What's your excuse for not having a girlfriend, faggots?

What's your excuse for not having a girlfriend, faggots?

Pic related is me

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That's not you and that's not his girlfriend

I'm 5'5 and really skinny and I have a round face yet in high school I got laid when I was 16. I also was antisocial, but for real watching "Drive" helped me out cause I started acting like...well.. a "cool antisocial person". I guess some girls liked that. Of course I never had any friends in high school either, and only a few girlfriends.

In short I was a
>Social skillslet

this dude is a 3/10. you do realize people uglier than him exist user?

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The truth is I cant make connections with any single person no matter how hard I try. People just dont like me even though I try to joke around with them and have a good time, they just dont like me

he looks like Pokey from Earthbound
This is probably before he got trapped for eternity, eh

I wish I had a mom that looked like that.
The things that I would do....

That his prom date? Pure luck to be honest. I looked better than that kid in high school 5/10 but even then I got rejected by two different girls. Its all fucking luck man

men don't have authority over women or children you stupid fucking faggot. why the fuck would I take care of women without authority.

I don't have a gf because I don't have anything to offer. I'm short and ugly, and girls will only date short and ugly if you can offer something else too. I don't have money, I don't have status, and I don't have connections.

All I have to offer is a good personality which, despite what people ENDLESSLY parrot online, is NOT what girls look for in a partner. Not from the get-go at least.

Same here and it isn't something we're doing it. I get rejected before I have even said a single word. I assume the same is true for you.

Yeah but it isnt exclusive to women. Everyone treats me like a freak and truthfully I'm a failed normalfag. I dont look like a freak and I certainly dont act like it. I dont know whats wrong with me I try to be friendly and everything

Same here. I've had random people make puking sounds of me and take picture of me in public, people I don't know. Usually groups of young girls do it. In my country it's normal to do this.
I've been called ugly and freak so many times.
I look like Sminem.

see pic related, in no position to even afford warm food let alone another human being

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im pretty sure its just one ugly fat fuck that makes these threads every day thinking that one day he can pull something like this off hahahha what a pathetic loser

my excuse is that i just don't go out much and engage with other people socially. i go straight home from work and play vidya/watch anime then go to sleep and repeat next day. on weekends i occassionally hang out with my friends from highschool, but we don't go partying, we mostly chill at someones home playing board- and card games. so i just don't really meet any girls and i dont do online dating.

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Did they approach you by initially being attracted to your personality or you approached them?

is it a movie or a show ? where can iw atch it

Well, duh, girls love dinosaurs. You shouldn't be hiding behind that dopey-looking kid, though. Be proud of who and what you are.

Thank you user
So many people biting on this hard

oh user

I need a dom girl but dom girls dont need me

I have never asked a girl out nor have I talked to a girl. Got social anxiety issues to wear my heart beats so fast at the simplest of conversation with someone.

I'm good looking and I've got a decent personality I'd say, I've just got an issue with social skills and I'm not in a good mental place. I could get a girlfriend once I fix myself up a bit I think

>try acting like Drive guy
>always break character and jus bee myself
>never get laid
Wtf Chad lied to me

I approached them. Also when people say personality matters, it's more about being suave and having game than being a good person. Remember that. "Personality" doesn't mean being nice, it means being like James Bond for example.

Yeah I was never approached first much. Also note that status is important too. I was a Varsity letterman on the football team- a running back actually. The girl I lost my virginity to, for example, I met at a football game. The game had ended and I left the locker room and there was this cute girl standing outside with her sister. I walked up and said "Hey" and well the rest is history.

I only got approached at parties, but I hate parties, so even when the team was out drinking and what not I stayed home. Also the team hated me because I was smaller than them, so I did not connect with any of them. Still got my Jacket tho.

It's a movie with Ryan Gosling. 10/10 I recommend it. I was a weirdo in middle school but after watching it the summer before high school started, I gradually became more confident. In truth I often went days in High school without speaking a word, but if you carry yourself well, it won't look weird.

People who say "just be yourself" are damn liars. They are the ones who've never had personality issues, and "themself" was fine to begin with. Fuck that noise be a new man!

Whyd they hate you for being smaller. Isnt a running back supposed to be smaller/faster?

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Yeah but they were just assholes. I got into fights a lot. Lost most of em but the few that I did win boosted my confidence through the roof.

Everyone on the team was white and I'm half spic half white but I look totally caucasian so I ended up being three inches shorter than everyone.

Unlike them I tried hard in school and things worked out for me. 10 years later and they're all fat and married to land whales and have dead end careers.

I'm an isolated psychopathic asshole that likes nobody, and would never lower myself to that. It feels wrong and pathetic

I don't have the qualities that make me a desirable bf

I'm too short to be attractive for women (only 5'9)