Why do we give the Jow Forumss a free pass?

Why do we let Jow Forums and sometimes/leftypol/ rant on and derail threads into ideological preaching and/or shitflinging when we would not give /soc/ or Redditfags the same leniency? Even if many of us agree with them politically they come and gentrify this board by turning any discussion into ideology

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Can you give some examples? they usually just make threads that as with every other spammer, sometimes work, sometimes don't

Political discussion can sometimes be interesting, widen our worldview, and bear food for thought if managed well (unfortunately it rarely is here). Fembot threads and "have sex loser" can no longer widen my worldview after the first couple of hundred times.

Isn't this an ideology of its own?
I'm not saying this just to be contrarian - I think you're really over-reacting to Jow Forums.
I used to browse Jow Forums and post all the time, but I keep my manners here and on adv and soc.
Ideology creep happens everywhere, in social and legislative politics.
If they're really not worth your time reading, and you want to cuss them out or whatever, that's your prerogative - but don't be surprised when it happens back.
Your only defense against this is the personal - filter them by keyword and phrase.
But every board's culture changes. /v/ did, hell even /t/ has a board culture that changes over time, you're seeing pirates that tell you to buy the games/porn they're giving you.

At least Jow Forums wants us to better ourselves, trannies and /leftypol/ just want us to mutilate our own bodies, or vote for some Communist retard.
Still though, I would prefer if both left us alone, especially the trannies.

Basically what he says. Say what you want about Jow Forums, they have your best interest at heart. Deep down /leftypol/ and trannies know how damaging their ideologies are, they give no fuck about your well-being only thing that matters is gaining allies.

Why do you people consider /leftypol/ to be some tranny force When they reject identity politics

Is that not what leftypol is? Enlighten me please

They have a free pass as much as anyone else here does, there's no defined topic in the rules of the board and we talk about a few general topics ad infinitum, which happen to be incredibly divisive ones where lines are quickly drawn in the sand and the belligerent Jow Forums types thrive in this kind of environment, /soc/fags thrive in it too actually since their board topics are related to the ones we discuss here.

The only thing you can do is just sit back and watch them go on their crusades as they wonder why everything turns to shit around them because not a single one of them can just relax and take a break from perpetually trying to stamp eachother out of existence even when they aren't in the presence of eachother. You could report them and hope for the best, but it'd likely be ineffective, ignore it, which would also be ineffective, or try to avoid it altogether by visiting other websites where people have an unspoken agreement to not focus on this kind of real world bullshit so much.

Ultimately it doesn't even matter, everything and every place that you like will turn into a husk of it's former self and/or die in due time and you'll be left wandering, looking for a home. Just do what you want wherever and whenever you feel like it, post whatever you please, don't give a fuck, who cares lol.

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Leftypol is full of leftist equivalents of Jow Forumstards
They are not homophobic or racist and are more philosophically inclined
Otherwise about the same

Because this is a board where everything (within reason) is supposed to be allowed but tailored to the....loneliest among us. /soc/ and redditfaggotry directly contradict the intended audience for this board but politics does not as it is for everyone. Unlike /soc/ shit and by extension redditfaggotry.

A-user....that blackpill does not have to be so. Things can have downs and come back, or maybe just evolve. Sometimes you lose a home, but you can also find a home too.

>More philosophically inclined
Which is their downfall because in pursuit of "the perfect hypothetical" they tend to ignore how reality actually functions.

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>more philosophically inclined
This is not true. They fling just as much shit as Jow Forums does, they just fling it at """internet racists""" instead of homos and niggers. Their ideas are no deeper and no more or less practical.

this pic is retarded
if you can't talk politics without sperging out you literally should not have a voice idc if your enemy advocates for skinning newborn babies in public. you should be able to refute shit otherwise ur just seething that you're inadequate

Jow Forums has the intrest to spoonfeed you their political agenda, dont be so naive

Jow Forums wants you to submit to megalomaniac internet personalities and pedophile church organizations. If you genuinely think they have your best interest in mind, it's already too late

>pedophile church organizations

First nobody on the right is shilling for pedophile priests, people want them jailed or dead. Second Jow Forums has very controversial relation to christianity.

Seeth more nigger, you're not even human lol

>megalomaniac internet personalities

But this one is probably true. Most people on Jow Forums are probably coping by being as edgy as possible.

>fuck niggers is enlightening after 100 times
>lol have sex isn't

Both are stupid

I think that at this point most of Jow Forums are bitter edgelords, but some may be genuine about self improvement. /leftypol/ and trannies don't care and they are advocating for even bigger degeneracy because for left the idea of moderation or rejecting destructive urges is alien.

because they're right

Imagine being on Jow Forums and having no critique of society

>oy vey goyim, why do yo- I mean why do WE tolerate the people who point out the source of the social problems that have led to so many of us being in our current situation?

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Its not pol. It is alphabet soup agencies fishing for intel on spree killers.