Is Islam actually bad? Seems pretty biased to me

Is Islam actually bad? Seems pretty biased to me.

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It's based. But they kill faggots so fags are scared of it.

the morals are based, the religion is garbage, the biggest problem is that its full of sand niggers

I don't have a problem with faggots unless they are full on braindead degenerates, but furries need to be put into gas chambers.

>any abrahamic religion
Sorry ju-just give m- *chuckles* me a second

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>they have a charge for degeneracy

Are you lost?

Only redditors think reddit is an insult
Off the board newfag

>Islam is against this specific brand of degeneracy which means that their own brand of degeneracy is forgiven!
Making exceptions so easily is why sandniggers can invade and ruin Europe as they are doing now.

ironically most fags are hyper left wing and want to invite these 'people' into their countries. I guess self destructive behavior comes naturally to the fags.

Only newfags call other anons a newfag.
Gtfo, summerfag.

Reddit IS an insult. The website and its users are absolutely disgusting.

This pretty much hit the nail on the head. I can understand them

Oh wow its not like it gets thrown around all year round or anything. Nope.
>tfw been here since 14'
Suck start a shotgun

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The trips of truth has spoken

damn the only time sand niggers did something right, based as fuck

>tfw been here since 14'
So technically you're a newfag.

And technically you have the IQ of a nigger
>hurr durr 5 years is newfag
Okay fuckwad, ignore the genuine newfags coming from instagram and youtube who thinks Jow Forums is "le ebin trendy outcast site" and spam the boards with normanfag bullshit

Who hurt you, anonn?

>the morals are based, the religion is garbage
low energy cuck can't devote some time to pray to their creator

They also have some fucked up rules though

Summerfags like you will never learn, will you?

You *too* are a newfag. Jow Forums went mainstream around 2007-08 when Fox news ran some expose on it, in the middle of Project Chanology. Digg and Reddit fags started mining it for memes ever since and the traffic to this site skyrocketed. Back when I joined, 05-06, a thread on /b/ or /v/ could last 2-3 hours before reaching bump limit. Now a similarly popular thread hits bump limit in 15 mins. There's a lot more cringe and a lot more (you)s in this place.

you know you're a stupid nigger, right?

What degeneracy is that tho?

General sandnigger behaviour.

>implying niggers aren't some of the most religious fuckers around

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I miss the days when furries seemed like the most degenerate people on the internet

They still are the most degenerate, especially since the majority of them are also homo pedos

Why do edgy Jow Forums tards think they wouldn't be thrown off buildings themselves? Do you think masturbating to cartoons and spending all your time in the basement is "traditional" and not "haram"?

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Spending time in your parents basement is in fact not haram

Why would you willingly subscribe to a Jewish religion? You realize most of the shit Christians believe in were formed by Pagans, THOUSANDS of years before the Jews and Christians, right?

Idk but I'm tired of Jow Forums glorifying it and ugly Muslim women who are trying to be white women.

how do you explain exorcisms then? And all the explainable things that happen during them? There are no videos but there are books written by exorcists, so are you gonna say that all of them are liars?

>the racist Jow Forumsbrainlet thinks he's Christian
Matthew 7:23

Study Pagan philosophy and perhaps you'll find your answer. I don't know of any genuine exorcisms, but I would assume it has to do with the oscillations of their brain going too high for the current plane. Most people call it "psychosis".
Seriously, people were discussing the wave nature of reality thousands of years before science discovered it. Ever notice how every religion seems to have similar aspects?
You can trace that back to ancient Pagan philosophies and religions, Hermeticism being the most influential in the modern world.

Stfu nigger worshipper

mostly rape bestiality and murder

Mormonism came first and it's the true religion retard

They are, it's just that in the last decade a number of near equally degenerate things have appeared.