How many girls percentage wise like skinny boys over Jow Forums chads?

How many girls percentage wise like skinny boys over Jow Forums chads?

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none. because chad stronk and skinn bois week

I like dad bods

Most girls under 18.

What percentage of women are fat? That is the percentage that like skinny boys.

That's supposed to be skinny? Holy shit I must look like a walking corpse then

Guess it's over for a skellys like me then

thats a Jow Forums chad

what the fuck is wrong with his bellybutton? disgusting

>How many girls percentage wise like non-chad

>Likes guys that dont give a fuck about their bodies
Kill yourself

>lost my only gf to a 6'3 skelly (i'm 5'8)
>she is pregnant with their second child 10 years later
Any sane person would have killed themselves by now but I am too much of a coward to do that.

How good looking was she?

In America it's like half of them, so you're gucci

My obvious bias says she is 10/10 because she has every single quality that I want in a girl. But in looks she is like 4-6 average.

The majority. Overly muscular guys look bizarre and gross

I don't want a fat girl, I'd rather jerk off and die alone. Why can't girl like cute skinny boys like gays do

A lot of woman like dad bod. I don't get it either but that's their choice I guess.

If she money branched she was at least planning on making the swap and isn't very high in the personality department. Get a grip, user. Don't kill yourself just make yourself better.

Money branched? You mean like gold digging or something? If so then she left me when we were all still in highschool and I am pretty sure he isnt rich or anything at that time. He also has a similar personality and interests as I do so that only fucks with my head further.

I think I am also to blame as I was your text book example of a limp wristed soi boy push over who worried a lot and over think everything. I have taken up weight lifting in recent years though.

Only younger girls like skinny guys.

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How young are we talking? Should I focus on getting a teenage girlfriend or should I aim lower?

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Maybe us skellys should move to South Korea, girls there seem to appreciate skinny boys

>tfw not a pedophile

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for me it goes like this
meaning thin guys are still top-tier.

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I am talking 15-19. Girls that age like skinny or fit guys. Older than that and they start to like burly, hairy guys.

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What does an average body looks like?

This is why I can't trust women's opinion on things. It's all too vague and there is no real way to determine such things like this. especially on an individual level.

Around 13- at most 20. It's because in this phase anything too masculine is too much like their own dad or any actual male figure in their life. Like the meek ineffectual boyband look that is curated to appeal to young girls.

That dude looks a hell of a lot like me, except I don't wear chains. It's freaking me out
Is this my evil twin?

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my bf is shorter than me hes 5'4 and like 135 lbs all his fat goes to his ass and thighs it makes no sense

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As a skinny guy myself, this is what I've found. On the other hand, I live in America, where literally only two percent of the population have my BMI or below. Finding a girl who is actually attractive in the first place is damn near impossible, so there may be some sampling problems here.

oh he also sort of looks like that boy in pic, he did track and field in HS

something like pic related, not quite "toned" but not exactly skinny either (keep in mind i'm not an amerilard though).

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oh and also meant to reply to

Dad bod means you look strong, just with some fat. Shows virility and wealth.

>just hit the gym bro
>women hate skinny guys
It doesn't fucking matter your body type unless you're fat. Just have a good face.

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>average is about 20-25% bf with a little muscle.
Really? You think that's better than pic related? I find that hard to believe.

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And what do you look like? Petite 5'2" I am guessing?

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hes shorter than me, im 5'7

Did he approach you or did you come up to him when you first met?

What do you think 99% of Asian countries marry / promote as sex symbols

Thin, weak little girly men

So you will be just fine

I look like I have a dad bod but really it's just because I'm an alcoholic piece of shit.

it is, i just prefer a small amount of muscles. it also looks more natural desu.

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i approached him in class cause he looked cute and alone on his laptop, I sneaked a peak at his desktop and he had a touhou background(later learned it was sakuya) I had only played a few of the games and beaten them on normal. Anyway I started talking to him about that and we're dating now and play games together. I had honestly never met anyone else irl that was into 2hu or even knew what it was. He also didnt seem like the nerdy type at all.

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So think feminine guys look better? Little muscle and a good amount of fat screams feminine to me, since that's the body composition of a female.

they don't look feminine to me at all, the male body is still very clearly distinguishable from the female one. i would say i'm most attracted to little muscle/average amount of fat though. anything more often looks somewhat overblown to me, but it's still better than straight-up obesity for example.

the guy in does not look like a girl, that is true, but he doesn't look as masculine as the guy in I'm also not saying which one you'd rather have as a BF but which one looks better, from an aesthetics point of view. That if you saw two statues of those guys next to each other, which one looks better.

Pack it up boys, we doing an Asia tour

that dude isnt skinny he is fit/ he has abs for chrissake

>which one looks better
mine of course. i'd take both the statue and the bf. i can't control which type I feel more drawn to, now can i?
either way, this conversation is just as futile as trying to convince a guy into small tits that he should prefer big ones just because most men prefer them and in theory they are more feminine. i mean if you're a gymcel, you probably already know most girls prefer your type.

lol no he isn't that is just low body fat my dude. any guy can look like that at less than 10% bf

>women approaching
t-this is LARP right?

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>Didnt seem like the nerdy type
Yeah, sure

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mfw i look like the guy in OP pic
mfw been a neet for years