Wageslave thread

Wageslave thread
what do robots do?

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Walmart. Fucking sucks. But I'm only there because I am saving money to move to the city and do standup comedy work. It's my dream.

McDonalds. Just started now in the summer to pay student loans. Its ok but I dont like the schedule they give me I dont like working at night

>forces you to be a literal slave until you're converted to a regular employee
>day usually consist of 10-12 hours of physical labor at my position
>6 days a week, one day off
>called mandatory 3 hours mon and tuesday
I don't know how long I'm going to make it...I don't have time to do shit anymore..
The only pros so far I can think of is once I wait out and become regular I'll be back at 8 hours, and will get 2 days off plus it's a federal unionized job so the benefits are great, and it's literally impossible to get fired.
Also have about 11k saved up which is nice, and I was able to lose my virginity to a pretty attractive escort.

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tfw im probation for being black and god struck me down

how do you even move to the big city with a pleb job its not even possible

>rent 700-1000 a month for a room
>for 6 months there you need like 6000 dollars
>bus/gas is 100-200 a month
>600-1000 for 6 months
>food is like 200-300 a month
>600-900 for 6 months
>need to stay in a hotel when you move there
>could be for up to 3 weeks
>100 dollars A DAY
>so like 800-2000 dollars
>other expenses like 1000 for 6 months
>1500-2500 dollars
>300-400 dollars
>other shit im probably forgetting

you need like fucking 18000 dollars to move. FUCKING like 10-20k. its not possible. no one can tell me its possible. because its not. not a single fucking chance in hell

thats only 6 months. 6 fucking months. that means you need to find a job within 3 months. just to get it so you can keep paying rent give yourself time to get your first check which takes a month on its own and then get your checks saved up to start paying your rent and live paycheck to paycheck and if you lose your job youre fucked

and then you have to lug around 3 suitcases of fucking shit get off an air plane get to a fucking hotel carry all this shit around completely alone in a place 3000 miles away.

its not possible. how is this possible.

oh and you need to use a bus in a new city to get job interviews, get to them on time, get to job, get back to apartment, get around. you have to learn a fucking big city bus line overnight in the blink of an eye. not even fucking Einstein could do it.

got a job and hate it
how do i quit after just a couple days?

Bro it's not even close to that expensive.
My city is only an hour from my parents house by car.
I own a bycicle so I can bike to work and interviews.
My rent is only $775 a month and Walmart pays me well over that monthly. (Well enough to have extra spending money after groceries)
The building I'm moving to is 5 mins from another walmart so I can just apply for a transfer.
Groceries are cheap as fuck if you buy cheap shit and don't eat like a fucking pig.

You're being ridiculous.

well lucky you we dont all live one hour away from nyc and la

I never claimed moving to the city is for everyone. I'm only doing it so I can pursue my dream and be with the friends I've made who all live in the city. It's hard for me to hang with them because it's an hour (give or take 10 mins depending on traffic) by car just to get to where we hang out.

don't you have stuff to sell? how far way do you live?

>how do i quit after just a couple days?
Literally just walk out and don't come back.

Then obviously city life is not viable for you. But for the other user it is because his circumstances are different than yours.

Don't be so narrow minded you fucking twit.

fuck both of you god damn faggots my dreams were killed and everything was ripped away from me I hope you fucking die and burn in a fucking fire and never experience joy and have everything ripped away from you like god does to me.

fuck god and fuck you. fuck you both.

i didn't go today i tried to call but he didn't pick up the phone i didn't know what to say so i just said i couldn't come in today on the message
wish shit like this was over email

also I hope your stupid fucking dream dies which it will. comedy is fucking stupid and you will fail.

lol you're fucked in the head give up your pipe dream and save up for retirement, and start investing

nigga chill tf out

Tell us about your crushed dreams

What should I invest in? I've actually been curious about this topic for some time. Any advice?

i dunno im a neet, go to Jow Forums

are you speaking from experiance user?

I work in a warehouse, folding and cutting boxes for 8 hours straight
Im literally in constant motion the entire time, i do pushups on breaks

I can listen to my ipod on shuffle, so its pretty comfy
Im through a temp agency, i think i can do this for a few more months

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Oof. You better Apologize to The big G upstairs.


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No, but what the fuck are they going to do about it?

Nothing they can do i guess besides maybe yelling they still have to give me my pay
i feel kinda bad managers seemed nice but i'm gonna die if i don't quit

I live in the USA.
Full time worker at local grocery store.
It's the best retail work environment I've ever seen and I make my own hours. Everybody here works hard and the owner is a great guy who listens to employees.
I'm lucky.
I bring in a little over 1,500/month
my expenses
rent 600/month
food 150/month
internet 65/month
phone 60/month
save 425/month (sometimes buy clothes with this, maybe 50/month)
invest 200/month
I don't do insurance.
I don't drive. I walk everywhere.
I might get a bike, but I'm hella cheap.
I'm waiting for a 20,000 dollar broken knee to ruin me and put me in a debt circle for five years.
Fuck American healthcare.
Free healthcare reeeeeeeeee.

