard based upon how "unique" they are and how "normie" everyone else is.

Platitudes are an effective way to shut a whiny bitch robot up so they stop crying so much about their petty insignificant problems to you. You dislike them because you think you are a special snowflake and your brand of oh-so-so-much suffering is unique and more difficult than anyone has ever faced. So, we say things like 'this too shall pass' to remind you that no, you are not special, neither are your problems, and you cry too much -- but somewhere inside you is a real enjoyable person that we value, otherwise we would have ghosted you completely a long time ago.

based and dadpilled

>remind you that no, you are not special, neither are your problems, and you cry too much -- but somewhere inside you is a real enjoyable person that we value, otherwise we would have ghosted you completely a long time ago.
Fucking goddamn this

>optimism, because the world would be even more bleak than it is now if the hatred and vitriol normalfags hurl at us was conscious instead of subconscious
>occam's razor

>there's no way that this little bitch has suffered more than me

Immigration inherently makes life worse for the host population, there is no denying this in the current year, if you are being in good faith. You can point to Europe and America's migration crises for the examples of the failings of open pluralist society.

>if you have any form of concerns of your own, you're just using that as an excuse to claim you're special
>but you're not special because you're not important because I have concerns that are more important because they're mine and I'm the one that matters unlike all you snowflakes

>Unexpected item in bagging area, please remove item before continuing

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did we actually grow tired of the internet or did it grow this stale and normies are just excusing it?
>there are better communities out there you just have to look bro

>you just have to look bro
>(scout it out for us)

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100% this.
It's a harsh truth and people can whine all they want but it's fucking true.

Just live laugh love user. Just be yourself...

Seriously though, it does rather disgust me, probably an 8/10

>you just have to look bro

they want us to find them new places to destory and fill with mindless bullshit fucking hate that shit

this, pretty fucking much this

normies made real-life stale and it's not surprising that they are doing the same to the internet, soon enough the only hope would be a VR where everything your brain thinks about is displayed in the screen making your perfect normiefree fantasy

>life isnt fair
Fuck you it should be

This too shall pass, dude. Chill out.

>close friends
yeah let me just get a few of those
have to be a fucking brownie all my life

Maybe, but it's almost always misapplied. If you try and fail to obtain something, it's 100 percent natural and human to feel upset and to vent about it to others. Going "You aren't OWED anything" is just shaming people for not actually doing anything wrong. It takes more than having desires, and getting upset whenever those desires aren't meant, to be entitled. To say otherwise is to demonize the entire concept of having any kind of negative emotions at all.

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It all depends on delivery and the intention you seek behind the person saying the words. Stating "Nobody owes you (or anyone else) anything" does not need to be an attempt at shaming.

>nobody owes you anything
>get a job and pay your taxes, you need to fulfill your side of the social contract

Maybe, but the vast, vast majority of the time, it IS intended in a way that's basically just shaming people. The whole mindset has spread like a cancer throughout the 2010s. I remember this one girl posting something on Twitter along the lines of "I know this sounds selfish but I get lonely sometimes and wish that I had a boyfriend." That right there is a perfect example of just how fucking insidious and toxic this shit is. Yes, it's wrong to harass, attack, or in any way mistreat any individual person for not being interested in you, but there is nothing what-so-fucking-ever to apologize for for the simple desiring of companionship.

Nobody owes you anything.
You owe nothing anything.
It's that simple, and getting hung up over the fact that other people misunderstand and posting your gripe about their misunderstanding about it on Jow Forums is silly.

*You owe nonobody anything.

>be productive and contribute to society in a job you are comfortable with

This fucking sentence is a sum of bullshit

>you own nobody nothing
>oh user, please take care of me when I get old! Im your mother, you own me this!!

The fact that you are not obliged to help her, but choose to do so, makes the gesture more generous in my eyes.

I sure as hell do owe things to others. Should I just go through life hurting people and neglecting my so-called loved ones, and shrug off any and all feelings of well-deserved guilt with "lmao niggas fuck y'all, YOLO, I'm free as a bird and this bird you cannot change"

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>Should I just go through life hurting people and neglecting my so-called loved ones, and shrug off any and all feelings of well-deserved guilt with "lmao niggas fuck y'all, YOLO, I'm free as a bird and this bird you cannot change"
That's a false dilemma.

How's it a false dichotomy? Either treating others badly is wrong, or it isn't. If the former, you owe them better treatment.

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>nobody owes you anything
The others are just normie shitposts, but this is real.
Fucking commie

The idea that nobody is ever owed anything - for whatever amount of truth that premise holds (if any) - is HORRIBLY fucking mangled and twisted into essentially giving a complete blank check for any kind of cold, selfish behavior. Moral guidelines? Moral standards? Who needs any of that shit? Just throw the concept of morality wholesale into the fucking ocean. Do whatever you want, yolo.

