Can you close, then reopen a black hole in a different location?

Can you close, then reopen a black hole in a different location?

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No, you can't and even if you would for what reason would you want to do it ? Just create an other black hole while extracting ressources from the first.
Also black hole are not doors but a massive pit in the space time fabric.
>t type III civilisation

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You cant close a black hole. Its not a portal, its a massive object.

I don't think so no. Dont they just stay in one place? I mean, I want to see the world burn as much as the next guy

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It's just a bunch of shit that's super condensed so light can't escape, meaning you can't see it, theoretically if you wanted to get into fucky pseudoscience the most you could assume is it works like a portal when entered, but you can't "close" a black hole more than you could close a solid brick wall


the only thing you can do with a black hole is just feeding it a matter or energy. That way you can spin it or electrically charge it, but you never get any matter out of it. There is also Hawking radiation through which black holes radiate out energy but a typical balck holes loses close to nothing part of its mass during lifetime of the whole universe.

Are there other universes inside black holes?

you can have a black hole connected to a white hole in an another universe or two universes sharing one black hole in such sense that from the point of view of mathmematics it's a correct solution of Einstein field equations.
in the actual reality such solutions aren't possible because black holes are formed by gravitational collapse where no connection between two universes can happen.

>its a massive object.

An object that eats a bunch of stuff, then closes after a time.

To the other guy, I never said they were portals. As far as I'm aware, they're dense points in space fabric.

How much matter could a black hole store? Is it infinite? It eventually collapses, but is the collapse due to it getting too full? Or does it have a "lifespan"

I think they're moving.

How can I not close one? There's probably a way.

Can I slingshot a black hole, using the gravity of a denser, artificial object not unlike a lead death star?

I'd love to find out.

I don't know much about white holes? Is that like an antimatter black hole?

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your retarded, black holes can close or open.
black holes are just big balls of mass that traps light inside it.

>can close or open
can NOT close or open.

>An object that eats a bunch of stuff, then closes after a time.
Black holes doesn't close it's nothing to close.
It radiates the energy as hawking radiation

Theoretically yes. By moving it in the fourth dimension, you arent essentially destroying the object or closing it but transverssing it into a plane of existence that isnt present within our three dimensions. Putting it back into our presence within our three dimensions, you can move it by removing its gravitational effects from our universe and reapplying them in someplace else. Massive amounts of energy would be required to do so but it should still be possible.

>Can I slingshot a black hole, using the gravity of a denser, artificial object not unlike a lead death star?
No because black hole is the ultimate kind of object. Its practically matter and energy transformed into pure spacetime deformation of deffect. Density is not applicable concept for such object.
>I don't know much about white holes? Is that like an antimatter black hole?
you obtain two universes connected by black hole when you define continuation of space dimensions through the singularity
In analogy to that you obtain white hole when continuig time dimension through the singularity
see this–Szekeres_coordinates#_The_maximally_extended_Schwarzschild_solution
it's more a mathematical peculiarity than actual physics I think

>implying 4 dimensions exist
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>deformation of deffect
*** or deffect

By string theory there are 12 dimensions retard. And if youre going to disprove string theory then you might want to write a scientific paper about it not shitpost about it on an autistic neckbeard forum.

String theory isn't proven to be real.
it's a >T H E O R Y
it's the same as I would say a god created this world but I dont have any proof for it.

And the theory of relativity is also a theory meanwhile its largely accepted in the scientific community. Underage gtfo

It's not "Just a theory", it's a scientific theory.

yea but it can be explainable and have been proven

The theory of relativity hasnt been fully proven yet retard. And string theory can both be explained and has actual proofs behind it how stupid are you literally just google search the shit you claim before saying stuff

You can't close one because it's not open in the first place lmao it's just a big ball of dense shit

>string theory has been proven
no it hasn't faggot neck yourself already, I won't talk to brainlets like you.
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>this whole thread originally

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spoken like a true 80 iq brainlet. No one said it was proven retard. if you want to go ahead and disprove any of the mathematical consistency within the theory you're free to do so.

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A white hole is an object that spews out matter

if it exists
it probably dont exist

You are probably right, I just remembered the terminology.

How about you start by doing some research on black holes before asking questions about them? You're working from misguided and false assumptions of what black holes are.

Why is there something as opposed to nothing? Is there a divine creator?

The entire concept of black holes seems to be a gigantic scientific hoax perpetuated by Jews.

The whole idea of a black hole was invented by a Jew. The Jew Karl Schwarzchild was the originator of the black hole theory.

Other Jews like David Finkelstein and Jakob Bekenstein helped promote additional gibberish theories about black holes throughout the 20th century. The entire field of study as long as it has existed has been dominated by Jews and this fact alone makes it a highly questionable concept.

Beyond the billions of dollars filthy, lying Jews have been given in research grants for this continuing fraud, the mafia of theoretical physics serves an even more subversive agenda. It is an attempt to create a fictitious cosmology to capture the sense of atheistic wonder and direct people towards pseudointellectuals who are granted public credibility through their participation in the fraud. People think that theoretical physics must be filled with credible people, like mechanical engineering or organic chemistry. Nothing could be further from the truth. It's a religion, guarded zealously by a wicked priesthood of Jewish academics, in which dissenters doing honest science are punished with expulsion and the permanent destruction of their careers.

Read the well-documented account of Stephen J. Crothers's expulsion from a PhD program, and the derision he received from men with names like Cohen and Berkenstein-- all for refusing to accept the existence of black holes as a dogma. Crothers was viciously expelled far before his paper was even published. The total lack of scrutiny given to people who lie is obvious, while people who are attempting to do honest science in earnest are tossed out of all academic institutions.
These are theoretically possible according to General Relativity. Some would have you believe this is literally what the Big Bang was.

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Black holes don't 'eat' matter, matter falls into them - imagine an asteroid falling onto the surface of a planet. Also, there's no such thing as 'space fabric' that's just an imperfect analogy to get people to understand the geometry of gravity. There's no upper limit to the amount of matter that could be in a black hole, excepting the total estimated mass of the universe. Black holes do indeed have 'lifespans' but these depend on the mass of the black hole. Black holes do move through space, just like everything does - the earth, the sun, the galaxy rotation and moving through the universe, etc. You can't 'close' a black hole because that makes no sense - can you 'close' a planet? There's no way that our civilization can even move asteroids, so black holes are obviously out with current technology, but there's nothing theoretically preventing it from being done.

This is gibberish

white holes don't actually exist

hey look man, we all hate the jews sure, but don't be retarded about basic math.

>t. physicist

Sorry you cant understand basic concepts, even as a physicist

We dont know jack about black holes. Our theory of a singularity is due to not knowing what happens when gravitational forces exceed the opposing neutron degeneracy force that prevents neutron stars from collapsing. There might be other undiscovered forces that prevent matter from compressing to a single point that occupies no volume, but we have no way of observing this one way or another. A singularity is representative of the inadequacy of our current understanding of physics.

How can you close something that wraps time and space?
Would the concept of closing and opening it even be possible?
I highly doubt that since you'd die before you got close and you'd die before there was a way to travel fast enough and far enough through space to get close enough.
Plus why would you want to waste your time with a black hole wormholes are better there's a chance you'd get sent to an alternate dimension in which magic vampire succubi want to enslave you for all eternity. provided you can live through the above mentioned.

the fuck does that even mean you retard

no, actually we know quite a bit about black holes. The singularity isn't a theory per se either, it's simply (as you pointed out) the consequence of incomplete mathematics that yields what is likely a non-physical result.

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