Imagine driving down the street with a paint ball gun shooting bums. Would be a great sport!

Imagine driving down the street with a paint ball gun shooting bums. Would be a great sport!

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>imagine being threatened by bums
The absolute state of burgers.

lame af

>scared hobos

Should have gotten a job, bum.

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Remember to freeze the painballs first.

Do it then you pussy. You wont even go to jail for this.

Too many cameras in the city. I would get caught.

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>what is a bike
>what is bland, noname clothing
>what is a balaclava

Ever considered putting a dog with rabies in their camps? Its a extreme measure with high potential collateral damage, mite work

Too much work and i might get bit.

uhhhh i dont want to ride a bike and operate a paintball gun

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Then... get off the bike before shooting?

its easier than it looks, also if you wanna go even more lightweight airsoft gun is your friend, full automatic airsoft that shoots bb pellets. mhmm shooting hobos would be so fun with those

dont want to steal it from you senpai, the system works fine as it is

If the unemployment rate goes to 0%, doesn't everything go to shit though?
It can't be zero.

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Was gonna go driving through the streets in a couple nights with my friends shooting down derros with automatic BB guns. Wanna join us OP?

Yes. If unemployment goes beyond a threshold you get massive inflation. Zero unemployment means you have nobody to hire if you suddenly need extra labor to expand your business.
It happened often in the market socialism of Yugoslavia. They simply couldn't hire enough people to watch over the machines to produce chemicals and things stagnated.

Hell mofckung yea nigga lets slide on these bum ass niggaz

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help bums user dont hurt them!

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Stop seething, waggie.

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>here comes my #1 fan

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You're a piece of shit, OP, but I can't deny that sounds like a great time. I'd love to get drunk and do that with you.

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Fuck off Linus.

Who's Linus? I just think that'd be fun.

>the system works fine as it is

I know, that's why they should be getting jobs. It's not that hard, they're just lazy.

stop hating the homeless you scumbag they are basically you without parents fostering them. if your parents said fuck off you would be the exact same

Cry more, I cheered when the San Diego homeless slasher was doing god's work. Most of the homeless are addicts anyway so you're doing the world a favor by messing with them or killing them.