Why are some people bothered by interracial relationships in 2019?

Why are some people bothered by interracial relationships in 2019?

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It's disgusting and niggers have aids. Otherwise it's really a case of not wanting roasties dirtying our gene pool with ape genes

Kinda degenerate being with a black guy considering all the crimes and shit they do. White guys live better lives

It's just icky overall.

Jow Forums unironically got me into BBC cuckoldry porn. I don't really know what else to say, I think it speaks for itself.

I don't care, just don't cry to me when you either: get beat, get pregnant and abandoned, or die.

>White guys live better lives

You look to be excelling.

Because they're racists. Very simple.

I'm not white, im latino

Doesn't bother me in the slightest. I feel like incels are just jealous that someone they feel superior to is getting laid and they're not

maybe there are parents that work hard to raise their nice daughters all their life that don't want some disgusting niggers defiling them?

do Latinos get the n-word pass?

i'd say yes, latinos are just mexican niggers

I guess. When I had black friends in high school they let anyone say nigga including me so I guess it depends on whoevers nearby

mexicans are even worse than niggers. Fuck off beaner.

I think its because they think the white race will die out but that's just my idea

Based, Latinos seem just as violent as niggers

>friendly group photo
>they MUST be dating


I don't like seeing asian girls with wh*te guys

Reminds me of how injust and unfair dating is

Interracial relationships happen because of the melting pot meme. The relationships don't cause much harm themselves but they've come to symbolize the very harmful melting pot meme.

>all blacks are like that

You need to take a break from this site

Like 99% of people are.

booo hoooo. black females where made for BWC. Niggers can cry and watch

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lol, niggers got nothing of the violent scum that is beaners, im scared to death by the cartel, niggers are just a nuisance like gorillas on the loose, dangerous but not scary

why do baiters always use bl*cked (pro porn) or the same 1-3 pictures for "bait"? is it because its a meme, and thereby doesnt occur IRL like they want to believe?

Racism is not acceptable in our Progressive society

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>it's disgusting
>it's dirty
>it's degenerate
>it's icky

Jow Forumstards have the empathy of a Jew and the cognitive abilities of a simple computer program

Probably some incel rambling about degeneracy

Really? Racebait? Its 2019 what are we doing?
If you want to stop niggers from dating white chicks, go and get a white gf. Otherwise stop whining. All youre doing is clogging the board with stupid shit that doesnt matter

Women that share your race are not your property. This goes for every race. Let roasties decide who they want to be on their own, no ones forcing them

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Because people are insecure, and have an inbuilt tendency to more closely associate with individuals that look similar. That plus lots of these people grow up in racially homogenous environments so their negative feelings grow even more.

I would have no problem with an ex having dated a normal black dude. I would be put off if she had dated some low class thug black guy the exact same way I would be put off if the dated some gross white trash thug.

It's funny that the people throwing around insults like cuck are the ones who think about black dick more than anyone else.

Because racism or dare I say, race realism?
Having a mulatto kid is no different from having a kid with Down syndrome. You're mixing good steel with pig iron.

>race mixing apologists
>on Jow Forums
Come on.

you know that niggers are inferior beings, right?
Bleaching is alright as long as you still have white kids with some white woman, but a girl being blacked is disgusting. Only subhumans do this

>It's funny that the people throwing around insults like cuck are the ones who think about black dick more than anyone else.
HeIIo reddit

I only wish I had a gf who was willing to share BBC.

Inferiority complex, usually brought on by too much blacked porn

Why are only white women encouraged to interbreed? Gee its almost like theres a hidden agenda or something.


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You not getting in there and talking to girl is why they do this.

He's not wrong, you just have the same intellectual capabilities as a rock so you cannot come up with anything other than meme responses

They feel their civilization is in danger because they don't have access to fuck all the white qts they want

It's just insecurity, of course


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people are bothered by niggers

Thats what (((they))) spam because they want to push their interacial agenda to create a dumbed down mud race where they can control the masses.

Look up what percentage of BMWF relationships end in:
1. Divorce
2. Single motherhood
3. Welfare dependence and poverty
4. Abuse or homicide
5. Lower IQ children and children with "serious" behavioral problems, depression, bipolar and other mental illnesses
6. STD/HIV transmission

If you want society to function well and you value empirical data, it is in your interest to be against this type of racemixing.

Whites mixing with Asians is not as bad because it doesn't result in any of the same problems aside from higher risk of mental illness according to some studies.

asian women with white men is far more prevalent and asians are smaller percentage of the population in the west

>It's just insecurity, of course
dude, blacks are subhumans, they should be in a zoo and not infecting our society.

