"user, how come you don't have a driver's license?"

>"user, how come you don't have a driver's license?"

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Don't really care about it

how come you're not sucking my cock whore


I keep getting fucking duis for driving while black and racist ass cops and god keep stirking me down

I can. I also have a CDL and a PPL and know how to operate a JNR EF63 locomotive and drive a T55.

Aww man, that sucks, man, I wish you better luck next time, man!

>parents are starting to ask this, probably a mix of them knowing i have road awareness as a passenger and knowing im into cars.. probably more of the latter but whatever
>know that they're also just using it as a way to segway into getting a job because of the cost of insurance, maintenance ect
>dont even entertain them about learning anymore

Because i haven't had time

I actually got mine last year. 22 is a bit late, but at least I can drive now.

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Not economical. If buses do a good enough job for my transportation needs, I see no reason to get a driver's license. And considering somewhere like 1 in 4 millennials also don't possess a driver's license, I don't feel much societal pressure to just get one for the hell of it.

I have pretty serious seizures fairly frequently despite being on a plethora of medications. I'm medically unfit to drive because at any point I could have a seizure behind the wheel and be the next inadvertent Alec Minassian

This behaviour is an example to live by.

straight up paranoid about being on the grid. why, where you wanna drive me?

bro I feel bad for you. I hope you at least live in a big city with a train

I have no reason to drive.

i got mine last year being 26 years old. driving fast is nice, but all the speed cameras make it too hard.

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>Paying the government for a piece of plastic with your name and number on it saying "you can drive, now pay taxes"
>Paying for a shitty over priced metal box
>Paying taxes to own the shitty over priced metal box
>Paying taxes to renew your piece plastic license
>Speeding money with fuel and repairs

I rather take the bus

>Paying the government for a piece of plastic with your name and number on it saying "you can drive, now pay taxes"
It cost me $23.
>Paying for a shitty over priced metal box
It cost me $1200
>Paying taxes to own the shitty over priced metal box
$200 for plate and $32/yr for registration
>Paying taxes to renew your piece plastic license
>Speeding money with fuel and repairs
most expensive part of my car is the engine which I can buy one for about $300 with 60k miles. I pay about $43/month to drive about 900 miles.

>Americans pay more for water than they do petrol
Must be nice

why do people unironically ask personal, embarrassing questions like this in group settings

My shitbox gets about 55mpg.
So I mean that's really the reason I don't pay that much for gas.

To humiliate you. Belittling someone in a group is standard practice for normies.

I guess in the US having a driver license worth more than in Hueland.
>680$ for a driver license, car and motorbikes (300 or more for just motorbikes)
>3500$ for a 75's Vw beetle
>100$ per year in taxes
>200% to renovate, 10$ for plate
>gasoline prices around 4,50 reais/Liter/~1.70$/Liter

Owning a car and paying through your license is retarded here in monkeyland

Because I can't afford it
In my communist country a license costs 2000eur or more

Huh? Who the hell are you? Wh- how did I GET here?! WHAT'S GOING ON?!

because i'm a loser

had to get a license at 15 to drive my ass to school every day. not sure how people can survive without one.

Congratulations anons, we're proud of you guys!

This, but unironically.
Originally ofc

Because its expensive, driving school is expensive. Things cost money.

It literally took me four years of failing the knowledge test before I could get my permit. I repeat: permit.

>I keep getting fucking duis for driving while black and racist ass cops and god keep stirking me down

I think the girl in OP's pic was asking about robots who never acquired a driver's license, not about gangsta niggas who HAD a driver's license but lost it due to their life of crime.

>>know that they're also just using it as a way to segway into getting a job

This is reason #1,433,217 why NEETs require extermination.

>"I will deliberately impose limits on my life just to be sure to close off a possible path others might use to expect me to get a job."

Please KYS.

The last time I took my drivers test the instructor hit me so I never went back and now I just gave up.

I was in numerous car wrecks in my early childhood and I have PTSD.

I paid 2500 euro for my drivers license because im a shit driver and took forever to learn it. I only passed the test because my teacher had mercy with me and convinced the Tester to make the test shit easy. I didnt drove a car in over a year and im sure I would have some deadly accident if I ever try again. Having a license means nothing if you are a retarded robot.

