Dream demons

Every night, I face off with an entity I've named "Mongo."
If I take him on under the pretense of playing a game, he cheats. If I win anyways, he acts like he wasn't even playing.
Most nights he just treats me like trash while pretending to be human, as he knows that that's the only way he'll get any respect from me. After treating me miserably for most of the dream, he'll get more confidence and try to fight me physically. If I start winning the fistfight/machete fight/shootout/whatever, he'll either wake me up or add another humanoid he can possess so he doesn't take the blows.
He poses as cops, psych ward nurses, family members, exes.
He'll berate me behind three inches of bulletproof glass. I'll have a beautiful dream where I'll visit an exotic country, only to come back to my hotel room to find that he shit in my bed. He'll pose as a close friend, let me get comfortable, and then nut tap me.
Every night.
I've considered smoking a hit of weed before bed to not dream, but it is very satisfying when I actually corner him.
Does anyone else experience this?
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>I've considered smoking a hit of weed before bed to not dream
Yeah user, I'm sure taking a psychoactive drug before sleep will help you NOT have weird dreams

You've clearly never smoked it.
Weed makes you not remember your dreams.

Read the bible before bedtime

That might be a joke, but I actually do.
One night, Mongo ran at me with a wooden cross held over his head screaming "behold your God!"
I yanked it away from him and hit him with it.

Do a Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. Until you try an LBRP don't complain about entity issues. There are also numerous banishing/protective rituals, prayers, and incantations available.

No need for that shit when I got Jesus
If I remember to utter his name, they scatter like roaches in the light

I've had dreams similar to this, but I don't any drugs at all and never have.

Forgot to mention, there are more than Mongo. He's just the main one.

When I dream ots about getting TOPPED hard and sucking cock I wake up with a erection and have to fap

I do not really know what is going on in this thread but I find it very interesting.

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Guilt is another one of his tools.
After a confrontation, I shoved him in a puddle of gasoline and threw a lit Zippo into it, lighting him on fire. He screamed and thrashed, then suddenly there was a girl next to me who said "look what else you did" and a dog ran past on fire.

If that is the case then you clearly don't need to do magic, but OP says he reads the Bible every night so I assume it ain't cutting it for him. Thus, do the basics for banishing since most problems come from not banishing or asking for protection (Jesus works for some people too, despite how predatory and false non-hermetic christianity is).

I met a girl in Indiana who claimed to be posed by 2 demons she would have to deal with. 1 during the day and 1 while she dreamed. She described the entities as one being a Large Stuffed Bear with visible stitching on his neck and arms like theyd been removed I forget what she called him but he was the one that she would see during the day peaking from the forests across the rail roads, but the other figure the one she saw while she dreamed was of a thin pale blue man with stretch marks on his face called she called Dez. What kind of drugs do you partake in OP?

Pretty much just alcohol and cigarettes. Maybe a puff of a joint when my friends are in town.

Hey OP, do you have any description for what Mongo looks like when not in disguise?

Dude he sounds like a weak little faggot
Try to recruit other humans in your dream then beat him to death

Demons are spirits, so it's not as much "disguises" as it is him simply assuming a form.

I've got shit tons of stories with him.
Once, he was a giant, muscular dude, and he jumped on top of me and started forging a syringe into my chest. I stabbed him in the heart. He got off, walked over and sat in a chair in front of a tv and laughed at some children's cartoons.

The majority of his attacks are low blows.
I was banging a girl, she abruptly left and a laptop appeared with a kid looking at my naked ass on Skype.

It's usually just general disrespect and humiliation until he grows the balls to violently confront me. I'll see $20 on the ground, and when I pick it up, somebody will appear and say "what are you doing with my money?"
Once, I was climbing fences to get to a beach, and there was another guy on the fence. I asked him who he was, he said "I'm the CEO of micron" and I immediately farted

He tests me with SJW shit too.
In one of my dreams, a friend of mine was getting baptised and I was pretty happy.
Girl with dyed hair: "isn't that a bad thing, though?"
Me: "why?"
Her: "because he's a straight white male"
Me: "...get fucked, bitch."
*dream ends*

I could go on and on

Every now and then, he poses as a woman and cuddles with me or something.
Girl cuddling with me: I love you
Me: I love you too
Girl: oh. *disgusted look*
She then pulled out her phone and showed me a picture of a Chihuahua
With the caption "I love you too"

Well he must have a shape he prefers. Try to find things that are important to him and then make fun of him

He poses as my ex every now and then because he knows that gets a rise out of me, but not too much to the point where I'm numb to it.
She'll fuck other dudes in front of me, introduce her new boyfriends, or just be a screaming bitch.
One time she was really nice to me, but when she smiled at me, there was a smudge on her tooth.

The most important thing to him is his pride.
That's why he always pretends like he wasn't even playing when he loses, or assumes a second form when I'm beating his ass.
I usually wake up and start berating him by calling him a little bitch and the like.

>he said "I'm the CEO of micron" and I immediately farted
what the hell user?
this made me laugh, and I tahnk you for that, keep it up

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Don't really remember my dreams anymore nowadays, but I still vividly remember a dream demon from my childhood.
More of a reocurring nightmare actually:
>Be kid, 6-9 maybe
>Dream.exe loading
>Be in my old family house
>Like 4 levels total with semi-winding straircase between floors
>Be in my room in 2nd floor
>Suddenly huge fucking black spider, almost as tall as the ceiling and ~3m wide with the 8 legs
>Starts chasing me down the stairs
>Running as fast as I can, the spider demon is much faster than me though
>Jump the last 6 steps of the stairs or so just to get away
>Find myself in the basement, no more room to escape to
>I'm tactically shitting my pants at this point
>Spider slowling creeps over towards me
>Wake up sweating, heart beating
>repeat exact same dream next night

The best part is how this nightmare stopped occuring all together though.
I was so tired that I just wanted it to stop so when I came to the basement once again, this time I just walked right towards the spider & got myself killed in my dream. Since then I never had that dream again. Yet it feels like willingly dying in my dream has affected my character drastically somehow.

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I'll come and help you fren

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