Just moved into a new place that allows cats. I've always wanted one and this is the first time I'm able to...

Just moved into a new place that allows cats. I've always wanted one and this is the first time I'm able to. What I should expect and how expensive are they to keep?

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they are disgusting and turn you gay

cats shouldnt be on the computer user

He looks so sad... Pet the computer cat. He's there because he's lonely.

theyre not expensive or hard to keep at all

buy a litter box and dry cat food

adopt your cat btw, dont buy one

>what should I expect
Differs per cat, get one that likes to cuddle and stay near you.
>how expensive are they to keep
You only really need to buy kitty litter and cat food.

Quite cheap, about half as much as a small dog, if you live outside of a city, or on the edge, maybe expect some mice or birds to end up on your door

they are very aloof, they wont love you like dogs, but they will love you if you treat them right. dont ever hit the cat, you can yell at it, but dont make a habit out of it. Remember it is a living creature, and a less intelligent one at that.

They can be a comfort though. Cats can really be quite sociable too, hell, my cat likes when I throw parties far more then my little nugget of a dog.

Also OP, once you buy them, get them neutered/spayed and get them fucking declawed. You will read weeb stories on the interwebs how declawing causes them to misbehave, all bullshit.

Get them fucking declawed or enjoy the scratches on your furniture/body. Your call.

This is not my cat, but why shouldn't they sit on a laptop? Is it a danger to them or to the computer

>You only really need to buy kitty litter and cat food
I've heard of people spending thousands annually on vet bills, is that really something I shouldn't be concerned about?

the declawing process is incredibly painful for cats. OP, just get the cat spayed/neutered and buy a scratching post. if the cat scratches furniture instead, tape tinfoil to the surface and it will scare them off.

there's no danger. cats like to sit on warm things, and the computer gives off heat. however, you'll probably end up with a lot of cat hair between your keys.

I don't know what the going rates for vets are where you live but most of my cats rarely ever seen a vet. One of my cats hasn't seen a vet since she got fixed over 15 years ago.

This retard is only half right, get them spayed/neutered immediately and most of your problems will be solved right there.
But dont fucking declawed them, it's the equivalent of taking off your fingers at the last knuckle. The best way to handle scratching is have a decent scratching post away from your furniture and sprinkle catnip on it. If you catch the fucker scratching your furniture you hose the fuck out of him with a spray bottle filled with water and a tiny bit of lemon juice.
Another tip, always keep the litter box clean because like people, if it gets too dirty they will shit elsewhere and you dont want that. Mix it with some baking powder.
Do NOT let them up on countertops or tables EVER. Keep in mind that they step in their litterbox all the time and you dont want shit/piss tracked on your counters, people that let their cats do this fucking infuriate me. If it becomes a problem, place packing tape sticky side up on the countertops and when he jumps up itll stick to him and run him off.

>their shit smells
>litter box maintenance
>hair everywhere
>they might get sick, you have to take care of it
>you might have to get them to take pills at some point, it's not easy, they might puke it.
>they might randomly puke anywhere in your house
>you have to entertain them and make them chase shit(if you have two cats they can play with each other instead)
>you have to clean them if they started smelling bad or they rolled in their shit/piss and dry them, making sure none of the shampoo is left in their fur, they might lick it.
cats aren't all cuddling and purring

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Read some guides online/watch videos on youtube. There are some things to know if you want to be a great guardian for your pet.

>You will read weeb stories on the interwebs how declawing causes them to misbehave, all bullshit.
Actual cat behaviorists and experts advise against declawing your cat and yet you, a randomfag, call it bullshit?

Adopting one is nice, but his personality will already be developed, so you have less control over how he acts. I learned that from my current cat, whom my parents got as a baby 14 years ago. We picked him up and pet him all the time, even if he wasn't asking for attention, and now he loves us completely, seeks us out, lets any human touch him anywhere (no beasto) and he knows to retract his claws as soon as his hands touch human skin. He is pretty needy and annoying at times though. We basically conditioned him to act like a dog, but he's less rowdy and less messy than a dog. Aloof and skittish cats are still cool though.

Can I get a cat if I work full-time and live alone? Don't want to leave it alone all the time, seems mean

>Don't want to leave it alone all the time, seems mean
Get two cats then

What if one of the cats is a chad and the other is beta pussy and they don't get along

Then you can adopt cats that had already been living together and get along well. I've seen ads like that on gumtree

They eventually get along, but you can take steps towards getting them to like each other

>Actual cat behaviorists

LOL fucking PLEASE, nigger.

>"Good day to you, my fine sir. What is your occupation?"
>"I am an actual cat behaviorist."

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