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He posted a meme so a meme response was appropriate

See you in another thread supporting transphobia!

I mean, I'd say everyone would easily come together and be against that.

Why are some people bothered by uni-racial relationships in 2019?
>pls purchase my company's vidya

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It war never interracial relationships that bothered me, but the fact that it is always, always bmwf. On TV, in clubs, on the street, in movies..

Last time I checked the largets interracial pairing in the world in numbers are wmaf, but you almost never see that.

what gives?

you do see it mostly on indie films and lower budget projects but the mainstream has an agenda to push

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Im not bothered by interracial relationships, im bothered by relationships in general. Whenever I see a happy couple, an attractive dude with a skinny girl with a soft face, the girl smiling and laughing and being genki while the guy is affectiotane and responsive or an old couple who still clearly care for one another.

BOILS MY FUCKING BLOOD gives me the desire to bomb a fucking preschool

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gotta push dat agenda man... dont ya know it's the same with pushing this you gotta accept and suck off trannies or you're a bigot racist transphobe that needs to die and your family die for raising you that way agenda. look at all queers pushing the tranny agenda on this board and all those faggots on discord pushing it. wasnt no queer or blacked agenda 10yrs ago. media and easily brainwashed peasants thinking hurrr le master trolling hue hue hue also is a factor

yeah. thats what happens when dems come into power - they push social agendas with impunity

I just dont like black people. Being around them is unpleasant for me, the more interracial relationships, the more cross-racial social interaction will occur, and the more likely I will have to be in proximity to a black person. I do not like them being near me, every time whites and blacks interact more closely, Black people are more likely to interact with me.

>be me
>21st century
>Want a good job
>Well fuck you, you are a white male and thus we wont hire you because of your sex and your skin. We are not racist or sexist.
>I would like a gf, preferably of the same ethnicty. Let me try to get one.
>Well fuck you, you need to be a model or 24/7 entertainer. Also, interracial relationships are much better!
>I would like a house and relatively good income, I studied hard and have my expertise. I'd prefer to safe up some money for my retirement too.
>Well Fuck you, we the government will raise taxes, inflation is going up harder than your paycheck and we dont give loans to young people with only flexible contracts.
>I would like my social environment to be socially cohesive; with people of my own culture and ethnicity as my country has always been like that. It feels safe and makes it easier to live in my city.
>Well fuck you, here is hundreds of thousands of migrants with different cultures that get free accomodation, all the space to spout their highly different religion and make your general living environment much worse.

Nah, I ain't demoralised at all, why do you ask?

>no one is shilling this, you're just paranoid

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i find it funny at the lack of representation asian women have in the west in media. its almost like the powers at be or just white women are scared of them

In the US, the highest amount of interracial marriages is White male and Asian female. Yet zero media exposure.

Yeah, it's really just funny. I mean, it's common knowledge that these girls get paid way more to fuck niggers than to fuck white guys.

>I would have no problem with an ex having dated a normal black dude. I would be put off if she had dated some low class thug black guy the exact same way I would be put off if the dated some gross white trash thug.
Why do cuckolds always make this argument? Do you REALLY believe that this will make you any less of a beta?
Also, odds are that she has herpes if she fucked a black guy.

ive had a nice stacey straight up tell me that she doesnt like (nword) and indians when we were chilling, made my jaw drop cus i took her for a liberal type. she also said that her ex was half asian but thats another story OwO

I'm not remotely bothered by it.
What I am bothered about is the absolutely relentless posting about it on Jow Forums, trying to get a reaction out of everyone... it's just fucking ANNOYING.

This fucking chink namefag just said (nword)
PLEASE fuck off and stop namefagging.

Truly, Jow Forums were the niggest all along.

White people also have aids though

even kpop and other popular asian pop culture never is discussed or no one are ever guests on day time and late night talk shows yet they are the biggest groups in the world

black guy with white girl suppresses my emo rage. its a jew thing. what they are doing is a jew thing.

Uh oh I'd better drop some classic Jow Forums formatting to prove that I'm in fact a longtime user! Fuck off, you closeted faggot. This says nothing other than you're a brainlet and I probably struck a chord by pointing out how your hate/love with BBC is less driven by anger at some moral degradation of women, and more by an unhealthy obsession with seeing a man with a bigger dick than you actually have sex with a real live girl. Did you watch too much porn at a young age?