>Office Manager for corporate business
>$14.00 an hour
>Boss assigns a bunch of extra responsibilities not on the original job description
>Do everything on the original job description perfectly
>Purposely fail to complete extra responsibilities
>Continue failing until boss reassigns extra responsibilities to another employee
>Maintain original rate of pay now with less responsibility
>Continue "improving" by completing simple tasks ahead of schedule, when in reality this is regular work speed.

>Spend at least 5 hours a day playing Runescape while on the clock.

MFW I'm talking to a customer while killing Gargoyles for gold.

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>he had dreams and aspirations

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Jesus Christ man my employer gives me a $1200 deductable pretty much full coverage insurance for $56/month.

I bus tables
I hate it

i work 6 hours per night, 4 nights per week at a gas station in the middle of nowhere. the big upside is that its very slow and quiet and the person i work with is a super cute girl my age. we spend every night shooting the shit together, its pretty comfy. however we recently got in trouble because she was telling me about how she just got her nipples pierced and some old cunt customer heard the conversation and came back to complain to the manager later that day. so the downside is now the manager is going through the security cameras to listen to our conversations, and shes probably going to hear all the flirting and shit and separate us. i think i will probably quit if i get moved to a different shift

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I'm an NDE tech. Basically I travel around to different refineries and inspect their equipment. Pay is decent but the travel and incentives are some of the best parts.

i'm a pharmacist working for one of those big chain retail pharmacies in the US (there are really only 3 left and one of those might not be around for much longer so you can probably figure out which company it is).

the money is really good but i don't care if i get fired anymore

i'm tired of arguing with people at the drive-thru window about their health insurance and trying to do the job of 3 people simultaneously

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cvs walgreens and rite aid that is dying right?

holy fuck dude just take that awesome ass money. invest it if you really wanna get out but dont leave without investing. take advantage of that shit you got yourself to that position. maybe you can move up in the ranks and do something behind the counter

either way nice

This is a stale and bad copy pasta

I work at a liqueur store doing delivery's, stocking, or working the register. It's pretty boring but better than landscaping. Too bad I only make $13 an hour and a single bedroom apartment is $900-950 minimum for something not ghetto. You guys have any experience with roommates? If they aren't complete normalfags I could see it working.

i'm pretty sure it's not
just the same guy repeating stuff

>tfw getting paid 3,55 euros an hour before taxes
Totally gonna make it guys, haha

anyone here work at a factory?
i don't know how people can be constantly moving stuff all day

He's been posting his shit for years.
If he was actually that miserable he would have had killed himself already.

hope you enjoy your aids, faggot

sounds like a really great job user, congrats.

did you have sex with your coworker yet?

What boxcutter blades do you use? Just wondering because I bought these Dewalt ones and they are shit.

it seems easy if it wasn't 6 fucking days
what did he do?

been at it 2.5 months
Im strong and tan, my body hurts sometimes and Im tired after work
Broke because no work in the rain

sounds kinda terrible

What do you?
t. RCA

I have to make a decision. I work at my state's government lab and it is boring but pleasant. I only get $20/hour but it is very low stress. I have gotten to learn the instruments well and the instrument field service guy told me to apply for a position open near me. I did and apparently they're in the process of sending me an offer. It is like 75k/year plus they pay for my internet, phone, and I get a company car. My job would be to fly around and fix shit. This sounds super stressful and I am regretting applying. Should I stick to the laid back easy job and get my pension in 15 years or go for this other job that sounds like I'll be basically commuting by plane all week for more money? I live just fine at $20/hour so I am not sure if the stress is worth the extra pay.

I am currently unemployed as my life is ruined by a panic disorder. dont recommend/10

>I only get $20/hour

how much is your 20 an hour yearly?
i'd stick with that to be honest

About 41-42k. I just sit around and listen to audiobooks and slowly develop/validate new cannabis testing methods.

I have a degree though. I was making 15 working at Wal-Mart while I was in school so 20 seems pretty insignificant.

I am a assistant spaghetti boiler and I earn $1/hour

>About 41-42k. I just sit around and listen to audiobooks and slowly develop/validate new cannabis testing methods.
stick with it

Which is more cucked: working at McDonkey's for minimum wage or working on open source software for free?

$20 is still pretty bad.
I make $26/hr and barely make rent.

That's what I am thinking but it seems lazy and unambitious. I guess I'll just stay here until I max out my pension then be old and die.