There's countless situations where, if I fail to treat people attentively or kindly or considerately, I failed in my duty of being a decent human being. There are things which people are owed, and things which they are not. The sane, rational thing to do is take things on a case-by-case basis and go "Would it be okay to treat this person coldly or ignore them, or would that be unnecessarily harsh and treating them poorly when they have done nothing to deserve that?" rather than just going "fuck y'all, I only care about me bitches, I do whatever the fuck I want." Anyone who thinks that nobody is ever owed anything is a bottom-of-the-barrel scumbag that deserves their own special spot in Hell.

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10, tired of being around literal indoctrinated retards.

I hate this kind of normie talk. Add "yelling instead of talking" and "laughing at shit that's somehow dumber than Jow Forums stuff" though

What's untrue about it? No one owes you your cuckbux, meet

unless you are a female.

Nope. Not even then. Nice try, though

>There's plenty of fish in the sea
this is literally my most hated normie speech ever.

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i almost believe you

Oh fuck, 10.

I can't bear it because it is absolutely not helpful, at all. I heard helpful advice for people in tough shit, but never from normies.

this pisses me off every time:

>just get a job doing what you love (impossible)
>i like my job, it helps me contribute to society!
>being NEET means you're doing nothing productive, and being employed means you're doing something

i am not a NEET anymore but god damn every single day i wish i was

Believe me or not it's true lol man

the irony of it is that the most entitled people say this

>don't be afraid to ask someone for help with your issues!
>you're a bad person for projecting your issues onto other people

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What do you mean? I want more ammunition to back up my "people who say that nobody is owed anything are shitheads" theory.

>don't be afraid to reach out for help
>nobody owes you help! stop being a cry baby and man up

i cringed a little while writing this

That would be true if taxes wouldn't be a thing, but as long as my taxes are used to help others in society I'd say society owes me quite a bit.
State mandated gf when?

It's a crushing thing to have people dismiss you so quickly. Even my parents say this to me when I reach out for emotional support in some way yet they pay for many of my expenses currently (only 18 still) so that gives them the right to dismiss me and "get over it you're fine." Then they'll hit me with "you can talk to us if you need anything." Yet will get frustrated when I speak up about thinking I have a mental illness (now diagnosed) I receive only backlash. They clearly didn't want me and are doing the bare minimum and frustrated with the fact that I exist. (Sorry it was long I just needed to talk about this).

nobody owes you the opportunity to work for the thing you want to achieve

The deeper down the rabbit hole you go, the more the philosophy falls apart.

>If you need help you can call me!

It's interesting. They can usually be summarized as attempts to create this vicarious feeling of success over hardships without ever having to deal with the problems of the person they're demeaning/disingenuously "supporting".
Normies are fascinatingly disgusting people.

are you trying to be unique with this?

The vast majority people vote for more immigrants.

>omg why do like minded people form internet forums where they can talk about stuff they share similar interests with
That's an awful lot of complaining right there.

>The vast majority people vote for more immigrants.

then why was trump elected?

Yeah but some of it's not their fault. They were raised and setup for a relative amount of success so having sympathy for others isn't in their forte. Their lives have almost always been completely fine, and any amount of hardship they face will be overcome with automatic support from others.

Because the US isn't the entire western world (granted I should have been more specific) and because the other candidate was shit and because he won by a minority of the vote because of how voting power is distributed in the US.
Yeah exactly. And it's just not useful to be sympathetic. It doesn't generate emotions that feel good and a failure is unlikely to scratch their backs in return because they unlikely to have the means to; they're fuckups. It's more beneficial to use their failure to feed your own ego and sense of success.
And so they resort to deliberate lies like this It's untrue, but it's comfortable. Of course they're usually the ones too approach an outcast who seems down in the gutter (out of cold curiosity) and to then gives these responses when the fuckup responds to their inquiries.

"... do something with my/your life"

>you are not special
There's another normie frase. Used when you get irritated that someone might think they're better than you.

my famlily doesn't even know different mental illnesses exist and are frusturate that i exist, i'm not making it any easier tho, i self-talk outloud in a foreing language (english) all day and not good at anything, not even school unlike my brother. it sucks to be alive.

>Because the US isn't the entire western world (granted I should have been more specific) and because the other candidate was shit and because he won by a minority of the vote because of how voting power is distributed in the US.

people don't really think for themselves. if the media says "immigrants are good" people will believe that. if the media says "immigrants are bad" they will believe that. about 90-95% or so, as long as they don't see with their own eyes that it isn't true

i don't see any value in more immigrants, personally. but my home town was swamped by them

based originalist user

Had to take an obligatory course during my first year of uni that was basically a monthly therapy session with assignments and I only walked out of there with more hatred towards generic platitudes

>follow your dreams
>Be more open to others
>learn to forgive, people change :)

The psychologist was nice tho so I at least tried to seem interested in what she told me

Nobody owes you anything is a funny maxim to use against people, especially women. Fuck those whores, Chad doesnt owe you a call back you slut

I agree with you on those points

It makes me want to kill myself with 34 baby dicks

because the people who were opposed to trump didn't vote. im not even fucking joking, look at videos of people rioting and rallying against trump. a lot of those motherfuckers didn't even participate in the voting. so stupid.

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i would have voted for trump but i didn't vote at all. fuck voting

now i think trump is shit, he failed miserably at fixing our immigration problem.