Post more emma. I know you have more op

It's only embarrassing if you're socially retarded
You know who buckteeth is?

i almost ran over a bunch of pedestrians and had a mental brakdown and started crying afterwards, after that i just ghosted the course and never showed up again, its been 7 years now


Take that back cocksucker

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Funny you should ask love, I drive taxis ;)

I'm working on it you dumb whore! I've failed fucking twice and am waiting for my third test date, stop pestering me for fucks sake!

Got my license at 17. I'm 18 and have been driving since 16. I am constantly going 15-25 mph over the speed limit and turn without braking yet have never gotten pulled over. It's making me over confident

>>"user, how come you don't have a driver's license?"

I did the test, on the day of my 18 birthday

I cant drive, I get distracted and don't stop on red lights and go off the road easily because my brain is always racing and I have very low attention.

but I do you dumb bitch and I'm just about to get a motorcycle license and buying one.
a car is freedom.

I tried getting it today
I failed

nice ragie, wagie. are you upsetti spaghetti that im delaying being utterly miserable? it's not just integrating into societal expectations of getting a job; but there are further progressing expectations people put on you even after that. when are you going to rent a place? when are you going to get a girlfriend? when are you going to get married? when are you going to get a house? when are you going to give us grandchildren? - when are you going to be a debt slave because you didnt read some fine print? when are you going to realize my life is not yours?
>implying im fully neet despite no job

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I fucking hate these stupid fucking threads so fucking much.

I drive everybody everywhere what are you on about not having a drivers license

I know but its just still fucking embarrassing still. I haven't been able to drive my entire adult life because of duis and a white person hit my car and the cops automatically blamed it on me lost a car and my license in the same day for someone hitting me

I got my license like 9 years ago and have driven for 2 of them

That's what you get for being a stupid, drunk nigger.

Lazy and stupid

you have to learn driving anxiety, prone to psychosis etc

>white person hits my car
>cops immediately come up to me
>get fucked
>literally someone smashed into my car while i was signalling to turn

oh yes. me being drunk caused this. not to mention i dont have a single alcohol related offense.

its being black dude. its god and me being black

I just never bothered. I could probably get one if I put my heart into it
I hate going out on the road (even on a bicycle), getting yelled at by the instructor and I'm not desperate to get a car.

Listen dumbass, if you've been drinking then you are going to get fucked if they find out. If the cops could tell you've been drinking just from talking to you after the accident then you shouldn't have been driving. It's not hard to hide it if you can handle your alcohol and weren't stupid enough to have containers in the car.

I do have one but I crashed my car last year.

I got paid out for the car and I haven't looked back. Take the bus to and from work. I never liked driving.

For the longest time I really didn't want one just because it's one of those things considered bare minimum for gold diggers to want from you so they might try and get their claws in you.
If you live in or near a city it's easier enough to show up at the right time and place with public transportation if you are going on a date or something. If a roastie wants the D enough they'll usually drive you around anyway or find someone else to give them a lift, which makes having a drinking habit a little easier too and that's a bit of an upside for me at least.

parents never taught, might take driving school tho.

I'm a high functioning man child.

Also I've been afraid and disinterested in driving since I was a little kid.

I know how to drive mostly. I know the rules of the road since I grew up in America around cars.
But I'm so anxious driving cars that I psyche myself out.
Took the test like 6 months ago and fucked up on the first right hand turn at a light.

I got my driving license by 18. It's good that I play video games so driving was pretty easy, never failed any driving test and saved my parents money.

i got my permit but only drove around in the parking lot a bit with a parent
im too autistic to wanna do more driving with them


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Repeat for 45 hours. You should still try though.

because I work from home & never had a reason to.

I'd say go for, just to say you did it, then never driver again if you don't want to. Don't beat yourself up, I didn't learn till I was 23.

Anyone else fucking hate driving? I'm trying to move to a city where the public transportation is decent so I never have to drive again.

>bu-but what about niggers/poors on the bus?

I don't give a fuck, I hate driving that much. I also hate my life, so if one just straight up killed me they'd actually be doing me a favor.

But i do have one.
I just never show anyone cause the picture makes me look funny.