>but it seems lazy and unambitious
who cares

>cs degree
>no real work experience in the field
>neet for like a year now
>desperate to get even a help desk job or best buy or something
>probably going to end up delivering pizzas soon

im too retarded to be a wagie even when i try
have a phone interview for help desk position this week, going to try lying about work experience this time

Don't bother.

Unless you actually need the money, its probably not worth it.

I doubled my income and I fucking regret it, hate waking up every morning, hate my coworkers, hate my hours.

Also to all the fags suggesting making as much money as possible for retirement, your fucking retards. If you're like most people you'll fucking die before you even put a dent into the pile of suffering you've stuffed into the corporate bank.

real robots are on bux or homeless

who here /can'tdoanyjob/

Because you probably live in an expensive city or a really expensive apartment or youre stupid with money

Any of my fellow security guards here?
I'm making $15/hr to walk around a construction site at night. I get 40 hrs a week so I make about $1800 every month. My mom charges $150 every month for rent which is nothing so I save a lot, Im going to buy my own truck soon and I finally got to buy a new computer. And if I get certified to carry a gun than I could make up to 20/hr or more. I like the job and its easy. One time I had to work at an apartment downtown though to cover a shift and some lady overdosed though.

All I've been able to get is a (comfy) security gig where I watch anime for 8 hours every weekend night. Have not been able to get anything else though

>(comfy) security gig where I watch anime for 8 hours every weekend night. H
nice meme

hey friend
lotta retards living in quiet desperation trying to bring you down to their level.
don't listen to them
do what you want cause life is too important to waste on saving for retirement
hang yourselves wageslave cucks

Not joking, I go to the site, fill out my timesheet for the night, and park my car pointing at the gate. The rare time anybody comes up to it for more than a u turn i flash my brights and they leave. I just sit in my car and watch anime the whole time

$26/h at 40h/wk is roughly $52k. How the fuck are you barely making rent? Dependents? Living in an unrealistically expensive city?

literally how? and proof? everywhere not Jow Forums says you actually have to do stuff

I'm not sure how to prove it without doxxing myself but I got super lucky when I found the posting. Lots of job postings make it seem like you have more responsibilities than you actually will. I was expecting a tiring night of patrolling the grounds with a few other guys every shift but on my first day the guy that trained me showed me the code to unlock the gates, the shed with the timesheet, and the best place to park the car.
Mind you this job is completely garbage from a legal standpoint, I lost count of all the safety and osha violations, the maintenance guy wouldnt even be able to get out if I dont show for my shift, and I have to provide all amenities myself including water and toilet paper, but I get to sit in my comfy car watching anime on my tablet and get paid for it so I'm willing to overlook all that
I let the maintenance guy go early every night so he gives me some booze from his collection every now and then, too.

Open source can help you though

>write cool useful tool
>open source it
>other people start to use and rely on it
>now other people maintain your code for you

Not a security guard and I make only $9 but this sounds pretty close to my life for the past couple of years or so. I applied to another job as a technical support representative where I'd make $15/hr. They went out of their way to call me to let me know that I didn't finish my application but no call back so far. I need to go ahead and call them.

I make 61k a year living in Toronto. The equivalent would probably be making 20k in Ohio

just move to ohio then lmao

You guys are getting paid? I go to this trade school all summer, it's a school but now I have to do the "practical" aspect of it

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>have degree but work part-time (read full-time) at a pool store for $13/hr
Honestly the job isn't that bad but I'm still ready to walk out and never return every day

Drive a truck for a warehouse. Job used to be great because I was on the road from beginning to end, but then the manager starting fucking with everything so I'm forced to stay in the building for several hours to help put shit away. Worst aspect isn't even the labor, it's just being around the redneck retards who think everything is a joke. They talk about the stupidest shit imaginable and use humor as a coping mechanism to deal with their miserable lives.

>full time job even with benefits in the US can't afford a two bedroom apartment most of the time
>if you get sick, youre fired
>if you go to the hospital, you might still get stuck with a huge bill, even if you have insurance through work

Why even work? I'd rather drain my boomer parents until the whole thing collapses and everyone dies. Fuck the outside world and everything in it.

Not him but Miami shit really sucks I'm trying to get moved to another shop but fucking FPL only exists on the coast of Florida and it's fucking expensive.

>They talk about the stupidest shit imaginable and use humor as a coping mechanism to deal with their miserable lives.
name some stuff

>abap dev
this picture seems similar to what I do.

money with a golden chain

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Welp I don't work. I'm living off of my father's fortune and as his only son I will inherit his wealth when he dies. He's okay with me being NEET he's not greedy even tho he has made a fortune out of his companies and investments. Couldn't care less if I lost it all in one night. What a lad

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>$47 an hour
>do statistics from a windowless office room
>lost over $200k on crypto last year

It's not about the money, kids.

Program. It's not as glamorous as you think. Sorry hopeful CS majors.

yeah it is
give me a months worth and my life is fixed permanently