How do I get a virgin Japanese gf?

How do I get a virgin Japanese gf?

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You could simply stop at virgin girl, that's already unicorn tier.

is that a girl(boi)?

japs are kind of ugly on average

not if your into cute short girls
they all look good then

Uesaka Sumire is a girl
I find even ugly asians attractive

so you have low standards, but that's okay

>be Chad
>collect virgin Japanese gf
It is literally that easy

as long as their not fat i can probably get down with it desu

lol. SHE'S A MAN, BABY! yeah

even fat japanese girls are qts

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be intelligent, nice, and white

I'm only one of those things

if it's intelligence, you still have a chance user. you can learn to be kind on your own.

It's the second

I have average intelligence

i'm sorry friend, but you might be fucked. japs that are still virgins beyond university search for intelligent partners

Money usually does the trick in my experience.
Goes for women in general, really.

>study Japanese for a year
>get a work visa
>get a job in Japan
>keep studying Japanese
>make friends in Japan
>keep studying Japanese
>stay away from Tokyo gaijin hunters
>meet girls outside the cities, get phone numbers
>practice Japanese conversation
>eventually find one girl whose really nervous and her hand gets really sweaty when you hold it-- she's the one you want
That's how I got mine.

You're fucked if you're not white then
Last time I was ther it was very clear that if you're white, skinny, and more fashionable than autism shorts +graphic tee it'll be easy

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what qualifies as above average intelligence though

my IQ is 112 which is average

should i get plastic surgery then?

if you're not white or jap with a fetish for nip girls, you should just neck
Either that or a one that's been westernized and is probably a slut

or date one*

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good school grades, degree, good job, anything arbitrary will work i suppose. my gf says she likes how my vocabulary displays my intelligence however, so maybe that as well.

i have two of those
i have nothing in common with thotties and don't share their hobbies/values

I'm moving to Tokyo in August, how difficult is it to date as a foreigner? Whilst I can hold a conversation in Japanese, I'm worried about the cultural barrier.

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best of luck, friend. i based what i said off of a previous jap gf and my current chinese gf, hopefully it was accurate.

Do Chinese girls really have standards that low? I told a Chinese girl that I work with that I'm a (((history))) major and she told me that you must be smart to major in that because she struggled really hard with it when she was in school and barely passed

History is literally one of the easiest degrees you could get in North America

it depends, my gf personally doesn't care much for intelligence, it's really how hard you work to her. believe it or not, asians often aren't very intelligent, and are just extremely hard workers.

Watch what you are posting. You are going to make Asian incels from MongoloidCJ very mad.

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this is the truth but blacks may find someone who is really into hip hop but even then most only date japs whites or koreans

This is entirely true of the culture. It's often the effort shown. Just try not to have a family history of illness and you're good to go if you are financially stable.

My family is loaded so maybe they will give me a Chinese gf. They've mentioned that I should get a foreign Chinese wife before

lmao chinese are one of the most racist and sometimes it doesn't matter how much you make if you dont have "face"

Why are asian women obsessed with white men,original comment i know

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the only cute japanese girl in this thread

> Don't be a social retard
> Learn Japanese
> Go to Japan and get a job
> Make sure somewhat presentable

That's it

If you are SUPER UGLY and a social retard........ well you always have black women

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Like ANY women, they want to date up

With white women it's money and power

With Asian women it's also money and power but they also want children that are tall and good looking and they won't get that mixing blood with another 5'2 Asian man

Asian women are just like any other women, they want the higher fruit on the tree

>With white women it's money and power
no they want niggers to fuck them

When they are young and stupid yes

Show me a white women over 30 who ain't a hambeast that wants a black guy, at that point they need someone who has a job

There was a flaw so ftfy

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Sad but true. Only white girls want black guys. No other race want it. But it is not a large number of white girls that like black guys.

Well im not a manlet but that is the only thing i got going for me