LOL, some countries on Africa have very low life expectancy because of AIDS. It's not comparable

I mean, it's literally objectively true. All of these racebait threads are made by Jow Forumsfags posting blacked screencaps. Do you know how much the average, normal well adjusted person thinks about black dick?

k, I don't live in Africa though

>leave /b/ due to all the constant cuck bait
>find more cuck bait fucking everywhere
fucking Jow Forums

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Yes Kpop and many other cultural influences from East Asia are very poorly integrated in the West, yet they jump on every African or South American inspired BS. Whether that be rap, reggaeton or some cultural thing. I really dont give two fucks about Africa or South America. Shit-holes. Shitholes.

Seriously you stupid fucks need to stop posting one infographic like it's a mic drop. I know it's super comforting to just save colorful pictures you find that validate what you already think. But maybe just mix a little critical thought in with all that autism.

wtf I love the black race now

Insecurity, same reason anyone cares what another person does in their own life.

>I'm so angry that these men choose to fuck other men instead of fucking women, thereby making the pool of available women to choose from even larger!

>I'm so angry that girl I do not know and will never have a relationship with is choosing to partner with a guy who does not look or behave like me!

>I can't believe that guy wants to cut his dick off and pretend he is an ugly girl! Why is he allowed to do that to himself?!?

latin rnb is even worst than trap music

you sound like a bitch who is blaming your own shortcomings on "society".

Post a picture of your degree or you're a bitch

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just filter me if it upsets you so much. i dont like dropping slurs.

Holy fuck, you don't have a reputation to uphold. You're a namefag, so the only reputation you have is "Oh God, it's that stupid chink who thinks he'll be able to date a white girl even though he's a small-dicked chink"

I agree, if I have to listen to another generic trap spanish song I will literally blow my brains out.

However if you are suggesting that any Kpop song would be a better alternative, then kill yourself

It doesnt matter to me. I think it only matters to people who see it as someone who is less superior than them, getting laid, by someone that person perceives attractive.

le current year maymay
fuck off you greasy pencil necked amerimutt

It's a natural impulse driven by biology (genetic similarity theory)

When we are talking about black+white it's especially gross because niggers have borderline retard genes

lol wat. i namefag for a while then i go user again, its a game i play. im not here to date anyone, not here to meet anyone from r9k. i can see why youre so mad with me cus you think im here to take yo girl?

>be black
>little sister starts dating a cracker and invites him over to our house all the time
>forced to interact with him when I resent him
>mom lets them stay in her room alone
Feels so cucked. I understand now why it makes people angry. I have to focus on other things to not get pissed off about it and grit my teeth to talk to him. The thing is I have no interest in this cuck shit or "getting back" at white people, I think people should stay with their race and that's it and that's all.

How delusional are you? You can't actually be this retarded. Oh man being a white guy is so hard! Does this mean you think every guy with a good job and a girlfriend is a 6'5" black man who models on the side? Sounds like a whole lot of you problems my dude, maybe stop building your entire worldview on the premise that you're being treated unfairly. This is equally as bad as those liberal "muh-internalized-oppression" faggots.

>I think people should stay with their race and that's it and that's all
Completely agree. I feel so bad for asian guys especially since all their women lust for white cock. If everyone only dated their race, race relations would actually improve.

You sound like a bitch who things external, changing events have no influence on one' social standing.

Nah, I dont post pics of my degree on the Vietnamese cartoons review forum

ive been posting for ~14 years . if i wanted to be a real trip user i would have done so already. i dont want to be. name or not, all of you have been reading my posts

>Does this mean you think every guy with a good job and a girlfriend is a 6'5" black man who models on the side?
No I never mentioned this.

I just mean that if I hear one more boomer say it is all "about you" and "you just need to work hard", I am going to have a fit

you think about this more than asian guys do. its just jealousy on your part, and projecting that jealousy onto asians. hence why i suspect a lot of asian race baits are started by neither whites or asians.

>However if you are suggesting that any Kpop song would be a better alternative
Nope, just wanted to point out the discrepancy

>what is r/asianmasculinity
Asians are salty as fuck that whites guys fuck their women, and they should be, since every asian girl wants a big white dick in her oriental pussy.

Kill yourself dumb gook. Racemixing will turn humanity into a shitty cultureless mess controlled by jews.

Have you ever seen r/hapas or r/asianmasculinity, Elliot Rodger, Tenda Spencer, etc. etc.? It's really common among asian men.

is this propaganda or do asian women really find "western guys" irresistible?
there are like thousands of these videos with the same result