I tried and failed. I didn't realize how depressed I am back then, and add undiagnosed anxiety disorder to that. While I was behind the wheel I would either start phasing out/daydreaming due to depression, or not starting to move in time after a stop, intersection, etc... Like 2 or 3 when times I wasn't in such a bad mood, I was driving really well.

Mom and family refused to teach me saying "oh haha im busy but youll learn eventually!".

Now im 20 and they make fun of me for not knowong how to drive

I don't get how, driving is such a braindead activity it just happens.

>26 khv neet
>live middle of nowhere, extreme rural
>parents refuse to teach me
>whenever I vaguely ask every couple months "hey could you teach me to drive," they just mumble about how they offered to teach me when I was 16, but I said no
>i just sit in my room, sleeping 14 hours a day, and about 9 hours of Jow Forums, and an hour of desperately trying to eek out even a blip of fun from long overplayed vidya

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I'm a bum ass nigga.

Get a job faggot worthless piece of shit leech

Had to retry 3 times. Have autism. Hate driving. Let my friend drive when we drive around a bit. 3 accidents so far. Loads of shenanigans.

I can't just take one fucking second to think about what to do before some onions 30 year old behind me lays on his horn for a full five seocnds and screams at me that he wants to kill me. The truth of man is revealed in a car, most people drop their facade and reveal the shitty murderous person beneath it. Learning to drive is terrifying.

cause i dont need it whore and can live without it

I'm so paranoid. I'm almost 19 and i refuse to drive.

I do have a license and my own car.

I have no friends to go and do anything with and my place of work is within walking distance.

Anxious about being a bad driver. Also lack of motivation. Still trying to get my shit together and get off drugs before I get my license. At least went to the DMV a few months ago and finally got my ID.

But I do, for 4 or so years and I'm still have struggle double parking sometimes and entering highways. I'm surprised I haven't been on an accident yet

My driving exam is in a month bro,
I'm still anxious tho, there's a lot of stuff about street driving that I'm still not used to

Don't get in that car user. I swear you will die. You will crash and the car will explode and you will surely die.

Do you take lessons or something to prep for it?
Just make sure to stop for like 5 seconds at each stop sign so they can't possibly claim you didn't come to a complete stop. They're super strict about that on the test and then nobody cares about it ever again.

I got mine at 22 as well. I went from not giving a fuck at 21 to being completely desperate to be able to drive. I was tired of being a loser

Now the next step is losing virginity. I've had a license and still am a virgin at 33. The license is the easy part.

Guess I'll have to do it then

I approved the theoric test the last friday, but apart from some questions I ask to my instructor, no. It's all practice, a half of the time we spend it at the driving track and the other half we just go out to the streets and do the routes that the inspector could order me to do on the day of the exam.
Yeah I'm good at the timing when I have to stop and stuff

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I tried to get it when I was 17. Only did the test part and then kinda said that i will do it later because of school fast forward 3 years and it's expired lol. I don't know if I want to get it.

>know how to operate a plane
>still cant drive

Too bad women only care about the latter.

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that's neat as fuck user lmao

I got mine when I was 18, but I did slack on that

I was super depressed when I was in high school so I never got my learner's before getting my license despite the fact that I studied that handbook for a couple of years before I was even 16. I currently have my learner's at 26 (got it when I was like, 24 but didn't really start driving much until I was 25 or so), and am improving every day. I'll probably get a car and a license by the end of this year.

I have tourette's

"You mean you don't even a phone?"
I-I'm poor.

Im legit disabled, not fat disabled. Specifically my hands, so id be a danger behind a wheel.

I wanted my dad to teach me when I was younger, but he said no, then I did my test at 16 that let me get my L plates and he would not take me to get them when I asked. Then when I turned 18 he said now is the right time and then on the first driving lessen he did with me he figured he would rather just hire someone to do the work because I was too green. The teacher I got called me dangerous, and that he could not believe that I was so new to driving. I just stopped doing the lessons and still need to do hours to be able to do my main test, that was all 4 years ago.

Now I do not want to drive, one because of the money needed and the lack of use I think I would get out of it, and two because I have become increasingly fearful of the prospect of my driving causing an accident that could kill someone and I do not want to take the chances of that. I think I will just stay in my little spot.

state said i can't drive because i'm too retarded