Help me

>listen black metal
>browse Jow Forums
>drink coors light
>so alone
>want to cry but cant
>what the fuck is life

who else know this feel

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>who else know this feel
Not me because I don't listen to degenerate music that's almost on par with nigger rap

what music do u like then user

>multi skilled artists who train long hours every day FOR YEARS before debuting
Obviously kpop

>self aware doomer



If you are alone go on Grindr and meet someone you can play vidya suck cock get TOPPED or hang out

You sound really emo like a sissyboi you should be a bottom or twink, I doubt you can transition at this point but you are certainly gay

Yeah except I drink beer that's actually good

IM not a faggot, I hate fags, a girl called me gorgeous today, she wanted to fuck me, I just was like whatever because I was super busy, I could havbe fucked her if i wanted to plus loads of chicks are always noticing me they want me

oh yeah pussy im 19 and 6 foot 3 i could beat you up

Why do you drink that babby beer? Fucking pussy. Kt's beer seasoned water. Drink like a man or don't drink at all.

because im not a fat fuck like you and i dont wanna drink 20g carbs per beer no wonder your a fat retard living with your mother

im 36 and 6'9" and I could beat you up

some kinda space nigger huh?

>fill brain and body with garbage
>why am i saddd ooo im so empty


>t. porn adddict jew cock suckre

I live on my own and I'm slim as fuck thanks to exercizing and fast metabolism.
STFU you have other options if you wanna get wasted.

>listen to everything
>browse Jow Forums
>drink water
>so alone
>want to be alone
>who cares
I'm an intellectual

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Same except I listen to more than just black metal and I drink whiskey instead of beer

If you say Im an intellectual while posting a smug anime girl you are either
>a retard who thinks theyre smart
>an actual smart person who appreciates irony
Please post more so I can see which category you fall under

im retarded irl (in real life) and I don't think im smart but being retarded is based.

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You come off as a homosexual to let you know

what about me comes off as homosexual

listen to the cure, op. it's going to make you feel much better. i recommend disintegration

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The gay anime you posted are you a homosexual?

Also the way you type you might be better off on Grindr

start browsing /x/, get into the occult and spirituality and quantum mechanics and syncretize them all

>listen to music so plebeian you can never connect with others
>browse Jow Forums, but find most threads you can't even relate to as they involve interests or society, two things you lack
>don't drink because hate the taste. hate everything.
>alone. not sure if being not alone would be better, since then you would need to put up with their expectations and annoyances. the better word is lacking diversion. not having anything to really do as you can't even enjoy simple pleasures like gaming, leading to most nights just sleeping or waiting for something to happen.
>physically cannot cry because of a defect leaving you unable to produce tears, eyes always stinging
>life is endurance. you continue each day because society expects you to continue, because the alternative is hard to achieve. Life is inertia and not really knowing what you want to do, so you aimlessly try with the hopes it will get you out of the mess you are in, only to watch it fall to shambles to the point you are stuck with endless disappointment like a warped version of Pavlov's Dog

Do I even count or am I too worthless to even belong here? I am sadclown. Einsamkeit und angst... honk honk